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Skateboard Sliders (Tribal Pulse)

Phillip St. John
Tribal Pulse Productions  
Movie Series
Skateboard Sliders
Bobby Golden , Chris Young , Dino Phillips , J.T. Sloan , Jeff D'Kota , Jeff White , Johnny Thrust , Mack Reynolds , Paul Morgan , Richie Fine , Tommy Saxx , Zachary Scott
Twinks, American

Skateboard Sliders (Tribal Pulse)

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Tommy Saxx leads the Skateboard Sliders

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Porn star Tommy Saxx looks incredibly sexy headlining this fun, arousing film. Actually lots of the models in the film look equally sexy, horned-up and ready to go. Director Phil St. John returns after a long hiatus with a well photographed film about skateboard kids obsessed with sex.

Newcomer blonde Tommy Saxx works at a skateboard shop named Dawgs House, which is owned by the mono-named Dawg (played by super-hung Zachary Scott of Uncle Jack ). Scott, who tantalized us with the hot first scene from Time Cops, brings an even better performance this time with multiple scenes, romantic kissing and an ever-hard cock for topping.

Understandably Tommy Saxx seems to be infatuated with his boss, Dawg. In the first scene, Saxx dreams of a four way scene between Dawg, Jeff White, Chris Young and Paul Morgan. Smooth twink Young ends up getting double penetrated by Zachary Scott and Paul Morgan. (No easy feat with Scotts cock in there)

Sax then awakens and goes to work. Saxx gets good news from his boss: he's getting a raise. Soon, Zachary Scott hurries off to the bank leaving Sax alone to meet deliveryman Mack Reynolds.

Looking as good as ever, Reynolds soon has Saxx sprawled out on the glass table fucking him. Saxx shoots his splattery load onto the glass counter, which we see from up close.

The third scene is another Sax dream. In it, Zachary Scott and Paul Morgan drill J.T. Sloan another porn vet who continues to shine. In the sequence, J.T. Sloan is plowed in a sling by Zachary Scott while sucking Paul Morgan.

Richie Fine bottoms for Jeff White

Later we see some skaters out around a city park and sewer drain planning a party later that night. Jeff White and Richie Fine breeze through the group to get it on in the drain. Richie Fine (Pleasure Principle) takes blonde Jeff White's thick cock. Soon, we see the couple watched by Dino Demarco, who soon gets a piece of Fine as well.

Later, the planned sex party ensues at Dawgs House (unbeknownst to Dawg). Sax is joined by studlets Jeff DKota, Bobby Golden and Johnny Thrust. Sax and Golden double fuck Dkota --- once again two big thick cocks must have been a real eye-opener for DKota. While inside DKota, Sax get fucked by Johnny Thrust. All in all a great group scene. At the end, Zachary Scott catches the party and ends it quickly.

In the final scene, Zachary Scott and Tommy Saxx are in the bedroom and confess the feelings for each other. Zachary Scott delivers a great performance totally going over Saxs body, and ends up fucking Sax in multiple positions. The result is both a romantic and fully erotic sex scene. Fans of Tommy Sax should also not miss his lead role in the cute I Know Who You Blew Last Summer.

Skateboard Sliders is one of the best films of 1999. It is always nice when we get a fully realized film like this from a director and studio that is not one of the traditional powerhouses.

Skateboard Sliders (Tribal Pulse) Photos:

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