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Screw: Right to the Point

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH014
Alex Collack , , , Joey Harden , Joshua Adams , Kent Larson , Mario Ortiz , , Rick Gonzales , Tag Adams , , Troy Punk
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Screw: Right to the Point

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Screw Kent Larson!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot on the heels of Hot House's Perfect Fit comes a wall-to-wall sex tape with pounding rock-solid screwing and man-sex. As the title Right to the point implies, the movie gets immediately down n' dirty, without any trivialities like story or build-up. Walk into a back room, get hard, get off. The background music is simple and low-key. The surroundings and graphics are mechanical in tone, tending to emphasize energy and power, as opposed to softness, tenderness and intimacy.

Director Steven Scarborough uses a number of models from Perfect Fit like Bottom of the Year Tag Adams, up-and-coming sex machine Collin O'Neal, and macho man Mario Ortiz. We also get to see Tony Serrano, a Raging Stallion favorite and versa-newbie blond Troy Punk.

Troy Punk screws Owen HawkWatch on - Watch VOD
Troy Punk screws Owen Hawk
Immediately up are two furry, built sex pigs Collin O'Neal and Kent Larson whose session explodes with sexual energy. Larson (the boxcoverboy) takes O'Neal's powertool up his ass in all kinds of ways. The high point of the scene is an upwards shot of the muscular Larson slamming his butt up and down on O'Neal, who proves here with finality that he is one masterful top.

Larson is a big guy, and he fully takes on the skilled O'Neal in power-bottom style. Their anal action is lengthy and amazingly shot to show these two in their best form. Larson ends up on his back, sprawled over a black leather couch, getting hammered by O'Neal, enough to make them both come.

For the next scene, Rick Gonzales and Mario Ortiz stop into the bar for refreshment from bartender Tag Adams (Road to Temptation). They get him on their side of the bar, and proceed to fight over which latino gets to make Adams his bitch. Adams has become arguably the star bottomboy of the year. On his knees, he handles the two gigantic uncut cocks in his face with ease.

Gonzales has a great knob that's long and thick. Adams gives him fine head. Ortiz sticks his meat in, and the two proceed to stretch Adams' mouth in a big fat slobbery double dicking blow-job. Then Ortiz proceeds to rim the guerito's hot ass, but it proves to be too much. Ortiz spills his seed onto the floor.

At this point, Gonzales takes claim to his prize. Ortiz leaves and in no time, the Uruguay stud proceeds to give Adams one of the hottest standing fucks ever captured on film.

Adams works it too, pushing back so he gets every last inch of skin and bone up inside him. Then, in a great position switch, Adams upturns his body ass-high so that Gonzales slams down on him from above. The top's big meat slamming into Adams like this is another great visual.

To finish, Adams stays in his upturned position so that he sprays a big load of white cum all over his face.

Screw Owen Hawk!

Troy Punk gets to screw Owen Hawk. For scene three, the lanky Owen Hawk emerges to begin playing with a fully erect Troy Punk. Punk is a hairy chested blonde with good looks and a superfine butt. These two equally matched sex machines pump their hard cocks into their hungry mouths to the sound of slurping. Hawk's dick in particular is sexy, in all its smooth, uncut glory.

The two proceed to engage in a fine sequence of animalistic versatility. Hawk laps at Punk's meaty butt before he sticks it in. He grinds into Punk who lays back in a black leather chair. Hawk then lays in the chair, so Punk can sit down on the guy's big gearshift.

They two switch positions so the boyish Hawk can get his ass rammed doggie style. Punk slams his pole up inside him, while both penises stay rockhard.

Hawk shoots his load over Punk's dick which immediately squirts out its own juice.

The next scene brings back Mario Ortiz for a gamut of full action. He is joined by Hot House's in-house pig bottom Alex Collack and the burly Dillon Press. Press lavishes his tongue on Ortiz's ass. Ortiz gives a full rimming to Collack, which gets the boy's hungry ass even hungrier.

Bottomboy Collack, sprawled on his back, takes these two monster men with ease. First Ortiz pushes his upward curved treetrunk inside. Then Press gets his turn on that butt.

The tops kiss each other while plowing Collack.

The second half of the scene involves the two tops pushing an ever growing selection of dildos into Collack's hole. No manrammer appears to big for this boy. Collack then jacks out his own load while firmly impaled with the Bam cock --- a most impressive feat.

Press shoots a hefty money shot all over the bottom's pale white face.

The final scene of Screw: Right to the point is another high-energy duet between Tony Serrano and tattooed Joshua Adams. Joshua Adams gives the standing Serrano an enthusiastic blowjob, while the hispanic keeps his hand firmly pressed against Adams' shaved head.

Serrano is one of the best tops in the business today, taking on all kinds of hot ass with ease. The two models kiss each other wildly. They strip to, and beyond, their tight jockstraps. Serrano, despite his top performances, sports a beautifully curved backside and ass.

Adams feasts away at this as Serrano verbally urges him on. After this, Serrano eases on inside Adams, whose smooth, pale ass is framed by a tight black jock. Serrano bangs out a fine screwing to Adams, who stands doggie. Then badboy Adams sits his butt down in Serrano's lap, humps him, which is enough for the hispanic to pull out and shoot everywhere.

Screw Disc Two

The second disc, which is sold in the Director's Cut, contains several fetish scenes that will please its targeted audiences. First is an intense bonus scene showing Alex Collack (Communion) getting fisted by Joey Harden. Collack has one hole that cannot quit, and Scarborough captures the communication between this oriface and Harden's gloved hand beautifully.

The sight of Collack's rosebud causes Harden to easily jack off his own money shot.

There is also a continuation of the Gonzales / Tag Adams duet, where after they come, Gonzales washes off all the come with his piss.

A surprisingly hot bonus is a fifteen minute reedited sequence of the entire movie. Sort of like one all-out lengthy preview, it's great continuous play party material.

Screw: Right to the point is almost two hours of hard core mansex. Great photography and a moody, fitting musical score round out this fine 2004 release. HOt House follows this up with the equally intense Screw 2.

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Screw: Right to the Point Photos:

Kent Larson and Collin O'NealWatch on - Watch VOD
Kent Larson sucks Collin O'Neal
Rick Gonzales screws Tag AdamsWatch on - Watch VOD
Rick Gonzales screws Tag Adams
Mario Ortiz, Alex Collack, Dillon PressWatch on - Watch VOD
Mario Ortiz, Alex Collack, Dillon Press

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