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Max Lincoln
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Aaron , Ben Taylor , Brace Levitt , Christian Aster , Darren Hawke , Erwin Van Den Broek , James Alexander , Jones , Reece Richards , Sherman Ash , Stefan Anderson
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Jason Alexander is the adorable SkaterBoy

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Hold onto your crotch, a new European wave is sweeping the world at a force not seen since the Bel Ami tidal wave in the mid 90s. This new kid on the block is Eurocreme Studios, which has quietly produced several unbelievable movies in its brief history. What is its main focus? Twinks.

However, hand it to Max Lincoln to breathe new life into this already flooded genre. Their video Skaterboy is a full-fledged seven scene, ninety minute show that bubbles with baby-faced beauties. Furthermore, the video has a developed and interesting story, fine editing and production values and even an integrated music soundtrack that only adds to the thrills.

Skaterboy Orgy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Boy Orgy at the Cock Ring
Spike (Jason Alexander from Eurocreme's Spyboy) is a dark haired, punkboy who lives and works the skateboarding scene. Armed with a Yorkshire accent, he and his everhard buddy Fuzz (Darian Hawke from Beachboy) have to get to a skateboard competition in Amsterdam. Hawke is a slim, tightly built top who consistently sprays gushers of cum. The two together make an awesome pair.

Fun with Spike and Fuzz

First Spike awakens in his room one morning, and treats us to a brief workout which horns him up to beating off.

Fans will love his smooth, Brit looks, pierced tongue and navel plus his thick uncut dick. After releasing his morning load, he and Fuzz stop off at a sex shop. Fuzz shoplifts some items, which snags them into the long arms of the law.

A tall blonde policeman proceeds to remove all their clothes and suck their already hard boners. The sexshop attendant is also present, who jumps into this mix and they all proceed to boink each other senseless. All four guys here show great versatility. They also fire out big white loads, lots are eagerly gobbled up by their hungry and smiling mouths.

They all look like they are having a great time here. It is little wonder that the sexshop owner decides to not press charges.

In Amsterdam, Spike and Fuzz meet up with a cute Dutch kid who takes them to his flat. He begins rubbing their naked backs and chests. Pants come off, cocks whip out, and the Dutch kid soon has all orifices filled. At one point, Spike and Fuzz perform an eyebrow raising double penetration on their hospitable host's anus.

They bang his jockstrap-clad butt to ribbons. Then they quirt out loads that look like they've been building up for days.

Amsterdam Hashish Four-Way

Later the two go to a hashbar where the barman, a shaved headed punk named J.J., serves them some joints. After they smoke, they go over to J.J.'s place where he introduces them to his mate Road Kill. Road Kill sees them all and suggests that they all dump their loads.

Onward to a rollicking four-way that begins with Spike on Road Kill, and Fuzz on J.J. They kiss, lick and suck each other as their uncut pricks stand up at full mast.

The lads visit The Cock Ring for a spontaneous orgy. J.J. eases his ass down onto Fuzz's cock and the music switches to a quick electronic beat. Their bodies quake and their balls shake in time to the music. Spike rapid fires into Road Kill, who is legs up on a stool.

The Brits are banging the Dutch. The Dutchboys get to kiss each other while the asses are slammed from behind. Later Fuzz continues plowing J.J., who rolls back and forth on a skateboard. J.J., wearing nothing but gray socks, stays in that position for awhile. After Fuzz is done, Spike gets in between his legs for sloppy seconds. Fuzz releases a four spurt money shot into J.J.'s slobbering mouth. The others all shower their seed onto bald bottom.

Continuing on, Spike and Fuzz, J.J. and Road Kill go into a The Cock Ring, a neighborhood bar. After some drinks, they get frisky with some off the patrons. Throbbing bar music plays while they pull down their pants and suck each others' cocks.

Soon J.J. is on his knees double sucking two fat pricks. He's a real pig. It isn't long before Fuzz is sinking his cock into tight boyass. On what appears to be the lighted dancefloor of the club, the boys carry on their orgy to colorful lights and rich music.

Spike bangs J.J. Then Spike shoots out a veritable geyser of cum. The others follow suit. Their sex frenzy ended at dawn, and J.J. had to go back to work.

Spike and Fuzz get back to their squat, and discover Road Kill had snagged one of Spike's homophobic skater rivals Kevin. Kevin also has a big fat one. The stud pumps it in and out of Road Kill's face, giving him a great suck. Then he splits Road Kill right up the middle with his meat. Kevin pulls out, cums, and the two watch as the bottom licks it up.

The movie finishes with a wrap up of Spike's personal skater story, as well as the eventual realization between him and Fuzz that they really are more than friends. Skaterboy shoots new energy into many different genres, it rolls in like a breath of fresh air.

James Alexander, who plays Spike, is a superb choice for the skaterpunk boy. The models, not just Alexander, give it their all, and it shows. Filmed in London and Amsterdam, don't miss out on this European hit.

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Skaterboy Photos:

Darian Hawke fucks the Skater Boy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Fuzz (Darian Hawke) pushes into Spike (James Alexander)
Skaterboy Three-Way Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
They make a sandwich of the interrogating police officer
Skaterboy Sex Club Orgy Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
The Brits top the Dutch

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