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Scum! A Story of British Sex Pigs

Maxwell Barber
Bulldog XXX  
Ben Rogers , Christian Stone , Danny Cannon , Danny Phoenix , Darian Hawke , Jack Sterling , Josh Ford , Martin Lee , Mo , Phill , Ryan Garcia
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Scum! A Story of British Sex Pigs

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An inspired, extremely hot look at the dark side of England's Eurocreme.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Oh, those naughty, naughty Brits! With all that tea and all those crumpets, who knew that there could ever be such a thing as a British Sex Pig? Scum! is surprisingly nasty and erotic, a wicked collection of vignettes where good (and not so good) chaps do a good deal of hooking up and showing off.

Martin Lee, with his I Love Sex coffee mug just out of reach, gets bored and decides to have a wank in a scene titled Dildo Fuck. He reaches underneath the settee and pulls out a monstrous sex toy and goes to town. Standing in front of the camera and shoving out his ass, Lee makes a big show of lubing up, and the sucking sounds are in stereo. Now, I've seen my share of dildo play, but Lee takes his anal abuse to the next level, taking his toy from his ass, to his mouth, and back again. His puckerhole gets one hearty workout, Lee stopping just short of blowing his spunk.

He takes a smoke break and spies something that would stuff his hole better than any 'ole piece of plastic - Danny Cannon. Martin is several stories up, yet manages to cruise this rough car mechanic, the two of them meeting in an abandoned storage area in Martin's apartment building below. Martin got lucky; Cannon's furry chest and belly are muscular, and his slightly older look and shorn head give him a rough and tumble appearance. Martin wastes no time, dropping to his knees and working over his new buddy. One of the erotic things about Scum! are the sounds of natural sex; when Martin buries his head between the cheeks of Cannon's backside, every slurp and smack is audible.

Ben Rogers and Darian HawkeWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Ben Rogers sucks
Darian Hawke
Ben Rogers in Scum!Watch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Scum Pig Ben Rogers
As for Martin's greasy hole, Cannon picks right off where Martin left off, pulling an even more threatening ribbed dildo from off a shelf. By way of prepping Martin, Cannon finger fucks Martin's already slick chute and forces his buddy to sniff the scent of his own ass off his fingers. Cannon grunts and groans, pushing both the dildo and Martin to their limits. Martin's sloppy hole eventually gets the lovin' it so desperately craves, Cannon fucking him in every dingy corner of the room.

In the more familiar locker room setting, Christian Stone (Dirty Fuckers from Rude Boiz) is not so subtle when cruising Phill and Ryan Garcia (Bike Boy), a couple just returning from a jog through a picturesque park. In Locker Louts, Phill heads to the showers, leaving buddy Garcia alone to fend for himself. From all the smoky eye contact, it's clear what's going on, but what makes this scene sexy is watching how it all unfolds. All three guys slowly strip out of their sweaty gym clothes, keeping at least one eye on the others in the room.

Moments after Phill leaves, Garcia boldly returns Stone's pass, kissing him and putting his pretty cock in Stone's willing mouth. Garcia's got a perfectly trimmed bush and a single colored star tattoo hovering a mere inch or two from his left hip bone. Stone is too busy to fully appreciate much of anything but the seven or eight inches of dick he's sucking. A freshly-showered Phill makes it a luscious threeway, Stone barely batting an eye when he's asked to blow two gents instead of one. The pair of lovers treats Stone to a full-body oral workout, Phill licking his bum while Garcia sucks his stiffie. Soon, Stone's hot ass becomes the focal point of the scene, getting tongued, fingered, enjoyed and adored by everyone in the locker room. A tag-teaming is inevitable, Stone fucked over a changing bench by both strangers in succession. The finale to this scene is spectacular, Stone hunkering down and eating Garcia, then Phill's hot juice, both men aiming directly into Stone's open maw.

Bulldog Christian StoneWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Christian Stone about to swallow Phill
Office Sluts has slender blonde Darian Hawke (Rent Boy from Eurocreme) and Ben Rogers cruising one another on the street, heading into a random office building, finding a vacant space, and then going to town. If only cruising was as easy as these lads make it look! Ben Rogers is reason enough to watch or purchase Scum! - his brown eyes peer out from an adorable baby face. But lest the viewer be fooled, Rogers is no innocent. He is probably the nastiest fucker in Scum!, out-sucking and out-fucking all of the models he comes into contact with.

Hawke and Rogers are joined by another stranger, Danny Phoenix, and the trio spend a horny hour licking pits, holes, sucking face and swallowing cum. Matched up against Rogers, unfortunately Hawke and Phoenix are somewhat forgettable. Surprisingly, the best 45 seconds in the entire film has Rogers squatting on his haunches with his new buddies' blood engorged pricks in his face. Hawke gives Rogers plenty of warning that he's about to cum, but Rogers hangs in there, pouting his lips and letting Hawke unload in his mouth. All of this goes on before any serious fucking goes on, the scene escalating in intensity. Before all is said and done, Rogers gets fucked and snacks on Phoenix's salty spunk as well.

The fourth installments, Toilet Pigs was my least favorite, but probably the most raunchy. The models, Josh Ford and Mo, might remind the viewer of the janitorial staff cruising the halls at the office. They cruise each other behind some abandoned building, flirting shamelessly in front of a very full dumpster. They eventually get it on in a tiny bathroom, stinking of chemicals and piss.

Bulldog Pit Three Way

Ben Rogers returns in the final offering in Scum! titled Factory Fuckers. Here, he tricks with not one, but three guys - Jack Sterling, Josh Ford and finally Martin Lee. Rogers all but attacks Ford, kissing him with such intensity, I feared his jaw would unhinge. Sterling for his part is a shiny-headed, daddy-type, perfectly content to stand back and let things go the way they're going to go, getting in the mix when it suits him.

Rogers and Ford take turns orally pleasing Sterling, rapidly switching off giving head. My money's on Rogers, treating Sterling's uncut prick with the same intensity demonstrated moments before while kissing Ford. When Ford bends over and shows hole, some of the scene's best snapshots are provided. It's lovely to watch Sterling and the adorable Ben Rogers working as a team, one pulling apart the cheeks of Ford's ass, exposing the shaved and sweaty ring so that the other can get his tongue in there. Josh Ford may be the least attractive bloke in the flick, but when only his hole is in frame, he's delectable. By the time Martin Lee joins the party, this time as a top, the action is beyond filthy, concluding with Lee pounding Ford's ass, taking Sterling's load in his mouth at the same time. Rogers thankfully steals film's final frames, batting his eyes while Ford and Lee dump their seed on his lips and chin.

Scum! is aptly named and is, without a doubt, the best British export I have seen to date. I, for one will be keeping an eye out, not only for Ben Rogers, but for any film that director Maxwell Barber puts his name to.

Scum! A Story of British Sex Pigs Photos:

Ryan Garcia fucks Christian StoneWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Phill, Christian Stone, Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia, Christian Stone, PhillWatch Now - Watch on BulldogXXX
Ryan Garcia, Christian Stone, Phill

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