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Sized Up

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1122
Benjamin Bradley , Brent Everett , Brett Mathews , Cole Ryder , Luca DiCorso , Sebastian Cole , Sebastian Rivers , Tommy Blade
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Sized Up

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Sizing Up Brent Everett

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A nice departure from bigger blockbuster productions like Wrong Side of the Tracks, Ms. Chi Chi LaRue is emphasizing some of the sultrier elements of gay porn in Sized Up, a refreshing entry from Rascal Video. This one's so steamy it managed to snag a nomination for Best All-Sex Video for the 2007 GayVN awards.

The strongest pairing is the one that kicks off the film – a sex tussle between Benjamin Bradley and Tommy Blade (Sun Soaked. Bradley (Boot Boy) has never looked better than he does here. This stud just gets more appealing as he gets buffer, gets sexier and more irresistible with each successive film he makes. And from his swagger, he knows it.

He's pitted against Tommy Blade (Delinquents), another pumped up beauty with an ego to match. It's quite awhile before either dude makes a move. Each spends several minutes sniffing the other like a dog, touching but not touching. By the time Blade makes the first real move and drops to his knees, the tension is so thick, you could use it as lube.

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Watching Bradley get his near perfect ass rimmed is heaven, doubly good to watch because Blade is completely out of control while he does it. As they continue to size one another up, it's difficult to say who will stake his claim as the top. Don't be too hasty to place a bet on one or the other, as both have turned in rock solid performances as bottoms. In the end, it's Blade who gives it up, making quite a fuss when Bradley aggressively slams him in any number of interesting positions.

Don't miss the DVD extras where the two young men enjoy a post-coital shower, Blade groaning about how sore his hole is after shooting a scene with this particular co-star.

Size Up All That Hair!

Hairy men seem to be making a comeback. And when Cole Ryder, a musclebound powerhouse, comes face-to-face with Sebastian Cole (Husband by Day, Hustler by Night) , all that luscious fur is deliciously displayed and eventually put to good use. Sebastian Cole is not nearly as beefy, but with his heavy 5 o'clock shadow, shaved head, and expansive tats, he certainly qualifies as a bearcub in training. These two hit a pseudo-wrestling mat, sniffing pits, kissing, and tugging nipples, all in an effort to grab the dominant position. Mr. Ryder quickly snags the top role.

No complaints from Cole who is more than happy to squat between Ryder's legs, choking on thick dick and making a big show of gnawing on Ryder's unkempt cockbush. Ryder eventually takes a seat on Cole's face, scooting his hole across Cole's busy lips and tongue. The surprise of the scene comes when the meaty daddy gets fucked by his cub. Cole's oddly-shaped cock must feel good, because Ryder makes one hell of a fuss the entire time he's getting boned.

Luca DiCorso (No Cover), a rail-thin beauty with exotic good looks, has the good fortune to be paired up with Sebastian Rivers, a model with a little bit more flesh on his frame than his co-stars. Rivers has remarkably soulful eyes, a feature that LaRue fails to take full advantage of.

The two men spend several minutes mutually masturbating, each lost in his own private pleasure, teasing themselves while seemingly unaware of the other guy a few feet away. They eventually come together, swapping blowjobs and hot kisses. What sends this encounter into orbit is the rubbing and grinding, each dude using the other's body to raise the sexual stakes. Rivers does invite DiCorso to top him, but the fucking isn't nearly as exciting as watching them work up a sweat with all that nasty frottage.

Size Up and Sit Down

Many might consider Brent Everett (Little Big League) the main attraction of Sized Up. After all, the big-dicked pup did manage to snag a spot smack on the front of the DVD sleeve. It's a lot of cock-flesh to deal with, and one has to wonder if his scene partner, Brett Mathews (Mars Needs Men), is up for the challenge.

They do a strange dance through a maze of red leather bar stools before meeting in the center of the room, flies open, pricks hard and ready for action. Unable to resist, Mathews drops to the floor, stuffing his face with Everett like a man possessed. There are some great camera angles here, LaRue shooting up from the floor, making Everett's prick look that much more delicious.

Everett returns the favor, but doesn't have quite as much meat to work with. Turns out Mathews' cock isn't nearly as appealing as his hole, so Everett switches gears and bathes the pucker-ring with spit. Skillful camera angles again come into play once the fucking gets underway, generating some red-hot snapshots of Everett's fat piece wedging itself between the cheeks of Mathews' ass.

As far as all-sex offerings go, Sized Up is a worthy contender for a GayVN prize, especially given the creative videography, model pairings, and inspired performances.

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Sized Up Photos:

Tommy Blade and Benjamin Bradley Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Tommy Blade's ass (front)
Benjamin Bradley (back)
Tommy Blade above Benjamin Bradley Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Tommy Blade sits on Benjamin Bradley
Brent Everett and Brett Mathews Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Brent Everett and Brett Mathews
Tommy Blade and Benjamin Bradley Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Tommy Blade opens for Benjamin Bradley

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