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Rear End Collision 1 and 2

Chris Ward
Fisting Central (from Raging Stallion Studios)  
Anthony Moreno , Brock Devonshire , Marc Sterling , Michael Brandon , Michael Ray , Rik Jammer , Simon Cox , Steve Cannon
FistingKink / SextoysTattoosGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/RepairmenFetish: Jock Straps

Rear End Collision 1 and 2

Don't Pop a Gasket

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Interested in buttplay? A lot of people are, but they shy away from the F-word. No, not THAT F-word. The word is fisting. But if you do like working over a hot butt, and possess a taste for adventure, look closer. Starting in 2004, Raging Stallion has released a line of eye-opening, high quality movies devoted to the sport of fisting. These movies all feature solid production quality, interesting sets and, importantly, a cast of guys who are sexually attractive.

They also contain great music that throbs to the action. Even the movie's lighting accents the mood and intensity; clearly a step up from old expectations. Heading up this string of releases is a two part dvd set aptly titled Rear End Collision. From start to finish, it's near impossible to turn it off.

The scenes take place in a darkened garage-like set. Car equipment hangs from the walls around a collection of tires, desks and a motorcycle. First up is Steve Cannon on his fours. Propped up on a desk, he's getting greased up by Brock Devonshire. Both these guys are dark haired, exuding a masculine air. Like most of the models in his fisting movies, director Chris Ward has cast them wearing jockstraps.

Brock Devonshire Watch on
Brock Devonshire
The music pulses as Cannon opens up. In no time Devonshire works it in up past his hairy wrist. After getting him relaxed, Devonshire starts pushing in and out like he's making love to this guy's ass. The white lubrication squeezes out as he pushes his fist back in. The process is mesmerizing. After a round of this, Cannon's sphincter opens like a coin slot for an oversized Eisenhower dollar coin.

They are only just getting started. Soon Rik Jammer steps in so that he and Devonshire can switch off pushing their greasy hands inside Cannon, who never stops chanting and moaning throughout. The two focus so intently on this amazing anus that the viewer won't even notice the music takes a long pause. After thirty minutes of this, the bottom turns over on his back, where they continue this intensely tender three-way. To finish, they do not cum, but instead, Cannon sits up and the three guys start kissing.

The next scene starts with black bottom Simon Cox, who crouches hunkered down over a motorcycle. Rik Jammer stands aside greasing up his gloved hand. Cox seems to have no end to his colon. Jammer works in his arm to him at great lengths. During this, Cox straddles the bike's seat with his ass up. Jammer pushes and pulls, turning the Cox's backside into a shiny, smooth portrait that drips with ass grease. Jammer clearly loves this session, which turns into an experiment to see just how much of himself he can get in there.

Scene three, titled Pop a Gasket begins with some cock sucking foreplay. (Penises have really not even been seen up to this point.) Michael Ray goes down on Michael Brandon's humongous dickshaft, begining a session which clearly demonstrates Brandon's skills as a fisting top.

He spends the next thirty minutes pumping his hand in and out of Ray. Brandon's body never stops moving! He gives the bottom a long, enduring session that intensifies as Brandon wags, pats and teases the plugged-up bottom with his hard cock. The two guys show mutual arousal, making this scene another fascinating piece to watch, if only just to see how a fisting top gets his pleasure from this kind of episode.

Ray also finishes this scene by cumming, another first for the film.

The final scene of Rear End Collision 1 - Pop a Gasket is a double coupling back on that utilitarian worktable. Side by side, Brandon fists Cannon and Cox fists Devonshire. Here again, Cannon and Devonshire are two studly guys who are hot to watch take a fist. The gang is all united with Jammer enters and hops on the table. He keeps his legs up patiently until Cox can get to him.

Good bottoms know that they have to be patient to get what they want.

Jammer somehow squeezes out an orgasm with Cox in his ass. Devonshire spills his jizz on Jammer, and Brandon gives Cox's black skin a creamy coat. This all ends with them feeling each other, slowly kissing.

Rear End Collision #2 - Lube Job

So what about part two? It is even hotter! First of all, Brock Devonshire's talents get fully exposed. He is first seen squatting down onto an oversized dildo. Then he continues pleasuring himself by moving up through two more, each bigger then the other. Finally, Jammer appears to give him a hand.

Well, first it is justs with a dildo the size of a French baguette. Jammer fists slow and easy, as if to see how far in he can get. Jammer keeps his his arm in there as Devonshire writhes slowly in ecstasy. He slowly strokes Jammer's head and neck with his hand. The two then switch positions, with Jammer arched on his fours, Devonshire's fist inside him.

They continue this special kind of lovemaking (you can hear it in their groans). As they continue, lightly touch each other's head. Finally, Devonshire gets up and leaves, and Jammer lays there motionless, catching his breath.

The next sequence is titled Starting a New Engine. It begins with Michael Brandon working his hand in and out of what appears to be a very smooth, young hole. The camera pans back to reveal a boyish twink named Marc Sterling. He is a real hottie too. He must have an inexperienced hole, certainly compared to his fellow castmembers. His face is a constant mask of emotions as Brandon slowly works to get it in past his wrist.

The third sequence brings the PowerFist regulars back on screen. Here Brandon returns to take on Simon Cox. The Dark Knight is ready for more, and Brandon is gives him what he wants. Brandon inserts his hand, fist, then with most of his forearm.

This guy could swallow a howitzer. Brandon moves through several sequences of this, each time pulling out so Cox can extended his rosebud to the camera. These men perform some amazing feats. But the best scene is saved for the last.

Here Devonshire returns to this hardcore garage for an oil lube. No kidding. He starts by pushing out a metal tennis ball-sized object. He inserts one ball, and slowly wiggles it out. They drop to the floor and roll off. Devonshire removes each object out of a box of six, each time caressing the nodules like they are precious gifts from the gods.

This game of solitaire billiards attracts the attention of Anthony Moreno, a swarthy latino with a thick uncut cock. After teasing him with his erection, Jammer arrives to administer an on screen oil change. First they tie up Devonshire's feet, and pour a can of lube into his hole, which is anally inserted through a red funnel.

This fill-up makes him one of the most greased up holes on screen. In an unforgettable visual, Jammer proceeds to fist his sloppy hole as an erect Moreno stand beside him waving his cock around. Moreno slowly kisses the bottom as he continued getting fisted. This is an elaborate style of sex that rarely, if ever, has been choreographed on film.

Jammer then jacks off while kissing Moreno. Then Moreno, who until this point has taken the role of the aroused voyeur to what is going on around him, gets to fuck the indefatigable Devonshire. He gives him a full length screw, and they both cum. This is the only anal action in the entire double feature, making a hot finish inspiring the viewer to finish off as well.

Rear End Collision is an impressive film set. Either stands fully on its own. Or they make most intense four hour double feature. Don't let the F-word scare you. Folks just interested in intense butt action will be captivated.

Rear End Collision 1 and 2 Photos:

The Rear End Collision Series
Steve Cannon in Rear End Collision Watch on
Rik Jammer and Brock Devonshire behind Steve Cannon
Anthony Moreno and Brock Devonshire Watch on
Anthony Moreno behind Brock Devonshire
Simon Cox and Rik Jammer Watch on
Simon Cox gives a hand to Rik Jammer

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