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Red Hot Chili Sex

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Brian Bennet , Casper Watts , Colin Reeves , Damien Rivkin , Danny Saradon , Davy Paxton , Etienne Pauliac , Hans Klee , Henri Gaudin , Justin Boyd , Leon Boisen , Mikhail Ryzkov , Paul Valery , Renato Amoroso , Steve Jennings , Tim Hamilton
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Red Hot Chili Sex

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Bel Ami films a vacation turned into boy sex party in a thirteen scene blockbuster.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It has been several years since Bel Ami filmed an all out mass vacation turned boy party. Much along the successful lines of Too Many Boys comes the scorching hot release titled Red Hot Chili Sex, a film peppered with sixteen models who perform an impressive thirteen sex scenes - all on one single DVD.

Similar to the premise of Too Many Boys, George Duroy has tasked Johan Paulik to film the guys during their upcoming trip. Unfortunately, the Bel Ami veteran unexpectedly comes down ill, so with a phone call he pushes the film work onto studs Danny Saradon and Brian Bennett. Bennett is a new face to the movie scene, and he's a real cutie. His fabulous looking ass gets taken for several hot spins during the course of the movie.

Tim Hamilton and Etienne PauliacWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Tim Hamilton above Etienne Pauliac
The movie is also a nice vehicle for Davy Paxton, a newer model who enjoys many of the same handsome body features as Brandon Manilow. Upon arrival to their ski chalet, Paxton drops into bed with roomie Leon Boisen, quickly throwing himself onto his big cock. After mutual sixty-nining, where they both deep throat each other's big lollipops, they discover that Saradon and Bennett are filming them.

This only inspires Paxton to back himself up onto Boison's meat. Boison, one of the film's completely new faces, shoots a surprisingly big money shot followed by Paxton's own multi-spurt geyser. The guys haven't even cooled off when they pull the cameramen into a fun four way. Saradon lays back to get his dick sucked, followed by him sticking it up Boisen's tight hole.

Next to them, Paxton sinks his cock into Bennett's sweet buns, a very hot guy to watch get fucked. Everyone cums lots, but the scene stealer is another virtuoso ejaculation from new guy Boisen.

The guys enjoy their day goofing around on the powdery slopes. Afterwards, bottle blond Damien Rivkin relaxes in a hot tub with Mikhail Ryzkov. Ryzkov, a muscular blond with perfect pecs, is one of the surprise performers in Red Hot Chili Sex. He fucks so good in all of his scenes, one will be inspired to track down in previous performances filmed under many names. (One such excellent show - the often overlooked, superb Young Men in Training)

Ryzkov uses his hand to point his curved, uncut cock into Rivkin's mouth, fucking his face. They adjourn to the sauna when Rivkin continues by screwing Rivkin's tight looking, tan ass. Ryzkov ultimately pulls out and shoots his load into the bottom's open mouth.

Meanwhile, two guys (Etienne Pauliac and Casper Watts) get frisky together in the shower. Their all oral episode serves as a tasty appetizer for their individual appearances later in the film.

Next, Bennet discovers Steve Jennings (Pina Colada) stroking his thick cock alone in the shower, providing great footage for his ever-recording camera. Steve Jennings fans will be happy to find that the delicious muscle guy performs throughout this lengthy movie. Watching him is never tiring, especially when he shoves his meat up Bennett's little butt.

The adonis easily overwhelms the smaller muscle runt, not only topping him doggie style, but also in a great looking sequence on his back, backed up into a wall.

If things could not get any hotter, the film cuts to the stone faced Henri Gaudin laying alone in bed, whacking his tower of an erection. (His dick is certainly one of the biggest in the entire cast)

Henri Gaudin Rides Colin Reeves

Curly haired Colin Reeves (Some Like It Big) arrives, washing Gaudin over in a tide of passion that lights up the screen for yet another one of the film's memorable one-on-one's. Despite his smaller size, Reeves gives the hung bottom a wonderful ride, topping him in lots of positions.

Coupled with his appearance later, this is arguably the hottest performance put in by Reeves of any film to date. (And he's done many good ones, see related FriskyNews blog)

At this point in the film, Johan Paulik appears, where he meets his apprenticed film directors, and approves the footage they've shot. This green lights the movie's subsequent seven episodes following.

First, blond Justin Boyd gives an enthusiastic blowjob to the returning bottle blond Rivkin. After this comes another amazingly hot pairing, this time the lean and talkative Hans Klee gives his ass up to Renato Amoroso. Amoroso, one of Bel Ami's prime working tops (Pillow Talk 1) pounds the hell out of Klee, who happily meets his every movie. What a total stud!

Their action is followed by another coupling. Here Tim Hamilton eagerly undresses boxcoverboy Ettiene Pauliac, throwing a memorable fuck into the hot newcomer. Full of kissing and sucking, as well as fucking his face and ass like a pincushion, this may be one of Hamilton's last filmed scenes for the studio, moving onto new projects (Knockout for Tom Bradford.) If so, his scene makes for a very grand finale.

After this, Jennings and power top Ryzkov return for encore performances. Ryzkov works over Jennings' muscle butt in another hot episode which leaves the bottom's ass drenched in a huge amount of the top's cum.

Fans of Gaudin's gigantic penis will thrill to seeing Boisen go down on it, performing an admirable deep throat session on it. He works it over with his mouth impressively for a Czech boy.

Boyd returns next to get plowed by Saradon, who by this time seems to be spending more of his time hooking up rather than filming. Boyd actually is one of the cutest bottomboys, who truly has all the classic Bel Ami looks. Saradon fucks his brains out in a very satisfying brunet-on-blond episode.

David Watts Red Hot Chili Gang Banged

What kind of conclusion can finish a lengthy, consistently hot film such as this one? Fortunately, Watts gives up his tasty ass to six of the guys in a gang bang that should go down in the books. Watts is clearly one of the star muscle bottoms around now (European Holiday, part 1).

For this, he grips onto the rails of a pool table to a pounding from buddies Hamilton, Reeves, Paxton, Ryzkov, Bennett and Paul Valery. After systematically moving through several rounds, the guys make Watts their cum rag.

For this movie, every model is switched on, turning in peak performances from start to finish. It would be difficult to find any criticisms of this sizzling movie. Bel Ami at its very best!

Red Hot Chili Sex Photos:

Davy Paxton fucks Brian BennettWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Davy Paxton tops Brian Bennett (foreground)
Danny Saradon tops Leon Boison (background)
Colin Reeves fucks Henri GaudinWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Colin Reeves behind Henri Gaudin
Damien Rivkin and Mikhail RyzkovWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Damien Rivkin prepares to receive Mikhail Ryzkov
Brian Bennett and Steve JenningsWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Newcomer Brian Bennett spreads for Steve Jennings

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