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Sins of the Father

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Alex , Armando , Candy Francea , Carlo Cox , Dario , Diego Alvarez , Diego Navi , Lance Armstrong , Raul , Rico Suave , Sabian , Ulizes Carpelli

Sins of the Father

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Diego Alvarez struggles with his sins

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Although it may not settle well with people who are devoutly religious, Sins of the Father is an interesting tale bursting with torrid Latin sexuality. Diego Alvarez (Manhattan Sex Party) plays a man of the cloth - obviously in the Catholic Church, but not explicitly stated - who is brought before his superior because his behaviour in the church has been shockingly inappropriate.

The movie's five sex scenes are basically the laying out of evidence of his sins, and boy they sure are some doozies. Interestingly, the movie is not judgmental in his behavior, or the attitude of the church. This is above all a sex film, and director Rafael does a fabulous job at capturing the overpowering sexual heat of its mostly hispanic cast.

This is accompanied by numerous injections of southwest-US/Mexican latin sensibilities. The ornate sets bathe the actors in mustard yellows, sangria reds and neutral brownstone. Rosary beads and cross drape from necks as their uncut erections jut up from the black robes.

In the first sexual scene, Diego Alvarez takes confession from frustrated parishioner Diego Navi. Alvarez takes the opportunity to turn the confession booth into a glory hole booth. Alvarez's main asset is his very large uncut dick, a beautiful piece of equipment. Underneath his manhood on his perineum, is a nice guiche piercing.

(this piercing is extremely helpful in allowing us to easily identify him in the four-way train screw in the last scene.)

Going over to other side of the booth, he turns the boy around, Alvarez plunges his rod inside Navi's tight buns. Callete! Alvarez tells him as he rams away. This frequent use of Spanish throughout all the sex is great.

Alvarez's topman skills are good, and they finish by shooting their guilt-ridden loads.

The next scene is a hot three-way where priest Sabian fetches two alter boys (Rico Suave and Armando) for what ultimately becomes a suck and screw fest. Up go their robes, and their cute hispanic dicks are pointing to heaven. After sucking each other, Rico Suave (American Porn Star) gets to feel the anal insides of his friend. Then Sabian gets behind them, enters Rico Suave so that they form are connected train.

Sucking alter boys Rico Suave and Armando Watch Now
Sucking alter boys Rico Suave and Armando
Watching Diego Alvarez Watch Now
Carlo Cox watches Diego Alvarez's blowjob

Bless Carlo Cox

In the next scene, Carlo Cox, who has been blazing his way this year all over the place, is asked to bless Raul. This essentially ends up with Cox shoving it into the submissive Raul. During this an extremely hot looking guy identified only as Alex enters the room. He has shaved pubes, a beautiful body and cute face.

Raul gets sucked during this, and we wish he'd done a lot more.

Does being devout require all absence of human touch and feeling? The film's finale is a torrid four way with Diego Alvarez, the sexy bald bottom Ulizes Carpelli (Los Banos Latinos), Lance Armstrong, and the captivating mono-named Dario. (This movie frankly needs to find performers with full names!)

Dario is one of these hispanics with a perfect everything, and an even more perfect bubble butt. He's also a topman, which is great because he knows how do it.

After lots of sucking, the four form a visually captivating train, legs splayed up high. Then they break into two pairs, Dario grinding his beautiful body into Ulizes Carpelli and Diego Alvarez gives it to Armstrong.

Surrounded by lush yellows and browns, they enjoy forbidden fruit to the background tolling of medieval bells, chants and rhythms.

After laying out all his evidence, it is time for judgement. Humbled and humiliated, Alvarez accepts his punishment with a teary face.

Man, I just love latin sensibilities. That's why I keep going back for more. If you like hard-driving hispanic films, this is definitely one to see. Hard-driving, action filled, and well-crafted with that special style, Sins of the Father will turn a lot of heads.

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Sins of the FatherWatch Now
All Worlds Video presents Sins of the Father
Alter boy Three WayWatch Now
Diego Alvarez sandwiched between alter boys and Ulizes Carpelli

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