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Rear Deliveries (Monster Bang)

Tony DiMarco
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Diesel Washington , Dominic Pacifico , Logan McCree , Manuel DeBoxer , Mike Dreyden , , Ricky Sinz , Xander Solis
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Rear Deliveries (Monster Bang)

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Antonio Biaggi runs loose in this wet warehouse.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Tony DiMarco takes the reigns of Raging Stallion Studio's Monster Bang series producing their first movie since Michael Brandon left the studio. Brandon originally helmed the Monster Bang line, a pun on his own endowment which is referred to as "monster", but really means that these are movies focusing simply on large cocks slamming insatiable pig bottoms.

We have only one real issue with Rear Deliveries. It is a good film on its own. It stars several of their popular must-see models, but the film does not exactly fit into the original-style enthusiasm of Monster Bang movies, which traditionally meant a movie with enthusiastic, grand slam fucking. Director Tony DiMarco portrays a different style here, which is a less intense compared to some of the real fury captured under Michael Brandon's lens.

Let's look at the highlights of Rear Deliveries.

Logan McCree behind Mike Dreyden Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Logan McCree behind Mike Dreyden
Tumblr: Porn Star Manuel Deboxer
First of all, the studio trots out its prize stallion from the last Monster Bang feature, Big, Bigger, Biggest: The horse-dicked Puerto Rican Antonio Biaggi. And Biaggi runs loose in this wet warehouse like a bull in a china shop.

Biaggi looks as daunting as always, complete with his bald domed head, gigantic cock and heavy, pendulous balls. Biaggi stacks boxes of DVDs when he spies Raging Stallion's star fur-bottom R.J. Danvers in the room. Wanting a piece of that, he pops his erection of his pants, which draws Danver's over to it like a magnet.

Danvers seems just as eternally horned-up as when he played the cheating boyfriend in 2008's outstanding Raging Stallion movie The Drifter. Biaggi licks on the bottom's hairy pucker and grabs a large, conveniently placed Raging Stallion-brand Michael Brandon dildo out of an open package and drives it into Danvers' butt. A nice homage to series creator Brandon!

Biaggi positions his cock for the hairy target and effortlessly slides it all the way inside. Riding atop Biaggi on a table, Danver dances in his lap, grinding himself down to the hilt. Finally, perched on his fours, Biaggi back ends him while sounds of those pendulous balls plop against Danvers' backside.

The second scene starts from an innovative set-up - bearded Mike Dreyden slogs through a boring day when he begins staring that the life size poster of Logan McCree on the wall. Like magic, he reaches out to touch the poster, but finds his hand caressing the actual tattooed stallion himself, stiff and erect like an Oscar statuette.

Falling onto his knees, Dreyden worships the German's cock, lathering the head and foreskin with his tongue. He continues with a determined lengthy session of deep throating. Director Dimarco's downward view close-ups of McCree's penis are truly beautiful.

McCree returns the favor, sucking on Dreyden a bit before exploring his ass with his tongue. He proceeds to drill his manly butt in several hot positions. Dreyden looks like he's in heaven, laying on his back, legs apart and getting drilled with a full erection. He easily gets himself off in this position, followed by a heavy money shot from McCree.

Manuel Deboxer Bottoms

Next up, DVD boxcover model porn star Manuel Deboxer (On The Job) gets an enthusiastic reaming from the studio's in-house stud Ricky Sinz. Sinz's mouth is much quieter compared to his famously long and loud raps as the commander in GRUNTS. Standing tall and bristling with those tattoos, he's just as hard driving.

He plows DeBoxer's furry butt. Holding DeBoxer's legs in his big hands, Sinz fucks him long and hard, and cums all over him. Next, the film's temperature takes a noticeable spike in heat. It seems like Biaggi is still on the prowl. Turning a corner, he finds some new butt for conquest - a tattooed white guy named Xander Solis. We have never seen him in anything since, which is a shame because he has a very hot looking ass. These two guys end up being a perfect match .

Biaggi enjoys his plump butt, pumping his pipe with deep thrusts so that his huge balls lap noisily against Solis's nether region. Biaggi spices things up by holding Solis up in the air, carrying him in his arms while fucking, turning him into other revealing positions like a pretzel.

Solis is certainly one compliant bottom! Biaggi cums on his hole, too.

The producers saved the best scene for last. The cute Dominic Pacifico shows up to distract Diesel Washington from his work duties. Big, Black and sexy, Washington clicks into the horny Pacifico's groove. He thrusts his fat cock into the boy's mouth, holding the back of his head down all the way.

Naturally, Pacifico is strolling around the offices of Raging Stallion Studios wearing no underwear. His pants come off, and he humps himself on Washington's fuck-stick in lots of hot positions. Like the previous scene, in a burst of enthusiasm, the hugely built Washington picks Pacifico up in his arms with his dick still thrusting in him, carrying him around. There are also several great visuals of Pacifico perched on his fours, as well as in the top's lap wagging around his own full erection.

We haven't seen Pacifico in awhile, since the company's 2007 arabian extravaganza Mirage. Both guys take it to a fine finish by shooting long rivers of cum.

Not quite the traditional Monster Bang movie, Rear Deliveries contains lots of heated moments, rising sharply in the final two episodes.

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Rear Deliveries (Monster Bang) Photos:

Xander Solis and Antonio Biaggi Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Xander Solis tastes Antonio Biaggi
Diesel Washington fucks Dominic Pacifico Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Diesel Washington behind Dominic Pacifico
Antonio Biaggi fucks Xander Solis Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Antonio Biaggi fucks Xander Solis
Dominic Pacifico gets fucked by Diesel Washington Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Dominic Pacifico gets fucked by Diesel Washington
Logan McCree fucks Mike Dreyden Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Logan McCree tops Mike Dreyden

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