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Restless Youths

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1138
Blake Riley , Christian Cruz , Damian Rios , , Johnny Hazzard , Josh Vaughn , Ryan Alexander
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Restless Youths

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Restless Youth Syndrome

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Take a break from daily stress and find a diversion. Cute young guys make excellent diversions, which is exactly the meat and potatoes course served up in Rascal Video's Restless Youths. Rascal's current number one diversion is the handsome Blake Riley, and this movie is his first real showcase.

Coming in with four snappy scenes of sex, the movie revolves around Riley and his best friend Josh Vaughn (Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3) enjoying good times together. The guys in the cast all appear to be enjoying the prime of their twenties, well scrubbed and cleaned. And everyone has very nice hair.

First up, Riley describes a hook up he recently had with a hitchhiker, played by Johnny Hazzard. Hazzard's been around the track a few times, so it's great to see him looking top notch. Riley gets on his knees giving Hazzard a lengthy blowjob - and he cock never looked more mouthwatering.

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Christian Cruz rides Ryan Alexander

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Of course Hazzard returns the favor, followed by Riley laying back on the couch and throwing his legs back in the air. Hazzard takes his time probing Riley's hole with tongue and fingers, lubing it with spit.

After a lengthy tongue bath, Hazzard throws an impressive fuck into Riley. So are we watching an older and younger generation of Rascal Exclusives passing the baton?

Whatever it is, both guys turn in great performances. Both appeared in the studio's major film last year Link 5: The Evolution. Restless Youths is not nearly so frenzied, making it a nice showcase of the same talent.

Josh Vaughn's Hot Trick

Next, Vaughn has his own fun with his own trick, the tanned and tattooed Miami boy Damian Rios. Vaughn takes his time fingering and licking Rios' amazing ass. Rios is a very interesting newcomer, carrying all the same characteristics as Tommy Blade.

Vaughn decides that he'll be the first on-screen to plow Rios' massive butt. The blond gives it to him on his fours, often looking back at Vaughn and flashing hot facial expressions. Vaughn shoots an impressive money shot.

The film's high point may be the following one-on-one between Christian Cruz and Ryan Alexander (Cruising It), a hung brunet cutie who's returning from taking a multiyear break filming movies. Their scene starts with a tantalizing sequence: The two guys stand apart while showering, and wordlessly staring at each other. They show off their erections and bodies to the other until Alexander walks over to Cruz.

Both guys sport shaved pubes, making their cocks look even bigger. Cruz immediately gets on his knees delivering an enthusiastic blow-job. As seen in The Intern, Cruz loves sucking big dicks. When Alexander kneels down, he quickly takes his attention from Cruz's cock to his smooth bubble butt.

Seated in the shower, Cruz decides to ride Alexander long dick, humping him in his lap. Alexander finally slips his cock inside with Cruz perched on his fours. The top finishes by raining a heavy load of cum down onto the bottom's face, long strands of jizz hanging off his chin.

Let's Share Eddie Diaz!

The movie finishes with Riley pointing out that, as best friends, they share everything. This includes of course, the yummy Eddie Diaz. On a couch, the three press their faces together for a close up mutual make out session. Riley ends up playing top dawg here. After getting his dick sucked, he screws Vaughn, and then Diaz, who looks very hot getting fucked.

Riley squirts a long flying cum shot that lands on Cruz's belly, followed by the other two shooting their own hot shots.

In a nice surprise, the DVD also contains an eleven minute behind the scenes sequence which is as enjoyable in its own right as one of the sex scenes. The well-edited short shows the models preparing for their roles and posing for related photoshoots, all to a jammin soundtrack. Riley and Vaughn both live in Texas. Perhaps in real life together they are tearing up the town. For now, their work in Restless Youth should be enough video evidence to feed our appetites for now. A very pleasant diversion, indeed!

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Restless Youths Photos:

Johnny Hazzard and Blake Riley Blake Riley and Johnny Hazzard
Johnny Hazzard tops Blake Riley
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Johnny Hazzard and Blake Riley in Restless Youths Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Johnny Hazzard peers into Blake Riley
Josh Vaughn and Damian Rios Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Josh Vaughn tops Damian Rios
Blake Riley and Eddie Diaz
Blake Riley tops Eddie Diaz

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