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Seed My Hole

Michael Paris
Eboys Studio  
Brandon Junior , Carey Lexes , Jack Rebel , Kozel Richter , Lev , Micky Coolio , Miguel DeSanchez , Newman , Peter , Shemin
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Seed My Hole

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Hey, Shemin: Seed My Hole!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Michael Paris and his Rebelboyz Studio follows up on last year's excellent Raw Twink with the provocatively named DVD, Seed My Hole. Raw Twink was our favorite bareback twink film for 2006, and as a folow-up film we are happy to report that it's successor does a damn good job in following in its footsteps.

One difference is that all five scenes of this film include post-orgasm fucking, and some episodes even enjoy multiple orgasms.

Tall and gymbuilt, Peter practices his boxing on a punching bag, when sweet faced Micky Coolio joins him for an extended workout. Coolio gets on his knees whereupon Peter face fucks him. Then turning him around so that he hangs off the punching bag, Peter throws a hard driving fuck to Coolio's culito.

Peter pounds him hard, making the bottom's face a contorted mask of hard pleasure. Paris captures their sex with a variety of camera angles, including lots of fantastic close ups.

Their scene ends with Coolio exploding his cum onto the wooden floor, with Peter quickly following by shooting lots of heavy mancream on the bottom's ass and shoving his dick back inside for more. Then they trade a second round of cum shots by squirting into each other's mouths.

Seed My Hole snapshotWatch VOD
Jack Rebel primed for the final orgy
Seed My Hole snapshotWatch VOD
Jack Rebel primed for the final orgy
After this, cutiepie Carey Lexus enjoys a leisurely photography session by dark haired Jack Rebel. Naturally, Rebel cannot help himself so he puts down his camera and starts sucking his model. (This theme of arguable workplace harassment seems popular with European filmmakers)

Rebel gets on his knees and deep throats Lexes' big dick. After lots of great oral work, Rebel bends his smooth ass over a leopard print chair and Lexes sticks his bare cock right on in. Lots of hot shots, including underside views of both models' hard-ons make this coupling absolutely combustible.

Lexus shoots a big load and continues fucking Rebel's ass. If things could not get any hotter, they flip-flop and Rebel gives Lexes more of the same.

The film's pace and heat does not cool down one degree for the next episode, in which Richter, a brunet with mussed hair, decends a starcase to discover the sweet Shemin quietly wanking. This scene is remarkable for the red hot filming of their sex on the stairs, in which Shemin, with his shaved pubes, pounds the daylights out of a butt-up Richter. At several moments, Richer looks directly into the camera while getting fucked.

Shemin drops a big white cumload followed with more hot post-orgasm ass pumping. Then they trade a set of tasty oral cumshots, finally marking the end of lots of hard work from these two sexy performers.

The next scene feaures a boyish guy with a pierced eyebrow named Kozel getting turned around and his ass hammered furiously by the studly Miguel de Sanchez. In a nice sequence, De Sanchez performs the first segment of his topping work with his jeans pulled down just past his balls.

Their rousing one on one starts with Kozel bent over the kitchen counter, and actually standing up high on the table allowing some nice, innovative angles showing their anal penetration.

De Sanchez doesn't seed Kozel's hole here, but he does shoot a big wad of cum into his mouth.

The film ends with a rousing three-way in which Brandon Junior and Lev (aka Lev Dumak in Raw Tricks) get into some heavy petting on their living room couch. After some foreplay, Lev rides Juinior stiff dick, thrusting up in quick motions. The sex attracts the attention of a long donged guy named Newmen. In a maze of blond pubes, Lev bottoms for both Junior and Newman.

Newman's big balls lap up against Lev's nether-region as he fucks him. The scene finishes with the top blowing their loads into Lev's mouth.

The DVD's also includes sixteen rousing previews of additional movies from the popular eBoys line of studios.

Raw Twink features five spectacular scenes of serious twink barebacking. The models appear enthusiastic and eager to shoot round of round of lusty play. For fans of the immensely popular bareback twink genre, this film lands at the top of the best bareback films of 2006 list.

Seed My Hole Photos:

Seed My Hole snapshotWatch VOD
Shemin tops Richter on the stairs
Seed My Hole snapshotWatch VOD
Newman, Lev, Brandon Junior

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