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Rude Boiz 9: Fit Fuckers

Simon Booth
Rude Boiz  
Blake Hardcastle , Callum , Kai Cruz , Karl Thomas , Max Hilton , Mikey Ocean , Rick Hunter , Robbie Rivers , Tyson Mac
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Rude Boiz 9: Fit Fuckers

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Kai Cruz Goes Straight to the Sofa

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Simon Booth takes us back to the land of wide boys, chavs and council house cock for Rudeboiz 9 – Fit Fuckers. Ok so most of the lads are wearing sports wear, but this is more akin to the fashion than the fact that they're "fit" in the sporty sense (thought lets face it – every one of these blokes are well in shape) – the point is "Fit" is UK slang for hot, good looking, desirable, so you can well imagine how Booth has populated his cast for the 9th outing of the series.

Deviating none from the success of the previous series, at least until the final orgy scene in the movie, the camera idles past the familiar view of a rundown London skyline, framed within the drab gray confines of sky and asphault until it picks up with our first "Fit Fucker" the aptly named cover star Kai Cruz (Partyboy), cropped, smolderingly moody and on his way to the flat of cutie model Rick Hunter, who was last spotted in the middle of a spit roast in the second film of this series, Dirty Fuckers. Here, Hunter takes sips from his pop and awaits his visit from the sexy Cruz.

Fit Fuckers snapshotWatch VOD
Callum & Robbie Rivers
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There's a little small talk for any foreign aficionados of accents, then it's straight to the sofa so the fellas can explore each others nipples, rubbing and snogging 'till they have tell-tale bulges poking out from their track suit bottoms.

Naturally bottom-boy Hunter is interested in his new friend's todger, and he's soon getting a nice mouthful of deliciously hard, and quite huge, cock which is more than enough to fill any hungry lad up.

Cruz is kind enough to stop off for a suck-job in Hunter's own nether-regions. But he's soon back to ramming his hardened member in and out of Hunter's gob 'till fat strings of glistening precum hang between them both.

Director Booth allows for the occasional breaking of the fourth wall, with Cruz especially gazing directly into the camera at times, giving the viewer a sense that they're in the room with these dirty little cocksuckers. Hunter backs up astride Cruz' straining penis and gradually works his asshole down the massive shaft till he's stretched open enough to start bouncing up and down on it like a good little fuckee'.

Cruz senses his hunger and pounds away at his new friend with his potent weapon.

He takes him from behind, and rams the hell out of his shitter from above, forcing out a load from Hunter's uncut prick, then he pulls out, slides off his condom and aims his huge cockhead right on target for Hunter's wide open mouth, shooting cum right where its needed, and satisfying the now suckling Hunter like the cock whore he is.

Robbie Rivers and Callum are fit fuckers

The ultra handsome Callum plays with himself and stares at the camera while his soon to be snogging-with pal Robbie walks to his house. (aka. The cuddly Robbie Rivers from!).

In no time they're a mass of hands, moving over each other and feeling for erect cocks, soon found. Robbie may not be quite as much of a looker as Callum but he makes up for it with his insatiable sexual attitude - he's all over his friend's cock like it's the tastiest thing he's ever had in his mouth (and it may well be).

Robbie's is even thicker, and he proves the point by forcing it to the back of Callum's tonsils like he's possessed, forcing his head to bob up and down on his huge package.

This pair are so well matched and loving each other's bodies, it's impossible to tell who is going to fuck who. Impossible, that is, until Callum spits on his hand and starts moistening Robbie's hole. And the next thing we know Robbie has found himself a warm hard meaty seat to sit his furry tight ass on as his cock only gets wider with pure horniness.

Meanwhile Callum burrows right into his bum, till his balls tickle at his opening.

Robbie is bent over the chair and pummeled as if he doesn't have any feeling in his ass, but his pained expressions prove that he certainly does. He's so into it he has to stop touching himself for fear of coming. But he takes it and takes it until his host unloads while still fucking him, finally helping him to a climax with a feisty suck-job that results in a truly enormous climax from that massive appendage.

What a tough act to follow. But the director certainly has a go, with the fashionable Karl Thomas (complete with razored-in hair lines and post-chav haircut meeting up with the buff-for-a-Rudeboiz-model hunk Tyson (aka Tyson Mac from Are You Being Serviced?) who devours his cute friend in his rundown flat, complete with fading wallpaper).

The older and more experienced Tyson works Thomas up into an excited state while his temptingly large man-meat pokes out from the lining of his flannel pants. When it's fully revealed we get to see what a truly huge fat uncut snake that lucky guy has, and he's about to share it with the smaller, younger Thomas.

He wrestles Thomas on top, continuing to caress him, till it's impossible for his friend not to see his monster uncut cockhead and shaft directly in his eye line. Seconds later Thomas is gobbling down on it, and he's lost in the lustings of a super-sized chav shaft.

And we know where it's going too.

Rick Hunter and Kai CruzWatch VOD
Rick Hunter and Kai Cruz
Tyson rolls on a rubber and pushes his thick way up Thomas' smooth bent-over butt, hammering away powerfully with noisy juicy thrusts, then raising a leg up to get a really deep cock massage.

Having taken Thomas' hole, he wanks his cock into a climax all over his friend's body, leaving Thomas to spurt his wad over himself.

Next, we enjoy the last of the duo scenes, with skinhead Blake Hardcastle (who wears a Lonsdale boxing shirt as if to accentuate his tough-boy demeanor) and a boyish bit of rough named Mikey Ocean. These mates snog and grope on the sofa as soon as Ocean enters the flat, and he's all over Hardcastle's well formed abs and tasty lickable nips.

Ocean goes down on Hardcastle's meaty chopper while his skinhead friend bobs his head just the way he likes it. Hardcastle reciprocates and the lads trade back and forth 'till Ocean's ass needs that chav whopper up inside him.

He squats down on Hardcastle and the pair enjoys a bumpy noisy ride. Once Ocean is fully opened up Hardcastle gets between his legs and fucks the bejesus out of his bent mate.

The action concludes with Hardcaste wanking out a nice ole' load out of his throbbing manhood which drips down onto Ocean's shiny torso.

The Fit Fuckers Orgy

In the final scene we are afforded a rare Rudeboiz treat when newcomer Max Hilton joins an ensuing orgy already in the early stages, with Cruz, Tyson, Ocean, Thomas and Hunter already getting intimate and gradually disrobing. Earlier films stuck mostly to duos, so it's great to see these youthful lads utilized to the max in a hot group orgy.

The suck and fuck fest is a complete joy to watch with all these handsome young boys and their ample sized pricks in one room. Nobody is left out of the action and the choreography is great, as the lads all get more than their fill of cock.

It's not out of character when Hunter finds himself bent over and shafted from each end, with Hilton's perfect shaft exploring every angle of his mouth. Cover star Cruz does the reverse cow pose and squats down on the first cock he can find, bouncing up and down with a passionate unconsumed lust while Tyson' stuffs his engorged cockhead down Cruz' throat.

And as the guys all get closer to orgasm (with a triple spit-fuck moment that will tease the cum out of any discerning viewer) and scene two's Robbie joining the action, the pace becomes more frantic, and in an explosively hot finale most of the lads stand up, baptizing Hunter's slutty mouth and face with gobs of cum, and spooging torrents of jizz into the equally greedy gullet of insatiable Robbie. A fucking hot end to a fucking hot movie.

And we just can't say it enough. You simply can't go wrong with Rudeboiz films for the sheer quality of guys, the hot sex, the absolutely fucking tasty looking cocks and the superior direction. Don't take our word for it though – try a fit fucker for yourself.

The DVD includes individual scene access and over seven minutes of very tasty stills.

Rude Boiz 9: Fit Fuckers Photos:

Fit Fuckers orgy
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The Fit Fuckers Orgy
Blake Hardcastle and Mikey Ocean
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Blake Hardcastle & Mikey Ocean
Rick Hunter and Kai Cruz
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Rick Hunter & Kai Cruz
Fit Fuckers snapshot
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