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Ritual (Mustang Video Pac 080)

John Bruno
Mustang Studios   MVP080
Adam Faust , Cal Speedy Reynolds , Dak Ramsey , Jake Dakota , Jason Ridge , Parker Williams , Rocco Vitali , Ryann Wood , Steve Trevor , Tim Towers
LeatherDaddy / BoyOral SexOrgyOutdoor SexDaddies / MenTattoosCamping / ScoutsMystery/Thriller

Ritual (Mustang Video Pac 080)

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There are cults and then there are cults.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There are cults and then there are cults.

From the wickedly perverted mind of director John Bruno, the same dude that brought us Rammer, comes another twisted tale jam-packed with sexual mystery and intrigue. Set in the deep woods, Ritual starts off like any number of outdoor fuck flicks, this one with Jason Ridge and Tim Towers backpacking to a remote location, hoping to indulge in a relaxing lovers getaway.

But not everything between Ridge and Towers is lollipops and roses. They're working through some issues with fidelity…and with humpy dudes like these two, can you really blame them? An argument ensues. And before they've even made camp, Ridge storms off in frustration.

Rocco VitaliWatch on or Watch VOD
Rocco Vitali
The stage is set for mischief. Enter a horny twink (Ryann Wood). Chalk it up to really good karma, but Wood appears out of nowhere just when Towers is at his most vulnerable. Wood has a nearly perfect balm to soothe Towers' wounds – a ball-draining blowjob. The difference in their body types is very appealing.

Wood's smooth chest and Towers' all over furriness are all the ingredients needed for a really good rug burn. They makes quite a tangle, swapping blowjobs and testing one another's limits. Don't miss some intense finger fuckin', Towers slipping his greedy fingers into Wood's supple hole. And you've got to give these two men credit – they end up fucking in all kinds of interesting positions, quite a feat considering there's no bed, no couch, nothing to lean on and nothing to soften some fairly hard thrusting.

Later that evening, after Ridge has returned and the pair are sleeping, Towers goes to investigate noise outside the tent. In typical John Bruno style, the seeds are planted for some kind of plot twist.

Out of the darkness, Towers stumbles upon a roaring campfire….but not a single soul to tend it. Cut to the next morning where Ridge wakes up alone. Searching frantically for his lover, he eventually comes upon Steve Trevor and Jake Dakota (Manhole). Before Ridge's arrival (and later, his captivity) we get to watch the pair of rednecks fucking. What a treat – this scene is really all about Jake Dakota, the epitome of a beautiful bear cub.

All the elements of male eroticism are on full display here – scruffy beard, worn ballcap placed just so, stinky pits, and full-on enthusiasm for male-male sex.

We learn that somewhere along the way Ridge and Towers missed the figurative Do Not Trespass signs, inadvertently stumbling onto the compound of a sex cult. While both Ridge and Towers are imprisoned in an undisclosed location, the viewer is introduced to one of the cult's overlords, Cal Speedy Reynolds (Brawlers).

And what an introduction!

In this scene, Reynolds is shown as the centerpiece and primary recipient of some heavy-duty cock worship. Adam Faust (Hard Cops 2) and Dak Ramsey are Reynolds' submissives, cleaning their master's black boots and leather paraphernalia, looking slightly nervous while they kowtow. Damn near every inch of Reynolds' powerful frame is cleaned, spit-shone, or sucked, all in an attempt to make their ringleader happy.

And as good as he gets, he gives; Reynolds treats his "boys" with tender blowjobs and intense rimming (the best in Ritual). Reynolds even takes time to give hands-on instruction on the finer points of eating ass, coaching Ramsey while he munches on Faust's upturned butthole. The fucking in this vignette - Reynolds tops both men – makes this the standout scene in Ritual.

Everything leads to the finale, Ridge and Towers getting initiated into this friendly, backwoods coffee klatch. Before they're presented for the ritual, they're purified, Jake Dakota supervising the two captives as they scrub one another down.

Prepared, they're brought to the campfire in chains, set down before three masked men – Reynolds, Rocco Vitali, and Parker Williams. There's some real tension between Williams (Trapped) and Reynolds as to who is top dog, but that question seems to get resolved the minute Parker submits and gets fucked by one of the initiates. The five models mix and match in half a dozen different combinations, each one as titillating as the one before.

But Reynolds is the real driving force in this smoky film and the best reason to get your hands on it. He manages to top (in many ways literally) the other performers he appears with, putting the "D" in daddy.

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Ritual (Mustang Video Pac 080) Photos:

Ryann Wood rides Tim TowersWatch on or Watch VOD
Ryann Wood rides Tim Towers
Ritual snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Ritual snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Cal Speedy Reynolds tops Adam FaustWatch on or Watch VOD
Cal Speedy Reynolds tops Adam Faust

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