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Santorini Heatwave

Csaba Borbely
Pacific Sun Entertainment  
, Dean Edwards , Fernando Nielsen , Giuseppe Piccoli , Jack Laurel , Luciano Endino , , , Rick Perry
Euro-Muscle Guys

Santorini Heatwave

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The Greek Trilogy, Part 1

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The imaginative Csaba Borbely scores again with another hit film trilogy, this time capturing with his lens the romance and geographic beauty of the Mediterranean, as well as a gaggle of gorgeous guys doing the nasty. While some might argue that the scenes are a bit too formulaic frankly, who gives a damn about plot anyway?

What we want to see is sculpted males absorbed in each other, and we get plenty of that! After all, Santorini Heatwave, the first of the three filmed in the Grecian Isles, again features a cast which could have been crafted by Michaelangelo's chisel, and; we get three money shots per performer in each scene! What more could one want?

Scene 1 sets the stage for what is to come. In each scene, Borbely gives us oral action concluding in blows, followed by toy play (a rarity in Borbely films) with eruptions, and ending in man-to-man drilling that culminates with, of course, the attendant orgasms.

This scene teams newcomer Giuseppe Piccoli (what a man! and what a pole!) with Claudio Antonelli and the breathtaking Jack Laurel. The segment occurring on the villa steps is worthy of both zoom and slow-mo because the intensity of these fellas and the visual symmetry are nothing less than art in motion. Admittedly, Laurel is a personal favorite and can do no wrong; but, it is scenes like this one that have installed him firmly on my pedestal.

Although he bottoms for the most part these days (or trades off), for those of you who are also smitten and yearn for more of him, he can be seen topping in his film debut entitled Jackhammered.

Claudio Antonelli
Claudio Antonelli
The Greek Island Trilogy
The versatile Renato Bellagio is paired with topman Luciano Endino in Scene 2. If there is an actor in contemporary gay porn who embodies the classic masculine Mediterranean look more so than Endino, I would certainly like to know about him.

Bellagio, another personal favorite, has bedroom eyes, is practically flawless in the visual sense, and always pleases. The interaction between these two can aptly be summed up in one word HOT!

Rick Bauer, who is found under the High Octane and Studio 2000 labels as well, epitomizes sexual versatility. In light of the ferocity with which he tops in his early films like Borbely's Rammed or Airborne, I was surprised to see him bottom at all, not to speak of the sheer delight that he manifests when assuming that personae in his more recent films for Borbely or such as that seen in High Octane's Backdraft Men and Studio 2000's Down On the Farm. Massively hung Rick Perry manhandles Bauer in Scene 3.

Relative newcomer Dean Edwards, another High Octane crossover, bests muscleman Fernando Nielsen in the last scene. The ripped Nielsen, if not a natural bottom, has grown very nicely into the role.

Although he is caught flaccid while giving it up in his earlier films, we rarely see him these days at less than full salute while being pumped. Thighs and ass are undeniably my personal passion, and Nielsen's are among the most unforgettable on film. See them from every angle again, on the villa steps.

As one can assume from my reviews, I am an ardent fan of Borbely films. Leather flix aside, my view is that truly pornographic film (when defined in a negative sense) is that which displays gratuitous, graphic violence. From that perspective, Borbely's films could hardly be characterized as pornography.

Showcasing beautiful males engaging each other, and invoking the utter pleasure experienced by those who share my come from, Borbely is nothing less than a true artist. Oh, to be a guest during one of his! In short, Santorini Heatwave is among my very favorite Borbely films!

To each his own!

p.s. Surprisingly, the review of this film found on the official website for the distribution of Pacific Sun movies, GayMagix, misidentifies Santorini Heatwave as the last film in the trilogy when it is actually the first.

If you want the straight scoop, at least as I see it, you will get it here as time permits.

Santorini Heatwave Photos:

Jack Laurel
Jack Laurel

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