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Sex and the Tourist

Alain Eclair
Bronco Studios  
Adam Kubick , , Joseph Ther , Mario Danza , Peter Costner , Tad Harrison
Czech BoysTwinks, InternationalOutdoor SexCum Eating

Sex and the Tourist

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One of our favorite Jay Renfro videos

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Out of the Czech Republic comes one of the sexiest little studmuffins in 2004, a smooth, boyish model named Brock Wilder (aka Jay Renfro). With his strong facial features, small frame that is perfectly sized for getting fucked, sweet butt and floppy dyed hair, he has all the marks of someone to develop an infatuation over. Tribal Pulse's Sex & the Tourist feeds that infatuation because this is essentially Wilder's movie.

He visits Prague where he falls into one fun sexual adventure after another. Many of the Czech movies released today are probably worth missing. This one isn't. The models all are horned up, hard and ready to go. Also, with six complete action scenes, dollar for dollar the film packs in a lot of loads. Director Alan Eclair really shows his skills here.

Wilder arrives at the Prague airport, where he wastes no time in picking up horndog Adam Kubick at a tourist park (the two already have done some first-class shagging in Suite Service). They duck behind a castle tower to get frisky. Here Kubrick seems to delight in plumbing the juicy depths of his brand new friend.

Brock Wilder and Mario DanzaWatch VOD
Brock Wilder sucks Mario Danza
With Wilder on his knees, Kubrick grabs the tourist's hair and rams his cock in and out of his mouth. Then he turns Wilder around for a piece of the grand prize. He squeezes Wilder's buttcheeks, and spits in his crack. Wilder balances himself upright, his jeans pushed down to his ankles. Kubrick does not have the biggest dick in the movies; it's very nice and average, and boy, he sure loves to use it. He bangs Wilder's behind at a rapid fire pace, slowing down slightly on occasion to kiss the bottom's back, or give him another spank.

Kubrick ends up blasting eleven spurts of cum onto Wilder's lower back. This is a blazing opener, and Wilder's day is only just starting! Next, the star meets up with taxicab driver Johnny Saint for some real confessions. They end up in Saint's place, where they go at it in the kitchen. Saint is always a reliable model in the movies. Very often a bottom, Saint gets to strut his topman stuff here. When Saint pushes down his pants, so that his erection pops out, the viewer is reminded of how nicely oversized his uncut cock is.

Wilder works Saint's big shaft over, licking it with his tongue, pushing it deeply into his strained mouth. Soon Wilder assumes his natural position, bent over waiting for objects to enter him. Saint rolls on a condom and proceeds to slide in and out up to his balls. Saint hoses down the bottomboy with jets of his own white cream, which he bends down and licks up. Wilder then squeezes out his own hot little load.

Bottoming for Samuel Dolce

Everyone's fucking Jay Renfo
The next day, Wilder tours a remote outdoor area (probably cruising not touristing), when he draws the attention of Joseph Ther. They adjourn to a quiet area where they spend some time standing apart, eyes locked, showing off their stiffening cocks. Wilder can't take the tension anymore so he gets down on his knees to worship Ther's uncut cock. Like Kubrick before, Ther seems delighted that this crazed, adorable puppy is fixating over him.

This time, Wilder gets plugged standing, but with his right leg raised high giving full view of his legs and thighs. They finish their al fresco romp by blowing their loads. Next, Saint takes Wilder to the sauna, where naturally he's a real hit with the locals. Ther is also there, and this time Saint jumps at the opportunity to get some of what his tourist friend just received earlier. In the safe confines of a sauna, Saint gets his ample cheeks tounged deeply by Ther. Ther tops him, to the hefty moans and groans of the bottom (in a nice move, their sextalk is very audible and in Czech).

After topping him doggie style, Ther blasts his money shot, squirt for quirt, directly into Saint's open mouth, who relishes it like a hungry chick being fed by mom. Saint then jacks out a big multi-spurt money shot from his own big dick.

Meanwhile over at the hottub, Wilder is relaxing in the bubbles with Peter Costner. Costner raises his hips up so that his erection surfaces above the water, enticing Wilder over to give him oral attention. Wilder blows Costner's curved upturned erection, who soon reciprocates. Coster then drills Wilder in the whirlpool, the waterjets humming all around them. The sounds of a twink taking it up the ass draws the notice of muscular Tad Harrison, who hops into the jacuzzi with them.

After observing them for awhile, he tops Costner, who is sprawled out missionary across the side of the hot tub. They all blow their loads at the end, Wilder's being particularly copious.

Renfro's encore with Robbie Masters

For the final scene, Wilder meets Kubrick and his boyfriend (Mario Danza) for a beer. There is an interesting exchange between them relaxed and just talking - all in Czech. Then the scheme is apparent: the two lovers get the tourist back to their place for a three-way. They undress Wilder, planting kisses all over his body. Danza reveals his dick, which turns out to be the biggest of the three. Wilder fills his mouth with it.

Kubrick then gives Wilder another hard-driving screw, this time with the bottom's mouth full of his boyfriend's cock. In a hot sequence, Danza drills Wilder on the wooden floor, who has his hole directly up in the air with the top drilling down from above. The couple then hose down Wilder with their manseed. Wilder finishes by pretzeling his body up and cumming into his own mouth.

All these remarkable cumshots are compiled together as a DVD extra.

Boytoy Brock Wilder carries this movie well. Performing in five of the movie's six sex scenes is no small feat. Never growing tired or bored, he is always a joy to watch get plugged. The movie is a wonderful vehicle for his wildboy skills. We like to use this website as a space to point out the Czech movies that really stand out from the dvd waterfall pouring out of Europe. Sex & the Tourist is a perfect example of such a film.

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Adam Kubrick plows Brock Wilder
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Adam Kubrick looks up from Brock Wilder

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