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Rude Boiz 6: Hung Lads

Simon Booth
Rude Boiz  
Ashley Ryder , Danny Dawson , Kyle Reed , Leo Mack , Ricky Jackson , Rio Francisco , Sean McKenzie , Steven Prior , Titch Jones , Will Jamieson
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Rude Boiz 6: Hung Lads

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Steven Prior is huge. Nothing titch about Titch.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The landscape of London unfolds before us to a techo beat, yes - director Simon Booth is back with yet more hot UK fuckery in Hung Ladz – Rudeboiz 6. Fans of the series will be familiar with the winning formula - handsome youthful chavs, usually meeting up in run-down high rise flats, get together with little talk for no-nonsense sex. Simple, but effective. But as the title of the movie makes clear, these lads have a little something extra down there.

And the proof is in the pudding, as Titch Jones and Danny Dawson prove as they mount the elevator up to whomever's flat they're about to mess around in. Both wearing football shirts and shorts, and similarly styled buzzed haircuts, they're horned to the hilt, already playing with each others cocks through shorts as the elevator takes them to their destination.

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Rio Francisco licks Will Jamieson
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Once inside the room it speedily becomes apparent that the only thing "Titchy" about model Titch Jones is his height. Even through his black football shorts we can see a HUGE straining cock that could not be described as anything but hung (and extra large at that), which really gets this viewers mouth watering as Dawson cups a hold of it through the fabric.

Jones bends down to suck on Dawson, and his absolutely gargantuan uncut cock pokes out through his shorts as he gobbles on his friend. The pair trade hot suck jobs back and forth. At one point Dawson is on his knees taking what he can of Jones, and its clear that Jones' cock could have both of his hands wrapped around it, and still have some of the shaft exposed – he literally is the definition of a hung lad, and Dawson goes to town on him.

But the best is yet to come. Dawson bends his pale ass over one end of the couch and Jones rubs his cockhead around the freshly lubed hole. Then he pushes it all the way in with only a little hesitation as Dawson's hole hungrily consumes the monster flesh. Dawson is quite rightly red in the face as Jones assaults him. It's an extremely tasty sequence.

Once he's been well opened up, the bottom squats down on Jones' massive meat and rides it at a nice steady pace. Finally, he's put on his back where Jones can suck him while he's still buried inside.

Dawson positions himself over Jones' hung and hungry frame, and shoots cum from his slightly more modest member, and you can see just how much the top loves getting cock and cum between his lips. He jerks himself to a massive climax as Dawson's cummy flesh moves in and out of his mouth.

Another huge bulge presents itself in the shape of dreamy eyed dark haired Rio Francisco who wears white training pants that cup his meat. Across the street the handsome and sultry Will Jamieson (World Soccer Orgy Parts 1 & 2) is making his way to Francisco's flat.

Jamieson pulls out Francisco's long prick and uses his tongue sensuously to pleasure the head, before taking it in his mouth. This couple get it on like a house on fire as the lightly tatted, pierced nippled Francisco works his new friend up to a thick powerful hard-on and the pair set about a hot 69ing session.

Francisco bends over, cock still straining and lets Jamieson fill his hole nice and deep. He rides on Jamieson's pole for a while, then gets onto his back where his top friends thrusts cause his cock to explode a massive load all over his belly. Jamieson pulls out and gives him a second coating. Fuck, yeah.

The third scene finds cutie Leo Mack (Bareback London) in hot pursuit of some tasty chav cock. He finds it by knocking on the door of fellow lad Sean McKenzie, and his hand is inside McKenzie's track-suit bottoms quicker than you can say football season ticket.

Mack exposes McKenzie's beautiful cock head and proves to be quite the expert in the oral sex department, getting McKenzie's hot knob to glisten with precum and spittle. Mack gets his own thickness sucked on for a little bit, but the top and bottom roles are more clearly defined for this duo, and Mack gets fingered, spat on, and rimmed, right there on the couch (these horny boys seem to have little time for moving to the bedroom).

McKenzie uses his raw cockhead to lube Mack up, then dons a condom for the full assault. He lets Mack ride it for a while before standing him up for a fast and furious butt-fucking. Finally, Mack sits down, and the pair jerk off to a simultaneous climax. Mack sticks his tongue out with pure cum hungry lust and lets McKenzie spurt all over his open orifice, cum dribbling down his chin in a wet sticky hot mess as he shoots all over his twinky self.

Hung Lads snapshot
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Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior
Hoodie culture is explored in scene four as an incognito Ricky Jackson (Bareback Working Boys) drops in on a waiting (and already hard) ball-capped Kyle Reed. Jackson removes his hoodie clothing and reveals a closely cropped buzz cut reminiscent of a squaddie. Jackson pulls out Reed's nicely sized curved cock and sucks it for a while, then lets his friend go to town on his own uncut meat. They trade back and forth for a while, then Jackson sits on Reed's face for some deep rimming. Reed slips on a condom and slips his girthy curved penis inside Jackson who leans against a wall sticking out his cock craving ass.

The pair work into a nice sex rhythm with the only sounds their muffled sexual moans. Jackson lays on the arm of the couch and affords Reed some deep access to the hilt. He shoots lashings of cum all over himself as Reed works one out in his mouth.

Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior are hung lads

The final scene has Ashley Ryder (Hung! Uncut Filth Edition) dropping in on the supremely hung twinkboy newcummer Steven Prior. Ryder is quite the looker himself, but the taller slender Prior has that look about him of newly outgrown boyhood that is smolderingly hot. And what a fucking cock. Ryder exposes the head from the bottom of his underwear at first, and then pulls it all the way down to reveal an absolutely giant trunk of a penis. It really is absolutely massive.

Prior sucks on Ryder but his cock rightly steals the show, and Ryder worships that thing, rubbing the head all over himself when it isn't buried between his lips.

Prior wraps up and Ryder cautiously slides himself down on this monster pole, and his groans of pain are quite real. Once comfortable he bounces up and down on Prior's oversized shaft like a real trooper. Prior bends him over for some doggy fucking, and you can see the precum dripping out of the horny Ryder.

Bad boy Prior feeds Ryder's mouth some more then produces one of the hugest dildoes a bottom should have to bear, which he works up inside of his horny stretched hole while Ryder continues to suck him off. Prior dumps a massive wad from his hung as shit cock in and around Ryder's slutboy mouth as the bottom ejaculates on himself. Nice shit lads.

So, why change a winning formula? Thankfully director Booth knows what he's hit upon, and he knows just how to find the right batch of chavs, lads and hoodies to populate his skin flicks.

And the best thing about Hung Ladz - Rudeboiz 6? The only thing that's a stretch about the title is when you're watching one of these boys penetrating the hole of another. There's no fish tales here – truly hot sexy twinkish yobbish lads in every scene, and most importantly cocks as hung as they come. Electrifying.

DVD extras include trailers for the first five Rudeboiz movies, and an exclusive XXX photo stills gallery for some caught in the act voyeurism.

Rude Boiz 6: Hung Lads Photos:

Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior
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Ashley Ryder and Steven Prior
Will Jamieson drills Rio Francisco
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Will Jamieson drills Rio Francisco
Danny Dawson tops Titch Jones
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Danny Dawson tops Titch Jones

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