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Shifting Gears

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Blake Riley , Britney Amber , Cameron Marshall , Cody Springs , Johnny Hazzard , Krystal Kali , Lee Stephens , Lola , Ryan Alexander , Shy Love ,
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Shifting Gears

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Wolf Hudson is Shifting Gears

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The producers at All Worlds got inspired and filmed this modest movie casting several of Rascal Video's big name favorites in bisexual roles. Here the guys go mixies with the girls.

Advance press on the movie reports "controversy" regarding gay hunk Blake Riley doing it on-screen with chicks. Honestly, we don't see any controversy here. In fact, it takes Riley to a hot new level in his already very hot career. And who would have known watching his thick dick pumping a pussy would look so hot?

Shifting Gears is set at a mechanic's garage run by Wolf Hudson. For some reason, Hudson receives no boxcoxer billing, which is strange because not only does he perform in one of the film's major roles, but also puts in one of the hottest performances of his film career. (Blog: Wolf Hudson Shifts Gears) The film launches into high speed when Hudson gives a high power heterosexual fucking to his girlfriend Lola on his office desk.

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He steps out of his Dickies work clothes so that Lola can suck on the cherry head of his hard cock. After licking each other's nether regions, Hudson slides his dipstick into her pussy for an electric end-of-the-workday one-on-one. Hudson admits in his on-screen interview of Michael Lucas' Auditions 22 that in real life, he does it with guys and girls. Hudson's switch-hitter skills are on full display here.

Their sex is so hot, it draws the silent attention of two other garage employees, Cameron Marshall and the new hire, Krystal Kali. She gets snubbed by the garage's all male staff because she's a girl car mechanic, but proves her skill by getting a motor going.

Later on, Marshall seems overwhelmed by the peeks of what he witnessed earlier. Now his mind swirls with thoughts of man sex with his boss. As fate would have it, Johnny Hazzard inserts himself into the picture, cruising him on the street, and coming on to him.

Hazzard talks Marshall into taking him back to the car garage, which is currently closed for business. Hazzard verbally describes his vision, where hot, greased up car mechanics fuck their girlfriends all around the place, and then takes his hand to work on the bulge protruding in Marshall's pants.

It's a fairly believable "seduction," even though we've seen Marshall's gay boy lusts before (Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3. Extra points go to Hazzard, who shows that he's the master of his game here. Even though he's doing it in the movie's gay sex scene, he's not boring. After giving Marshall a long and seductive blow-job, he lays back on a convenient desk to get his ass pounded. What a dreamy bottom! And Marshall jizzes all over Hazzard's lower back, washing over his tattoo.

Some folks on the Internet have commented that Hazzard has passed his prime bur this film and his most recent Hazzard Zone show that he's still one of the most exciting male stars in adult today.

The film ends up showing the now too idle mechanic team sitting around just looking for something to get their hands on. Safe to say, it's not going to be a chassis or fuel transmission. Bimbos Shy Love and Britney Amber show up needing some quick repairs. For payment, they flash their tits, which makes for perfect currency at this business.

"How about you sexy ladies get it on for us?!" suggests mechanic Lee Stephens, one of the movie's more believable straight studs. He seems to genuinely be drooling over the girls' ta-tas. The resulting girl-on-girl action gets the four mechanics rock hard, the dicks hanging out of their pants. (Stephens, Blake Riley, Ryan Alexander and Cody Springs) Also, Springs, whom we have not yet seen on film before, is a hot little bottom.

Shifting Gears Bisexual Orgy

The end result is a wholly satisfying orgy, where the girls and most of the guys get their brains fucked out. Chi Chi LeRue goes so far as to follow the bisexual movie grand tradition, which is to end everything with a big orgy on lots of oversized rubber tires. (If you haven't seen the late 1980s Innocence Lost, it's a classic now)

The extended scene contains lots of great topping sequences with Stephens, Marshall, Hudson and Alexander. (Alexander looks more mature and still seems to be as much of a sexy top as when he was a Studio 2000 Exclusive [Cruising It]

In a very hot moment, Riley bangs his dick inside one of the girls, while getting fucked from behind by Alexander. After the orgy, everybody ends up covered in sweat and drained of jizz.

Shifting Gears is an all-out fun journey through the land of bi and beyond. Thank you, Chi Chi, for pushing some our favorite gay male porn stars to new levels, and who would have thought that they look just as hot when they are doing a girl.

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Cameron Marshall tops Johnny Hazzard
Bisexual Blake Riley in Shifting Gears
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Blake Riley fingers Britney Amber
Lee Stephens in Shifting GearsWatch Now
The cast services Lee Stephens
Bisexual Lee StephensWatch Now
The cast services Lee Stephens

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