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Max Lincoln
Movie Series
Brace Levitt , Darian Hawke , Ian James , Josh Steel , Kyle O'Shea , Mark Carey , Matthew Matthews , Rufus Jade , Sebastian Court , Shane Ryan , Tim Tool , Tommy Trent , Tristan Harvey
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The ruffians on the stairs.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Coverboy Robin Hyde (BikeBoy from Eurocreme) falls into the world of pimps, fetish, domination and debauchery in this highly entertaining Eurocreme title. Rentboy is another interesting tale about the lives facing twenty-first century boytoys. As in previous releases, these movies do a great job working in actual characters, story and punchy music into the film in an undistracting way. For a story such as this, director Max Lincoln chose to begin with an opening introduction segment that leaves the viewer wide-eyed and breathless.

Completely innocent, Hyde is led back to a flat by an older fellow, Sebastian Court. He sees several young ruffians sitting quietly on a couch. Court immediately takes him into the bedroom where they undress. After playing with their big boners, Court pushes back Hyde's legs and lathers the youth's ass apart with his tongue. In the role of firm teacher, Court proceeds to give Hyde a hard driving lesson in ass pounding.

There is a face down ass hammering by the older, bigger Court, which clearly takes the wind right out of the bottom, and the viewer. He pounded me, later exclaims Hyde to the other rentboys of the house.

Fresh Meat

Hyde will live under the tutelage of his pimp, along with six other escorts, who all go out on appointments, or perform on call online. Two other models in the house, brunet Ian James and adorable blond Tommy Trent from Boy Meets Boy, are very cute, and slightly more hardened to the ways of the work. They tell their life stories to the newbie, providing setups for the film's nine sex scenes.
Ian James and Kyle O'Shea Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Ian James tops Kyle O'Shea
Matthew Matthews and Tim Tool Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Matthew Matthews sits
on Tim Tool
While sitting on the safe, Trent rolls his eyes upon hearing that he needs to go perform a solo on the webcam. He is watched by a couple in bed: Matthew Matthews and Tim Tool. Watching the blonde Trent play with his smooth body is extremely titillating. Trent finishes his solo show by squeezing out a hefty handful of boyjuice, which he rubs slowly onto his chest. This inspires the voyeurs to engage in their own real time sexual activity.

The tan and lean Tool, is aptly named. He has a big curved cock, which he sticks into Matthews, pumping him relentlessly. Matthews gets off while Tool is balls deep inside of him. Tool then stretches out to jack off his own load onto his flat abs, which Matthews licks up.

Next, the soft spoken brunet Ian James relates to Hyde an episode from that afternoon that was on the kinkier side. Hanging is a sling, a bigger, tattooed man (Shane Ryan) probes him with a small dildo. Ryan screws the passive Ryan in the sling until they both get off. Perhaps because James does nothing but lay there, this is the movie's flattest episode. James is a hot guy, but his seeming disenchantment with being a rentboy manifests itself into boredom in his scenes.

Fucking on the Sports Car

Fortunately the next one picks everything back up. James is standing in an English rain when he is picked up by Brace Levitt in his sportscar. Levitt is a hot stud, whose groupie friend (Tristan Harvey) also looks great. The result is another classic Eurocreme moment - three smooth young guys with enormous cocks, all engaging in tender moments of cock-worship on and around the hood of the sportscar.

James gets the pleasure of topping them both as the lie bent over, side by side, giving him easy access to plug both of their butts. Levitt cums on the hood of his own car. James produces a stream of jizz that lands on Levitt's chest and chin, who also slurps some of it off his gooey cockhead.

The next scene features two more proud members of Eurocreme's Big Dick Society. Josh Steel models underwear for Rufus Jade. Jade takes a few snaps before getting Steel's big snake out of its box. And sucking on it, Jade takes his erection up his ass for a rapid fire standing doggie ass pounding.

Steel's money shot is probably the best of the film: he let's loose with a gusher of jizz that rains all over Jade's face and smiling, open mouth.

The next scene departs from the lair of the rentboys. Here, the tall Josh Steel arrives for an underwear modelling shoot with photographer Rufus Jade. After just a few snaps, Jade is jawboning Steel's humongous endowment through the front opening of his tight underwear. Both guys give enthusiastic blowjobs, which switches to Jade taking his model's big prick up his ass standing doggie.

This is hot to watch because of Jade's highly expressive face, illustrating that very narrow line between pleasure and pain as he's pounded hard. To top it off, Steel's unending, high flying money shot is the film's best. This prize winning geyser drenches Jade's face and eyes, flying into his mouth. His powerful cumshot drenches Tommy Trent's face in jizz.

Showering with Tommy

The temperature stays at boiling levels as Steel returns to the Rentboy den, where he takes a shower with bodatious blond Tommy Trent, who this time does more then solo. Steel performs a succulent rimjob on Trent's bubble ass - clearly the best butt in the cast. Standing in the tub, Steel nails him hard as the bottom grips the surrounding tile. Steel finishes with another powerhouse cumshot that drenches Trent's face and fills his mouth.

After this the rentboys get it on as Mark Carey and James show the newbie (Hyde) how to use the toys. This incites James to roll on a condom and give the bent over Carey a lively buttbanging. James then spreads his generosity around by cumming in Hyde's mouth. Hyde pops off his own impressive shot as a finish.

Next James and Carey go on an out-call where they hook up with cutie Kyle O'Shea. Despite shorting them twenty quid, they go through with the appointment, which is a relief because watching O'Shea screw James with his heels up in the air is very hot. O'Shea then shows his versatility by taking the stern-faced James in several positions. O'Shea shoots while James is inside him. James lets off a nice high flying spurter.

The RentBoy Bottoms in 4-Way

The movie finishes with a lively four way which shows off Hyde's bottoming skills nicely. He is topped by hugely hung Darien Hawke from BarBoy, as well as Tristan Harvey, who appeared earlier. Director Lincoln does one of his favorite shots: two bottoms laying side by side getting slammed simultaneously by two tops. ( Skaterboy). These two hot and hung tops make mincemeat of these two boybutts. There is an amazing double penetration here too.

The ramming is fierce, enough to make the viewer want to grip the bedsheets in all the excitement. RentBoy is an interesting and arousing look at Britain's sex trade. Complimented by a hard driving musical soundtrack, not too mention a stable of horsehung models, the viewer is presented with a fully rounded and engaging movie.

Had British gay playright Joe Orton lived today, it is highly possible that he would have written for Eurocreme.

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RentBoy Photos:

Tommy Trent kisses Josh Steel Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Tommy Trent kisses Josh Steel
Matthew Matthews and Tim Tool Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Matthew Matthews sucks Tim Tool

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