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Doug Jeffries
Rascal Video   EV1071
Alex Fuerte , Alex Leon , Chad Farrell , , Daniel Duarte , Francesco Giovanelli , Ivan Andros , Jan Fischer , Marcos Pirelli , Steve Wood , Tony Russo
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Alex Fuerte burns up the screen

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Clever. Lighthearted. Hot.

Doug Jefferies has perfected a very good formula in creating his sexflicks for his Electro Video line. We have reviewed them all on Frisky Fans, and frankly we have not found a bad one yet. Scorched is based loosely on a theme that director Jeffries explores earlier in his All Worlds movie Pool Boy, a topic about lazy latinos working at gay resorts populated by oversexed hunks.

The eleven models in this film are all hunky, and they are a great assortment of interracial studs. The star of the film is Ivan Andros, a perennially late employee at the Pineapple Point guesthouse. His boss, the lanky Chad Farrell, meets him at the front desk with a full plate of things to do. First he takes fresh towels to Alex Fuerte (The Hard Way) in room 16.

Balls Deep in Ivan Andros

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Alex Fuerte

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Fuerte obviously wants more then towels. Specifically: to bury his uncut cock balls deep inside Andros, which he tells to him in Spanish. He facefucks Andros at length, which is actually as arousing as watching the anal sequence. Watching the two musclelatinos do it is a perfect opener to the film.

Fuerte shoots his seed as he stands above Andros, who remains lying on the floor.

The movie cuts directly to two of the hotel guests enjoying their bodies by the pool. Francesco Giovanelli, who makes his debut appearance in the film, displays impressive deep throating skill as he works over the rockhard Collin O'Neal (Perfect Fit). After some nice underwater filming of sucking, plus footage of Farrell observing them from afar, O'Neal proves that he is still one of the hottest tops in movies currently.

He works over Giovanelli's bubblebutt with steady, intense skill. At one point he drills him in a deckchair, which is captured dramatically from underneath. And O'Neal's six spurt money shot sprays all over the bottom.

Meanwhile Andros gets diverted by a pleasant, comfortable cabana, where he curls up alone and undisturbed to a skin magazine. He sees a layout of German hottie Jan Fischer and a new studmuffin, Marcos Pirelli, and then drifts off into a daydream. His imagination produces another interracial sizzler. Fischer is always hot to watch. Here the director makes things even more interesting by showing off the model's versatility.

They both turn in very hot flip-flop performances, after a rousing session of ass eating. This is probably the movie's high point, simply because of the sexual electricity carried by both guys. Fischer also sprays his load up to his face.

Wake Up! It's an Orgy!

Suddenly, Andros is startled by four of the guests, who drag him to the pool for an orgy. Alex Leon (Manhattan Sex Party 2), Steve Wood, Tony Russo and the riveting newcomer Daniel Duarte. Andros deep throats Duarte's heavy appendage by the pool. At one point, they coax his boss (Farrell) into their frolic.

The highlight of the scene is Ivan's massive musclebutt getting banged by the studly Duarte, where he easily inhales the huge tool on his fours. Apparently the action at Pineapple Point gets so hot, that even the overbearing boss gets caught up in it. Although he somehow got overbilled by Fuerte, Andros turns in an impressive job for the entire the film.

The cast mix is great and there is lots of hot spunk to go around at this relaxing resort.

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Scorched Photos:

Ivan Andros and Alex Fuerte Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Ivan Andros and Alex Fuerte
Alex Fuerte and Ivan Andros Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Alex Fuerte and Ivan Andros
Marcos Pirelli and Jan Fischer Watch on C1R - Watch VOD Jan Fischer and Marcos Pirelli Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Marcos Pirelli and Jan Fischer

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