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Road to Temptation

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH017
Alex LeMonde , , , Chad Thomas , Corbin Michaels , Fredrick Ford , Jimmy Bramlett , Josh Kole , Joshua Adams , Kent Larson , Marco Paris , Marcus Allen , Paul Dawson , Ricky Martinez , Sebastian Tauza , Tag Adams , Zackary Pierce
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Road to Temptation

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Corbin Michaels is on the road to temptation.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Open up this DVD and start a metaphoric journey. Follow a path so many gay men find themselves walking down. It usually begins with the young man living a sheltered life at home. They have realized their own sexuality, but home is home, and they are not out of the parental umbrella. Suddenly they find themselves in the big city, and they are on a path replete with sexual temptations that tickle their desires. This road is a popular thread of Steven Scarborough's, who has now produced three full films exploring these topics.

The Road to Temptation is a highly memorable, wonderfully cast movie, beautifully lensed and photographed in the Northern California countryside. Scarborough's superb eye for casting landed this time on Corbin Michaels, a versatile blonde whose boy-next-door American looks make him a natural before the camera. He aptly fills the shoes of the journeyman character played in the first two movies by Beau Saxon in Road to Hopeful.

Arpad Miklos and Frederick FordWatch on - Watch VOD
Arpad Miklos tops
Frederick Ford
Michaels is the smiling, wide eyed and curious everyman who leaves home, beginning the process to find himself. After hitchhiking, he is taken by an older father figure (Paul Dawson in a non-sexual role) to Temptation Ranch.

Ricky Martinez fucks Tag Adams

The isolated ranch contains all the metaphoric areas for male sexual bonding. There is a bunkhaus and shower area, for example. The first sexual scene is a scorcher. It starts with horsehung Dominican Ricky Martinez, who is completely engrossed in himself sitting on an outdoor wooden bench. Martinez is probably the best autofelatilist to appear on film since Scott O'Hara. He's tall and limber, plus his dick is a full eleven inches long. (Ricky Martinez wraps a dollar bill around the base of his dick in Buckleroos; the ends are unable to come together).

Just these first solo moments hold the viewer in rapt attention. Tag Adams appears, visually startling Martinez out of his intense self absorption. Within moments Martinez has his mouth back on his own cock, while Adams eats the latino's ass with his tongue. Following this: a first class episode of deep throating.

Essentially Martinez fucks Adams twice. The first time is a full-motion, hip moving hammering down the bottom's throat. The second is anal. Clearly Martinez relishes such a fine suck coming from such talent. Adams squats down on Martinez's dick, riding it like a bucking bronco. The wooden furniture creaks alongside Adams's moans.

Adams gets pounded to the max doggie style as he grips the sides of a picnic table. Their near wordless interplay culminates with Martinez hosing down Adams's smooth baby skin buttocks, and slapping it causing jizz to fly out everywhere. Adams leaves his juicy mark on the picnic table. You're still my bitch, says the Dominican.

Scared off by Marco Paris and Kent Larson

Next Michaels enjoys a hot shower (our first look at him nude), when he accidentally drops the soap. The bigger, older guys Marco Paris and Kent Larson step in, intimidating him into running off. Life on the ranch can be difficult, as the animals seems to always be playing for position.

Alone in the shower, Larson decides to open up his ass for the handsome Paris to explore. Any moment of human contact with Larson's ass causes him to stick it out, presenting itself in a wide, open hole pose. These two big muscle guys move through their play like pros. Dripping with sexual energy, droplets of water cascade down their curvaceous bodies in one hot scene.

Scarborough coaxes a strong topman performance out of Paris, and his eye popping money shot is memorable. Larson, who has arguably become overexposed this past year works high energy in their mansex encounter. These are the community showers, an obvious place for wet release.

Corbin Michaels gets pulled into heavy group sex. Out in the woods, Frederick Ford hikes until he happens by Arpad Miklos working outside his rustic cabin. They rip each other's clothes off, and they stand there with their huge erections pointing at each other like loaded guns. The well-hung Ford performs full fledged bottom duties, with Miklos playing the predictable top. Ford is an exciting guy to watch bottom, who stands doggie in order to take Miklos's pistol. Miklos rains a river of cum out over Ford's face and body.

The final two scenes of the movie are hot group scenes. Alex LeMonde, Marcus Allen (boxcoverboy), and Sebastian Tauza find an open area to get frisky. Tauza gets doggied hard by the big, stiff LeMonde. The three are observed by Michaels, who gets pulled into their sexual vortex, succumbing to the weight and direction of Allen's and LeMonde's dicks.

In a double your pleasure, double your fun moment, LeMonde screws Michaels as Allen tops Tauza. After cumming, and getting LeMonde's spooge all over his face, Michaels announces that he will like it here at the ranch. Night falls, and the cast roasts marsh mellows under the watchful eye of a deer.

The final scene has Michaels rising the next morning for a poolside dip. He saunters out to a wooden outdoor deck framed in a picture perfect vista. Joshua Adams, Zachary Pierce and Chad Thomas coax a now less reluctant Michaels into the water for lots of playful, wet frolic. The tattooed Adams gets drilled by Michaels, as Thomas bottoms for Pierce.

The bottoms cling together as the tops work it, bringing out creamy finishes all over their bodies. They finish by diving into the pool and giggling.

The Road to Teptation Disc Two Extras

The second disc contains a bonus scene - arguably one of the best of the entire movie. Carlos Morales (Manhattan Sex Party) and Josh Kole (Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr) enjoy a riveting duet by the same outdoor pool of disc one. Kole is a commanding top, folding Morales up into a tight pretzel for rimming. Next Kole rams the muscular Venezuelan in two hot positions. After this, Kole produces two stunning dildos, both of which Morales works inside his bottomless cavern of muscle. Carlos fans will not be disappointed.

The Road to Temptation continues Scarborough's fascination with metaphor about gay life as a journey, travelling down a road. Here the guys meet in their oasis of solitude, creating an environment where they can look out and take care of themselves. Does this mean that gays are best able to live happily in a gay ghetto? Are they best off purely among their own kind?

Interesting questions, explored in the provocative and erotic framework of porn.

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Road to Temptation Photos:

Marco Paris and Kent LarsonWatch on - Watch VOD
Marco Paris smooches Kent Larson
Ricky Martinez and Tag AdamsWatch on - Watch VOD
Ricky Martinez tops Tag Adams
Carlos Morales and Josh KoleWatch on - Watch VOD
Carlos Morales stands before Josh Kole

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