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Sexual Harassment 1 and 2

Frank Parker
Factory Studios  
Buck Philips , , David Astor , Frank Parker , Josh G. , Korry , Markie , Scott Morris , Shane Michaels , Sky Donavon
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Sexual Harassment 1 and 2

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Factory Video Delves into the Workplace

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Factory Video raises office politics to an intensely sexual level in this winner of a double feature which is simply titled Sexual Harassment. At the opening, the film clearly disclaims that the office sex depicted is consentual. Obviously they are not promoting demeaning, harmful behavior in the workplace. After this brief legalese, the movie plunges immediately into fun-filled suit n' tie fantasy.

Sexual Harassment 1 was a worthy nominee for a GayVN as Best Amateur Video for 2000. There are two duets, a three way and a solo. It's follow up, Sexual Harassment 2, is much shorter, but contains a complete trump card over everything - Venezuelan sexual artist supreme Carlos Morales. Together the two movies form a fine double feature that is well worth its single price.

Scene one of SA1 starts right off with blonde Korry under the desk blowing the boss, David Astor, who is grinning from ear to ear. Korry is a hot little fireplug whose entire smooth body seems one big erogenous zone. After some hot dick sucking, Astor locates the center of this pleasure zone, Korry's tight little hole.

He opens it with his mouth and tongue. Korry wags his butt, pushing back into Astor's salivating mouth. Once Astor has his cock inside him, Korry never stops gyrating his lithe body around. The boss bangs the naked bottom with his suit still on.

Astor apparently feels that there should be an equal division of labor. The bossman switches positions getting on the couch, raising his own smooth hole into the air. Korry comes around rock hard and shoves it in. Astor has a hot, hungry butt as well. These two guys are great to watch as they take turns giving it to each other. After sitting on it, Korry shoots a big load of cum all over Astor's face.

Astor creams onto Korry's lower back and hot buttcheeks.

The second scene is an enthusiastic solo from a well-dressed handsome fellow named Marco. Standing in the break room, he jacks his hard on, looking directly at the camera and moaning. He is holding an empty glass in his other hand.

When he comes, he sticks his cock inside and fills the container. Then he licks up the rim.

Sky Donavon
Markie positioned
behind Sky Donavon
The next scene is a three way with an older, trim daddy-type named Buzz. He is standing with a brunet named Rex and a blond named Alex Reed. All are stroking their cocks, and soon blowing each other. Their frolic is equally heated and frenzied as earlier episodes. It is little wonder that this film garnered award winning attention for its enthusiasm. Both Reed and Astor seem to love sucking cock. And Buzz loves plowing Astor on the floor.

Rex shoots his load onto Reed's face.

The final episode of Part 1 may be a let down, mostly becasue it is just so quick. Factory's Frank Parker calls in employee Buck to look over some paperwork. Buck is a hottie. Soon their stiffies are released from their dark pants, and they blow each other. It is hot, but unfortunately Buck doesn't take it up the ass. (and it appears like a potential prize-winner)

Still not all Factory scenes are going to be the cookie cutter "suck - rim - screw" formula. In fact that gives them a distinct charm.

Sexual HarASSment 2

The DVDs second feature contains more of the same stuff introduced in the first. The first vignette is called Going Down on the Rent. It features horny realtor Sky Donavon negotiating with customer Shane Michaels. Many folks will skip over this to get to the next episode. However, I found it pretty hot. Michaels is a cutie, and he has a nice big uncut dick. First Donavon tops him, which is kind of weird to watch.

Donavon is such a consummate bottom. Perhaps Michaels realizes this as well. He turns the realtor around for a good plowing. And is this the same Shane Michaels who did some movies in the late 1980s?

Michaels ends up pumping the cum right out of Donavon, who drops his seed hands free. Michaels, who keeps his suit jacket on, continues humping for awhile afterwards before creaming on his shoulder.

The second scene starts with the goateed Josh G sneaking into the bathroom for some self-pleasure. Josh G turn in an interesting performance, showing us some of his special skills. One eyebrow raising speciality is jaw-dropping auto-fellatio while pretzeling up over the john. Then an anonymous cock slides out from under the neighboring stall, which he happily sucks.

Meanwhile in a nearby office, Sky Donavon is back at work - deep-throating a very large, long cock. This hefty tool belongs to a dyed-blond young guy named Markie. Markie, a Factory regular, does an excellent job at pushing his oversized meat up Donavon's butt doggie style. who takes it bent right over the desk.

Dress shirts and ties hang off their bodies as they go at it.

After Markie cums, Josh G suits back up and heads over to Donavon's office-cum-fuckroom. The two blow each other, and Josh G finally unloads. What a day, sighs Donavon.

After this comes Blowin the Boss: Caught in the Act. What else could anyone expect if they hire Carlos Morales for an office job position? Boss Scott Morris catches employee Morales masturbating to a dirty magazine. The well groomed Morales looks amazing here with his suit on, zipper open, and fat cock pointing straight out. As Morales sucks, Morris rolls his eyes back with a look on his face like he's gone to heaven. On his knees, Morales gives great head. Morris rolls the heel of his black shoe along his employee's erection. Then the boss shoot his load all over the latino's face.

Later Morales confides this experience to co-worker Frank Parker. Parker dubs him the office slut, and immediately gets him to suck his dick. In a high point, Morales leans back onto the desk as Parker blows him. The latino's fine abs frame a perfect visual around his beautiful cock. This is a beautiful picture right here. Then Morales bends over the desk with his ass out.

Parker gives him luscious long licks up and around his hole. The two take their time trading blowjobs, which is worth every moment. Then as a finale, Parker slides his cock up into the gates of heaven. Morales sounds and appears to be having a great time getting screwed.

He cums standing up, once again with his powerful abs forming a perfect picture around his squirting cock. One can see his orgasm rippling through his body. Parker finishes with his own big load. Even though this is from a small, amateur studio, this could be one of Morales hottest on-screen appearances.

This double shot of office action will capture the lusts of many who have daydreamed about businessman fantasies. Coupled with a real-world look, the fantasy is finely captured here. Originally released as two separate movies, it is now for sale as a double feature.

It is also streaming online, so don't miss out.

Sexual Harassment 1 and 2 Photos:

Carlos Morales and Frank Parker
David Astor and Korry

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