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The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Thor Stephens
All Worlds Video  
Andrew Addams , Chad Johnson , Dylan Reece , Gregg Rockwell , J.J. Bond , , Mike Radcliffe , Steve Cassidy
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

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An epidemic of laziness overcomes the upper classes.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Picture a world where people spend the days and nights engaged in doing absolutely nothing. That is, nothing except for connecting up in an endless stream of sexual encounters while society's mechanics melt down in a steady heat wave of inactivity. This is director Thor Stephens intriguing take on the biblical sin of Sloth, magnificently adapted into gay porn movie series The Seven Deadly Sins, produced by All Worlds Video in 2001. [Note: This movie makes FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list]

Beleaguered news readers from vacant television sets report that the city is suffering from "an epidemic." The Sloth Disease hits the upper class neighborhoods the hardest, where the people sit in intense fever overcome with high levels of libido. " Guys lay around naked in bed all day waiting for aggressors to infiltrate their households to fuck them. Is this supposed to be an imaginary future? Perhaps this is an allegory to gay men under the spell of 24/7 party drugs and hooking up. The result is a truly provocative science fiction porno.

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Stephens, who made a name for himself as a free-lance director for many years, could always tell a good story through sex. His movies are cast with a masculine array of models who carry a quiet heterosexual esthetic. Steve Cassidy, the movie's rugged lead embodies this look. He rolls his brawny body around in bed sheets helplessly listening to the news reports of the epidemic. His naked ass tells the empty room that he's begging to get fucked.

He pulls himself together to telephone the escort service, who sends him bald headed Lance Gear. (Plexus) These two daddies with their hairy torsos are a perfect match.

They fuck like animals, with Stephens ultimately emphasizing Gear's rapacious fucking of Cassidy's insatiable butt. After cumming, they adjourn to a large stand-up shower but the water cannot cool the heat brought on by this insipid fever. Gear is soon bent over getting fucked up the ass. After a second round of money shots, they are finally done.

The fever has apparently spread to the city's street people as well. Down in the garbage strewn sewers, spry, futuristically attired J. J. Bond sinks his claws into Mike Radcliffe. Bond, always an aggressive, youthful punk, fucks him through this ripped open jeans. Stephens' expertly films the subterranean sex, where their skin is illuminated in colorful hues, and there's great shots of the two dimples on Bond's rocking perfect backside.

Next, we find Dylan Reece (Absolute: Arid) languishing in a particularly debilitating afternoon of sloth. It's all he can do to slowly creep through his well-appointed house nearly naked, shrouded in a see-through fishnet drape. His desperate calls to get fucked are eventually answered by Chad Johnson (Giant: Part One), a potential burglar roaming the wealthy neighborhood armed with his humongous phallus. [Friskyfans Tumblr: Sloth]

Johnson is perfectly equipped to give the feverish bottom exactly what he desperately needs. He fucks him on an immaculately clean dining table, and later on the tiled floor. Reece's compact butt handles Johnson's battle axe to the sound of ecstatic grunts that takes the Aussie to a splattery orgasm. Pulling out, Johnson unloads a torrent of cum onto Reece.

The fever spreads to a sex motel.

The final episode takes us to a motel where it is reported that gay men languish in order to have antonymous sex encounters. Gregg Rockwell (Devil Is A Bottom) sits naked in bed, his face unshaven. He stares blankly into space stroking his stiff cock. The crooked lamp with its shade askew illuminates the room.

After touching his body, fidgeting around, he pulls himself together and wraps a towel around his waist. Stepping outside his door, he moves down the hall and finds Andrew Addams alone in a room, flat on his stomach, naked.

They lock eyes as Rockwell closes the door and slowly steps towards Addams, his full erection pointing straight ahead. The steady beat of the electronic music soundtrack sets the sultry rhythm. Addams gives his guest a long, delicious blow-job.

Rockwell returns the favor by slowing running his hands down Addams' curved backside, feeling his buttocks. They gradually move into a sixty-nine. Addams soon has his long legs up in the hair. Rockwell pounds his ass in his position long and really hard. Breathless and sweaty, Addams finishes him off perched on his fours.

Rockwell shoots on the open crack of the bottom's ass in a breathless orgasm. Addams shoots his jizz all over the dirty bed sheets. "I'm finished with you now. You can go. Lease the door open."

Perhaps this is a town where MDMA and GHB are winding into the water supply. Or perhaps we're seeing a society where people purposefully put drugs into their water supply. Like good sci-fi, its an obvious allegory to the issues of today.

The vibe is palpable. Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth easily falls into one of the best sex movies made for the futuristic genre.

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Chad Johnson behind Dylan Reece
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Gregg Rockwell tops Andrew Addams
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Dylan Reece & Chad Johnson
Gregg Rockwell and Andrew AddamsWatch Now
Gregg Rockwell tops Andrew Addams

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