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Rush and Release

Matthew Rush
Falcon Studios   FVP175
Andrew Justice , Ashton Star , , Justin Parker , Marc Williams , Max Schutler , Parker Williams , , Tony Masala
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Rush and Release

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A tide of passion with Andrew Justice and Max Schutler

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon's enjoyable Rush and Release sounds at first glance like instructions given to bottoms during sex.

Matthew Rush would be expert on instructing bottoms, as he's plowed through most of Falcon's stable over the past several years. The studio has now pulled out the director's chair for their Lifetime Exclusive. The results of his first project are pretty good.

The four scenes of the film really encompass four distinct looks. This may turn off people looking for a movie that is "all muscle guys," or "all twink." But it actually ends up being a nice sampling of Falcon's genres, as well a nice showcase of their talent.

Max Schutler and Andrew JusticeWatch on or Watch VOD
Max Schutler tastes Andrew Justice
Rush and Release opens with a romantic tryst between Andrew Justice and Max Schutler (GRUNTS), a sexy newcomer to Falcon. Justice, a bisexual versatile top, has been burning up screens all year in a torrent of films. He really hits his stride here with Schutler. The two display obvious chemistry together.

The smooth Schutler plays passive, letting the top do pretty much whatever he wants to him. Justice pulls out to release a fantastic gusher of a climax that drenches Schutler's backside.

The second episode shows off two rough and manly guys getting naked in a back alley. Parker Williams hooks up with Matthew Rush discovery Tony Masala, where they attack each other in lust. Tearing off their clothes, they keep their blue jeans around their ankles as they rim each other's holes. Masala has a big fat cock, which Williams sucks with abandon.

Williams bangs Masala's ass bent over doggie style, holding him with his big hands, often grabbing his hair and shoulders. Both guys finish with nice money shots.

The third episode takes things to the boiling point. Falcon dynamo Roman Heart gets into a sweaty three way with blond Ashton Star and Justin Parker, a hot new face whose top man skills form the scene's high point. Heart also seems completely "switched on" for this, moaning and groaning amidst lots of cock sucking.

In an interesting move, Star takes to the side telling Heart and Parker to perform for him while he watches. It becomes a great showcase of voyeurism with Heart riding Parker in a heated frenzy, often turning back looking at Star, whose eyes remain focused on him.

Heart looks like he is completely in heat. The hot screwing of Heart's ass by a complete newcomer is arguably the movie's sweetest surprise.

Marc Williams and Erik Rhodes

The movie finishes with a spotlight on muscle. Rush pairs hunky Erik Rhodes with Marc Williams, a highly talented black guy built like a brick house. In Mustang's Nailed he works over indefatigable muscle bottom Marco Paris. It is here with Rhodes though that the sparks really fly. The contrasts are sharp despite the face that both models carry huge muscles and huge dicks.

In a hot sequence of foreplay, he spreads the bottom's wide ass cheeks apart, opens his mouth and speaks to his opening at length.

Then he rolls on a condom and goes to town. Director Rush lots of their fucking with the camera pointed down from the top's point of view. Rhodes ultimately ends up on back, where Williams pummels him until be cums. Williams blows a king-sized, seemingly endless money shot all over the bottom. It is the best of the entire film. Rush, a living expert on muscle, does excellent here. Fans of beef will not be disappointed with this episode.

Falcon adds value to the DVD by including a very interesting director's commentary, which essentially becomes a ninety minute interview with Matthew Rush himself. Viewers can listen to Rush discuss everything from the the casting and production of the film, as well as his motivations for making Rush and Release. For example, Rush's inspiration for making the film is from a straight porn named Cafe Flesh. He also discusses how he got into the movie business, and lots of other interesting stories.

Rush and Release is a solid debut from Matthew Rush. In many ways, it is an unassuming film much more common to Falcon films from several years ago. It contains lots of hot moments, such as the spectacular sexual handling of Roman Heart by top man Justin Parker.

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Rush and Release Photos:

Andrew Justice fucks Max SchutlerWatch on or Watch VOD
Andrew Justice tops Max Schutler
Parker Williams fucks Tony MasalaWatch on or Watch VOD
Parker Williams tops Tony Masala

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