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Chris Steele
Jet Set Men  
Austin Wrigley , Cayden Banks , David Taylor , Kash Satal , Lucas Knowles , Mason Ross , , Shane Frost , T.C. , Tyler Marks , Vince Ferelli
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Vince Ferelli's unfortunate incarceration

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Chris Steele and John Tegan has outdone themselves again in their 2009 film about life in a state prison, Screwed. From the film's atmospheric opening and on through all of the five sex scenes, viewers are treated with a cutting view of mansex that's first rate.

The mood is dark, considering that the warden and jailers are trafficking in drugs with the inmates. Innocent prisoners are fingered as snitches. Justice does not matter very much in this land of incarceration. Of course the other thing that no longer matters are women, and the guys all openly engage in sex with each other, often battling as to who would be "the bitch."

Austin WrigleyWatch Now
Austin Wrigley is screwed
The film starts on a fantastic note. The scene could easily have been a censored episode for the HBO series Oz deemed too explicit for the cable network. Mason Ross has been taken to a room where two jailers work to extract information out of him. Ross, fresh off his wrestling mat four-way in last year's Jock Tease, must contend with an intense interrogation from a the imposing, heavily built Kash Satal and an equally hot looking Black guy named T.C.

T.C. may not be the best at delivering spoken dialogue, but he's a very hot fucker, and a nice splash of color to Jet Set's usual caucasian ensembles. Satal, who appears racially from India, enjoys taking the lead in probing the prisoner's ass with latex gloves. Soon Ross is on his knees alternating between sucking their hard cocks. This is actually one of the hottest oral episodes that we have seen this year.

This excellent build-up leads to Ross being sandwiched between the two jailers. Ross, an excellent bottom, keeps his own dick hard the entire time culminating with T.C. dropping a big load on Ross' pale ass-cheeks.

We soon learn that Commanding Officer Rod Daily seems to be the center of corruption at this facility. After delivering some drugs to inmate Vince Ferelli, he sweet talks the warden (Cayden Banks) into believing that he's actively trying to stop the narcotics scourge. (Note: This is one of our favorite Rod Daily videos)

Elsewhere, officer Lucas Knokles decides that its time to show new hire Austin Wrigley the facility's real pecking order. He sexually overpowers him, assaulting him with his erection pointing out of the dark pants of his uniform. The warden walks in on them, who decides that the best thing for someone in his position to do is get Wrigley to start sucking his cock too.

The youthful looking Wrigly has a great bubble butt, which they both fuck at length. After Banks fucks him standing up, Knowles drills him on a nearby couch. The tan stud actually milks two cum loads out of his uncut dick.

David Taylor Finds His Bitch

Next, the movie goes to the prison cells, where Ferelli seeks to make the new "preppie boy" inmate in the adjacent cell his new bitch. However, the sly prisoner, played by heavily tattooed boxcover model David Taylor, is not about to let that happen. After announcing that he has been recording video of Ferelli making drug deals, he turns the tables on Ferelli, forcing the Italian to service him.

Taylor face fucks Ferreli, who turns out to be a very cuddy looking muscle bottom. He tugs on his nipples while Taylor sucks him. Taylor proceeds to fuck his muscular ass on the rather squeaky cell bed. Ferrelli, later produces a dildo that was concealed underneath his pillow which Taylor uses to ram him until he cums.

After this, two prison officers swap gossip at the end of their shift, undressing in the locker room. Tyler Marks, who is making his first appearance after leaving Falcon several years earlier (Spokes 3, another Chris Steele film), decides that the best way to end a long day is with Shane Frost's own long schlong.

These two end up in an ass eating frenzy. It is difficult to determine who enjoys it more. Frost, as usual, enjoys being the film's big dick bottom. Marks gets to strut his top man stuff, banging him doggie style on the floor, and later on his stomach.

The film ends with the corrupt Daily ending up getting him hands on incriminating video, strengthening his position even more in this amoral cesspool of a prison. Daily blackmails the warden into letting him fuck his ass. Baby faced Cayden is a pretty hot bottom, getting fucked over his own desk.

The storyline may not be the most optimistic, but it clearly delivers as a hot to watch gay porn prison flick. It does not reach the record heights of Hot House's 2006 classic Justice with Shane Rollins, but it is right up there. Screwed is a great prison sex story from the producers at Jet Set Men.

The movie is available in both DVD widescreen and Blu-Ray format. Many of these models also appear in Jet Set's first edition of their new series Straight Edge, Volume 1, filmed around the same time.

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Screwed Photos:

Mason Ross is The SnitchWatch Now
Mason Ross plays "The Snitch"
Tyler Marks mounts Shane FrostWatch Now
Tyler Marks mounts Shane Frost
Vince Ferelli and David TaylorWatch Now
Vince Ferelli and David Taylor
Austin Wrigley and Lucas KnowlesWatch Now
Austin Wrigley and Lucas Knowles
Cayden Banks and Rod DailyWatch Now
Cayden Banks and Rod Daily

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