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Seed My Hole 2

Michael Paris
Eboys Studio  
Alex Arias , Chicky Hard , Elijah Keilor , Leo Cooper , Martin Wide , Nick Murray , Nico Ange , Polo Jeremy , Rick Odri , Samuel Hoffman
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Seed My Hole 2

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Three Little Words

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Seed My Hole -- arguably the three most beautiful words in the English language, right after "I love you" and "It's benign."

In Seed My Hole 2, the camera stampedes immediately into five episodes of bareback sex, all culminating with some powerful cumshots that drench the bottom's anus, and followed with post-orgasm fucking. Director Michael Paris's consistently strong films are top notch Eurotwink flicks with the hottest bareback sex on screen (Seed My Hole) This film is no exception.

It starts with a three-way episode pitting two of Europe's hottest tops performing today, Alex Arias and Nico Ange (both pictured on the boxcover). In a spectacular opener, they both fuck submissive bottom Martin Wide fifteen ways to sunrise. Arias and Ange sandwich Wide between them, pounding his ass to lots of audible moans and groans. You can hear Arias' balls slapping against Wide's backside.

During this fabulous fucking sequence, they double fuck him, and move through many other hot positions all as the tops keep physical contact going by kissing each other. In a memorable finish, Arias and Ange simultaneously shoot their cum into the bottom's wide hole, followed by them taking turns screwing him some more.

Take note: this is a textbook example of how two tops should share a bottom.

Seed My Hole 2 snapshotWatch VOD
Alex Aries, Martin Wide, Nico Ange
Seed My Hole 2 snapshotWatch VOD
Elijah Keilor positions himself to enter Rick Odris
After this excellent opener, the heat level continues at it's searing level thanks to the appearance of Rick Odri, an extremely cute model with a delicious body and sweet looking face. He also looks incredible getting fucked, which is what blond partner Elijah Keilor does to him in many positions. Odri has not appeared, so far, in many first class studio productions, so watching him get his brains banged out here is a real treat.

Keilor is a feisty top, ramming him in hard and rapid fire thrusts, which Odri matches move for move. In a frenzy, the top pulls out, squirts his heavy load of cum up onto Odri's balls, and then returns to topping him at length during a post-orgasm glow. The intensity is so that Odri shoots all over his belly during this.

After this, viewers will still not wish to go anywhere, because, next up, Chicky Hard gives a rousing standing bareback fuck to Leo Cooper. Hard wields one of hottest cocks in the entire film: thick and uncut. (aka Chicky Grand in Raw Courage) Cooper begins by giving him some very hood head. Then, without any kind of reciprocity, the tradey Hard walks around to Cooper's back, positions him against the wall, and sticks his cock inside.

Cooper's ass cheeks shake to the top's hard thrusts. Cooper looks younger here then in his Eurocreme films (Bareback Twink Ranch). Both guys have done lots of bareback movies, but here they fuck like rabbits with a visible enthusiasm that threads throughout the entire film.

Cooper cums while getting plowed, shooting his load far up landing almost past his own shoulder. Hard drenched Cooper's hole with seed, and sticks it back inside.

After this, the film relaxes a bit with a pedestrian one-on-one between Nick Maury and blondie Polo Jeremy. The guys have sex on the bed, going through all the positions. Maury looks very handsome taking it up the ass. (Maury stars as Nick Kern for Eurocreme, where he hung out on the Bareback Twink Street 2) Jeremy does seem to pour a very long lasting orgasm into Maury's manhole.

The movie ends on a fabulous note when Arias and Odri return for a riveting encore, this time with easy on the eyes bottom Samuel Hoffman. Arias starts things off my showing his dancer boy moves from the bars, leading up to him pulling his big, hard cock out of his jeans. They all get naked, which leads to an all out cock sucking party.

Just like in the first episode, Arias takes the lead, screwing the hell out of the bottom present, all the time generously sharing with his friend. Hoffman is absolutely adorable; his erection swinging around the entire time he takes it from both guys. Arias cums in and all over Hoffman, which he happily licks up. In a neat change of pace, Odris can only get off with a cock inside his own ass, so Hoffman obliges, thrusting into him in their own mini-scene leading to a closing set of copious orgasms.

Their scene finishes the film leaving the cast and viewer breathless.

Seed My Hole 2 contains as much cum-filled ass fucking as a Treasure Island movie. And with its set of studly Czech boys humping each other in those colorfully painted Prague apartments, the movie will without a doubt be a big hit with its gluttonous, star struck fans.

Seed My Hole 2 Photos:

Seed My Hole 2 snapshotWatch VOD
Chicky Hard tops Leo Cooper
Seed My Hole 2 snapshotWatch VOD
Chicky Hard tops Leo Cooper
Seed My Hole 2 snapshotWatch VOD
Alex Arias sucks Samuel Hoffman, Rick Odri looks on

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