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Sex Parade

Max Julien
Alfonso Ribeiro , Bernardo Lima , Emerson Prata , Felix Bahia , Gabriel Faria , Igor Martins , Jorge Rios , , Marlon Prado , Matheus Marques , Renato DiGiorgio , Sidney Sampaio , Tiago Nunes
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Sex Parade

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Alfonso Ribeiro Dances in the Sex Parade; Julio Vidal Bottoms

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Brazil director extrodinaire Max Julian reasserts his ability to capture the hottest men of the Americas in his almost never-released film Sex Parade. Recently Marcostudio has suffered from distribution problems in the US. Fortunately that seems to have been corrected. The good news is that fans of Brazil guys can now see what has been kept under the equator for so long.

In Sex Parade, Julian returns to many of his favorite themes: beefy, hairy guys, straight-looking men getting it on, and bathhouse sex. The film setting is the lively Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, an event which always brings out the best in show. For this event numerous stunning guys busy themselves with hooking up for sex.

Joining the frolic are a number of Marcostudio regulars, as well as a group of new faces. For starters, there is boxcovermodel (right side) Renato DiGiorgio, who moves through the crowd looking for action. He spys Alfonso Ribeiro on a balcony above the street. Sending DiGiorgio a buying signal, Ribeiro gets him upstairs where he and buddy Jorge Rios pull off his shirt and pants. DiGiorgio is a classic Brazilboy with a beautiful uncut cock, smooth chest and bubble butt.

Unfortunately Ribiero passed away from meningitis after making this film. He began in Bjorn movies like Mystery Men and always was a pleasure to watch. Here he sports that same perfect dick.

Gabriel Faria's Three WayWatch VOD
Gabriel Faria and Bernardo Lima
stand over Tiago Nunes

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DiGiorgio sucks the two bigger guys on his knees. Soon the newbie gets to strut his topman stuff by plowing Ribiero, who lays legs-up on a table. With Rios simultaneously perched over Ribiero's upper body, shoving cock down his throat, the camera pans back to show a steady movement of rocking brown manflesh. After this riveting moment, Rios gets his turn, pulling his beefy body into Ribiero, grabbing the legs with his big, tattooed arms.

The three line up shoulder to shoulder to shoot some eye-popping money shots. DiGiorgio gets the prize for the biggest, splashiest load.

Down on the street, the parade's intensity heats up the crowd. Tiago Nunes observes the hunky Gabriel Faria (sporting a pride flag button on his shirt) urinating on a wall. Locking eyes, the two hunks duck through a side door into a private yard. Nunes removes the proud Faria's shirt to reveal a chest as big and broad as the Andes Mountains. When they are half undressed and stroking their cocks, a street cop (Bernardo Lima) interrupts them.

Fortunately Lima is more interested in squeezing Nunes' sweet-looking ass then invoking any legal complications. Soon Nunes' slightly hairy hole becomes the center of attention, causing everyone to grow thick uncut erections. After getting sucked, Lima erupts a hefty amount of spooge, causing the head of his penis to turn a wine-colored purple. Faria licks Nunes' hole and shoves in his thick dick.

The three form another delectable man-sandwich. Faria and Lima trade off on their bottom's manhole. Lima cums a second time, and Faria mutters some Portuguese before shooting his seed. The end by pressing their bodies together and nibbling on ears. What else can be so simultaneously sexual, masculine and sensual?

After this, Marcostudio vet Sidney Sampaio (Stiff Security) buys a pair of Autoestima Underwear from a parade vendor (autoestima is Spanish for self-esteem), and goes home to jack off to an imagined fantasy with one tradey tattooed muscleman, Matheus Marques. He worships Marques' body from top to bottom. After sucking him, he finally slides his cock safely between his fantasyman's two powerful asscheeks until he shoots. Then in another solo fantasy, a spunky go-go boy named Igor Martins gyrates from the top of a parade float right on into a bedroom. He wags his beautiful ass and strokes his cock, ultimately ending up in the shower to shoot his money shot on the glass door.

Julio Vidal Bottoms

Next many Marcostudio fans will also see one long-time fantasy become a reality: Superstar Julio Vidal, until now a topman, gets fucked! Taken back to the flat, Vidal gets it on with a big masculine stud named Felix Bahia. First Vidal flashes his smile and ass in an impromptu dance down a stairwell. Then after sucking Bahia's cock, he screws Vidal on a pool table. Bahia looks real tradey here, and seems to have some hard-on problems, which is unfortunate. Still Bahia big curved cock shoots a lot of cum onto Vidal sweet smooth backside. Vidal cums right onto the table.

It seems that the revelry has sparked the imaginations of many of the guys in attendance. Marlon Prado, a well-scrubbed stud with a fat cock and heavy set balls, hops onto his couch for some moments of self-pleasure. Wearing a tight, dark shirt he gives a nice performance, ending with his white spooge shooting onto his clothing.

For the film finale finale, two parade revelers (Sampaio and Emerson Prata) end up at the bathhouse, where they eagerly grope each other in a swirling whirlpool. They suck each other beneath a cascading waterfall, causing them to release a set of hot money shots. (Sampaio's literally pops out all over his torso) For these Brazilians, their lust knows no bounds. Prata pulls Sampaio's body high out of the water so he can stick his tongue up his buddy's hairy hole. Then he delivers a hard-driving ass pounding to Sampaio, who grips onto the edge of the pool siding.

In a memorable moment, Sampaio's stiff cock points up from between his legs as Prata slams him from behind. The sounds of running water, moans and spoken Portuguese run throughout. Sampaio is one hot bottom to watch get plowed, who ultimately blows a big no-hands money shot that runs down his torso. Prata never stops pumping his ass during all this.

Sex Parade is a mix of three-ways, duets and solos. Compared to some earlier classics, it is a bit uneven. However there is lots of great stuff here to watch. There is plenty of great Brazilian sex, and, frankly, even on these guys' worst day, it is intoxicating.

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Sex Parade Photos:

Julio Vidal and Felix Bahia Watch VOD
Julio Vidal spreads wide for Felix Bahia
Sidney Sampaio and Emerson PrataWatch VOD
Sidney Sampaio opens for Emerson Prata

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