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Bel Ami  
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Meet Bel Ami's new bad boy: Paul Valery

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami's best boys are the ones who show a clear combination of extroverted self confidence and youthful energy. And unlike other studios, the guys in their films just appear to be having fun, as opposed to looking like they are doing a job.

The studio hits the jackpot with their striking new star Paul Valery. [Paul Valery blog] Not to be confused with the nineteenth century gay French poet of the same name, Valery is groomed in the film as a real life bad boy, who smokes cigarettes in between the times that his big dick isn't getting him into trouble.

Keith Johansson and Paul Valery Watch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Keith Johansson stands before Paul Valery
To call him James Dean would be trite. More accurately, Valery could be identified as Bel Ami's answer to French New Wave movie star Jean Paul Belmondo, who smoked his way through the ultra-hip 1960 movie Breathless.

And in the long standing tradition of Lukas Ridgeston, the endearing Valery shoots geyser like eruptions of cum everywhere. Bel Ami clearly has room in their stable for this self-styled rebel.

Rebel is a tour de force collection of eight scenes, the first being a charming interview, followed by director Marty Stevens filming him performing a solo. He even teases us at length by spreading apart his ass cheeks with his free hand, tantalyzing the viewers mercilessly.

His first sexual episode takes place in what looks like the same abandoned building set from Graffiti. Frustrated from a bad day at work, Valery decides to get frisky with his business partner, the steely blond Keith Johansson.

Seated together on a maroon couch, Valery holds the base of Johansson's cock and sucks it. Both wield club sized cocks, but it's Valery's that gets put to use. Johansson sits in his lap as Valery thrusts up into his butt rapid fire.

In a hot sequence, Valery stops fucking him doggie style, when the blond bottom informs him his preference to do his own thrusting on the top's cock. Finally, Johansson covers his belly in his own cum, as Valery thrusts inside him. Quickly afterwards, Valery pulls out, rips off the condom and rains arcs of his of his semen across friend's body, almost hitting his eyes.

After this, resident Bel Ami stud Danny Saradon takes Ben Keaton (aka Richard Said from Boys in the Snow) on his motorcycle over to Valery's empty office building. With no one in sight, they make out in the stairwell.

Naked except for their shoes, Saradon mounts Keaton from behind, throwing him a very hot fuck amidst sweet touches and kisses. Saradon pops off an impressive high flying money shot.

Next, Valery returns with his three friends Niall Phoenix, Colin Reeves and Billy Neeson. Naturally Valery dominates the group, bragging about how everyone will be following his directions for a four way. However it only goes so far as an all oral sequence. Lots of blowjob action culminates with Valery wielding his cock like a gushing fire hose, spraying the guys on both his left and right side.

The scene also serves as a nice introduction to Phoenix, a hot submissive bottom, who returns for a one-on-one with Valley. Phoenix bottoms for Cameron Jackson in Bare Chat as Marco Filipi.

In bed, Valery struts his top man skills to full effect on Phoenix's ass. The bottom takes his long thrusts like a total pro, eventually getting hard.

The guys' sex shows real chemistry, all ending with the bottom cumming while getting hammered, and then Valery pulling out to shoot long spurts of his cum into the bottom's mouth.

Rebels: Paul Valery, Hans Klee and Troy Allen

The movie finishes with Valery taking a trip to sunny Greece with Hans Klee. They awaken in the morning, and start up another cinéma vérité style where the actors speak to the director. After some discussion about the effectiveness of shaving their balls, and a quick breakfast, Valery declares that he's bored.

Fortunately, Klee seems very interested in rectifying the situation. He gets his buddy rick hard, blowing his cock and licking his nipples. Klee is another strapping young blond with a thick, long cock. Valery turns him around and fucks his ass on the patio to their villa. He rams Klee doggie style, the beach spreading out in the background.

Klee eventually ends up atop Valery in his lap, fucking his body hard down on the top's cock. "I'm gonna make you cum," exclaims Klee just seconds before Valery pulls out and shoots another signature high flying cumshot.

Curly haired Troy Allen (Pillow Talk) makes a welcome return for the film's final episode. Tanning in the buff, Klee approaches him naked. With Valery away, Klee decides he wants to play with their visiting friend.

Allen here looks absolutely fantastic, and in a nice switch, he plays the top. Klee happily drops into a nearby wicker chair and throws his feet up into the air. Allen plows him. As before, Klee doesn't come here, but Allen dumps a nice load.

At this point, Valery arrives, catching them in flagrante delicto. Valery sees fit to fuck Allen for compensation purposes. Allen gives Valery a hot blowjob, still wearing his sports shirt.

Valery finally screws him on his back, a very satisfying end to the film, which makes a very satisfying introduction to their plucky new star.

Valery has lots of drive and energy, which he loves to parade before the camera. This bad boy of Bel Ami's New Wave generation might just be a perfect addition for the next several years.

Rebel Photos:

Paul Valery fucks Liam PhoenixWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Paul Valery tops Liam Phoenix
Paul Valery and Keith JohanssonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Paul Valery and Keith Johansson
Danny Saradon and Richard SaidWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Danny Saradon tastes Richard Said
Danny Saradon fucks Richard SaidWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Danny Saradon tops Richard Said

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