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The Road to Hopeful

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH021
Beau Saxon , Brad Eriksen , Brad Hunt , Cliff Parker , Cruz Lennox , Doug Forbes , Hunter Scott , Josh Powell , Scott Russell , Trent Reed

The Road to Hopeful

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Beau Saxon hitchhikes the Road to Hopeful

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Road to Hopeful combines a fine script with sizzling sexual interaction into an unforgettable package that looks as fresh and new as if it were released yesterday. Director Steven Scarborough had a creative bust here in this story about a man's inward journey to self-fulfillment.

The movie's hero is a gay everyman played by newcomer Beau Saxon, who went on to do a number of fine flicks. This guy-next-door struggles with a metaphorical journey to Hopeful, casting aside problems along the way. This movie also begins a repeated theme from Scarborough, young gay men journeying down the road of their lives.

The entire cast is fantastic. Trent Reed and Hunter Scott are ravenous figures - two farm boys who play with donuts as sex toys, just as an excuse to move into more explicit sexual action. When the barn doors are closed, their pants fly off, and Scott bottoms for Reed with gusto. Here is a pair whose relationship is based on lust, not committment.

Saxon recall his unfaithful lover, played by Scott Russell from Catalina's Jawbreaker, whose infidelities forced him on the journey to find Hopeful. First, Russell is drunk and goes to a men's room for sex. While Saxon waits at home with dinner on the table, Russell gets into some hot action with Cliff Parker. After staggering off for home, Russell is replaced by Cruz Lennox. In the world of anonymous sex, one ass is as good as another for Parker, so he drills Lennox as well.

Beau Saxon gets offer a ride on the road to hopeful. Russell finally shows up at home, after dinner turned cold. Russell summons Saxon to the bedroom for some head, but he passes out pretty quickly. Saxon decides to leave at this point, but only after giving his unfaithful lover a goodbye fuck.

Now wandering the Road to Hopeful, Saxon bumps into three wild guys who run his off the road. A flat tire forces them to stop, and topman Brad Hunt takes out his frustrations on Brad Eriksen and Josh Powell. Both Brads trade off on Powell's hole, who is smaller then the other two. Not only is sex expressing lust, but signifying control.

Doug Forbes offers a ride

Getting back on the road, Saxon is offered a ride by Doug Forbes. Saxon succumbs to the man's power of persuasion. They stop to take in the outdoor scenery, and they make love. Saxon feels not just lust, but affection, and he gives up his ass to Forbes.

However, Forbes afterwards urges Saxon to discontinue his quest for Hopeful, and stay with him. Saxon is not so naive. He recognizes that if he is going to enter a relationship, he must have found his own self-fulfillment first.

"Don't be surprised if some day I show up on your doorstep," he tells Forbes in a heart-tugging moment. This movie is a double whammy. First there is a first-class erotic sexual heat. Second is the extremely well-written story of journey's that every man must face at some point.

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Beau Saxon tops Scott Russell
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Cliff Parker and Scott Russell

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