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Schoolboy Crush

Bryan Phillipe
Cobra Video  
Benny Argento , , Brent Everett , Chase McKenzie , Jeremy Spencer , Lance Evans , Ryann Wakins , Shaun Ferrara
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Schoolboy Crush

Brent Corrigan's Scoolboy Crush

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Note: As of this writing, the original version of the movie is not available.

Cobra finishes out the year by releasing their much anticipated film that pairs the two highly sought-after Wünderkinder Brent Everett and Brent Corrigan (Cream BBoys). Watching the twin Brents go at it makes this an extremely enjoyable film. Interestingly, Schoolboy Crush is the first Cobra Video production that I have watched. All year, I have heard raves from other moviebuffs about the last several releases, which have been burning up the Hot Seller charts all year.

Without making too big a deal about it, it should be noted up-front that this is not a non-condom film, unlike previous Cobras. Bareback film fans who assume otherwise will be disappointed. It actually was produced before Every Poolboy's Dream. After that full disclosure, it should also be said that this movie stands very well on its own (supported with latex). It contains five action scenes, a cast of sexy, well-scrubbed guys, notably the twin Brents, and plenty of sucking and buttpounding.

Brent Corrigan has a crush on Brent Everett. Brent Corrigan looks adorable as the doting, abused runt, who spends his waking hours yearning to get laid. The plot of the film involves his infatuation with Brent Everett. Everett's little frame packs a powerful punch. He knows how to use that baseball bat between his legs, and he enjoys impressive distance shooting in the money shot contests.

The first scene shows a friend of Corrigan's, Benny Argento, scoring it with Shaun Ferrara. Ferrera is probably one of the movie's most all-around, handsome and best skilled performers in this film. This brunet horndog is one stud. He takes total control over the youthful-looking, submissive Argento. He begins with kissing Argento down to his pastel Unico Mundo underwear. All Ferrara has to do is lather Argento's upturned ass with his tongue to prime him for his deflowering.

The high point has Argento laying back on the bed, his smooth legs spread wide apart as Ferrara pumps in his thick cock. During this, Argento goes from soft to hard, and he squirts while getting plowed. Ferrara bends down to lick it up, causing Argento to ask him how it tastes. Want to see? asks Ferrara, who ultimately blows a big wad into the bottomboy's mouth.

Brent Corrigan sells Flash Jacks Discount Prices
The next scene starts with Corrigan fretting over whether his brother knows about his sexual orientation. Meanwhile, the brother (Jeremy Spencer) is locked in a lusty embrace with redhead Chase McKenzie. They waste little time tearing off each other's clothes so they can start rolling around the bed together. After sucking and kissing, McKenzie drills him with his belly to the sheets.

Spencer is a tall lanky bottom who takes the huskier McKenzie with ease. He easily spooges with cock inside him. McKenzie finishes by giving is buddy a facial.

Schoolboy Crush on Brent Everett

Next, Corrigan's dreams are realized as he gets his opportunity to sneak in a love session with Everett. Alone at home, he gets on his knees and puts Everett's huge cock in his mouth. Everett's dick is so big, is reaches from Corrigan's chin all the way to his ear. There is hot foreplay, but Corrigan clearly cannot wait to give up his sweet boyhole.

They rut like puppies. Kissing, moaning and pawing each other, they roll around on the carpet. Corrigan easily accomodates Everett's bone inside him. Corrigan is a really hot guy to watch get humped. His hole is smooth, delicious and apparently full of endless fun, and he never gets soft during his reaming.

They screw in numerous positions around the living room. Corrigan cums with Everett plowing away. Everett stands at one end of Corrigan and fires long multiple arcs of jizz across the bottom, hosing down the upper part of Corrigan's chest and open-mouthed face. Be careful what you wish for, you will get it!

Following this, we go to a good hook-up, although it is unrelated to the movie story, which is no big deal. Curly haired Ryann Wakins has setup a workout bench area in his garage. His buddy Lance Evans strolls in, and the Wakins eagerly tells him all about it. Wakins is so thrilled at his friend's new hobby that he screws him all over the workout bench.

Evans is another one of the studio's big-dicked tops, of which they seem to have an ample supply. Wakins sits himself down on Evans' flagpole. The best moments are when the pale-skinned Wakins bends over, sticks his butt way out so his friend can slide on in. Evans big balls slap up against the bottom's ass when he slams in. Wakins gets a nice workout here on his bench.

The twin Brents easily set the scenes Schoolboy Crush ablaze. Shaun Ferrara also has a body to die for.
The final scene of the movie shows Corrigan coming around again for some nookie from Everett, who is hanging out with McKenzie in front of the TV. Surely Everett knows the adage that if you feed the neighborhood cat once, he'll never stop coming back. Fortunately all three are up for a hot and sweaty session of sex.

The center of gravity in this three-way quickly becomes Brent Corrigan's hole. He gets alternately boned by Everett and McKenzie, and in a high point, gets double-dicked by them both. Corrigan gets the redhead's cream on his face, causing him to spill his seed almost immediately afterwards. Everett treats us to another high-flying money shot which warmly covers Corrigan all over his lithe body.

The DVD includes a hot photo gallery and a bunch of really great trailers.

The twin Brents easily set the scenes Schoolboy Crush ablaze. Shaun Ferrara also has a Body To Die For model that requires lots more screentime. A cute story, good direction and camera angles, and a sweet cast all make this worth watching. However, the bareback fans will be disappointed with the condoms, making the case that because of them, this is just another twink film.

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Benny Argento sucks Shaun Ferrara
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