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Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
, Gianni Pascal , Jeremy Jiggler , John Matthews , Johnny Davis , Julio Jones , Logan Reed , Miguel Antonio , Rem Giovanni , Sebastian Black , Stephan Bertoli , Tony Reolo
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Carlos Morales is restless

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Lucas's fine eye for casting shows here. His 2000 contemporary-classic Restless hits the jackpot with Venezuelan muscleman Carlos Morales in the lead role. His combination of wide-eyed curiousity, latin sensuality and fine physique is perfect in the role of the guy in the long-term relationship who has become brooding and restless.

This is the first time he delivers on-screen dialogue: a sexy South American accent --- melt! Not to be outdone, Logan Reed plays a perfect opposite to Morales: Sexually potent, stong and completely determined to make his lover happy.

The film begins with Morales already in a heavy restless state in the relationship. Reed notices that he's not into their sex as much, and that Morales seems to be more interested in watching gay porn.

Carlos Morales and Logan Reed in Restless Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Carlos Morales and Logan Reed
The film opens with them arguing over this. Morales quickly retreats by sitting down to watching a dirty movie. Going into the TV, there is a 40-minute orgy scene between seven guys. The camera has some difficulty keeping track of everything that is going on. But the guys are all hung and hot. Men in relationships must endure a never ending tug towards sexual promiscuity; out the a world of men and sex are passing by. This glory is enbodied on the television, which captivates the restless Morales.

The guys in the orgy are real studmuffins, many have never chosen to do any other movies. The performers are unique and arousing. One standout is hispanic boytoy Julio Jones, who sports a pierced navel and sexy arm tattos. He gets dicked hard and screws other hotties throughout the sequence. The orgy features hefty amounts of anal action, as well as sucking, rimming, moaning and kissing. The tops are full of energy and the bottoms are hungry. It's got everything. Now can it substitute for the real world? Is it the real world?

The orgy finishes, and Morales jacks off his thick cock, eating his own cum.

Logan Reed Seeks Advice

In the next scene Reed asks Miguel Antonio for advice about his relationship problem.. Antonio explains that he had a similar problem with his boyfriend. He solved it by arranging the building superintendent, Stephen Bertoli, to go hammer his boyfriend.

Bertoli, a big guy with a shaved head and furry chest, quickly enters and aggressively attacks helpless bf Johnny Davis. Davis is cute, younger and smooth. "I have a boyfriend," says Davis weakly.

"SO?" snaps back Bertoli. The muscleguy quickly takes charge by lifting Davis into a chair, raising the boy's legs so that he can energetically eat the exposed ass.

After tantalyzing him with his tongue, he plows Davis senseless on his back and doggie style. Davis convincingly enjoys getting the daylights pounded out of him moaning and pleading "Fuck me!"

Reed thinks that Antonio's idea is a good solution. Who should he pair with Morales? The lucky boy is Antonio, of course. Their sex scene is another scorcher. Both latin guys enjoy great bodies, and they clearly appear to enjoy the sexplay. Morales gets screwed in numerous positions, always maintaining an aroused hard-on. The scene finishes with him over Antonio's stomach taking it hard.

In the final scene, it appears that Reed's gambit worked. Morales admits that he had really wanted Reed all along, but only now is that clear. The two go into the bedroom, where Reed produces a box of toys - all for Morales's ass. "You wanna start now?" he innocently asks. They produce a large dildo and some anal beads. Morales has a look on his face that says "I enjoy pretty much anything as long as it involves my ass."

Carlos Morales' Hottest Sexual Performance?

This last episode coupling is one of Morales's hottest, most sensual performances on film. Reed rises to the challange matching his partner with natural ease. First Reed works him over with the dildo, and we see all the red anal beads go in. Afterwards, Morales slides his hard cock into Reed. He fucks him energetically (you know the best bottoms make the best tops)

Then, Reed screws Morales's ass doggie style. Morales remains stiffly erect the entire time.

Although not as cookie-cut as Falcon-productions, Lucas productions score their own unique New York City look and feel with hot-looking guys and hot sex. A welcome diversion from the California style of film.

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Restless Photos:

Restless Orgy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Hotties from the opening orgy

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