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Real Men Have Hair

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Adam Collins , Christian Luke , Dominik Rider , Hank Cruz , Johnathen , Marc West , Patrick Ives , , Tony
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Real Men Have Hair

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Real Women Have Curves, Real Men Have Hair

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Connoisseurs of SX Video will be familiar with their sumptuous blend of bareback sex and unique scenarios, characteristically woven here into Real Men Have Hair. SX Video are a top production company who cater towards raunchy raw slut-sex, and have produced a string of smash hits including Barebacking With Jeff Parmer 2 or 2005's reeling epitome, Sleaze.

Cover star Marc West has dark hairs on his chest and stomach and a thick mustache, and is the figurehead of Real Men Have Hair. But those less into the pursuit of the hirsute shouldn't be disappointed by the title of this movie - a good many men featured here are smooth of ass and body (mostly the bottoms, surprise, surprise), and not all the models are Daddies or Bears.

Marc West, Patrick Ives and Domink RiderWatch on
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Marc West (standing), Patrick
Ives, Domink Rider (below)
Scene one pairs smooth buttocked, tanned, Dominik Rider (Huge Cocks In Tight Asses) with buff, moustached bear Patrick Ives. Rider shows oral expertise on Ives' huge dark member, taking his hard-on to the depths of his throat, without the glimmer of a gag. Cover daddy Marc West (At Large) joins the mix, feeding his pole to Ives' willing mouth-hole. The two bottoms trade out rim jobs, priming each others asses so that hairy daddy can use their holes.

Soon Rider's baby-smooth orifice is taking fingers and thumbs from Ives, and before he knows it, Ives' thick hard cockhead replaces that thumb. West goes round the back, and Ives finds himself to be the meaty middleman of a fuck sandwich.

Switching between the two, West slides his cock in and out of each wet hole, slick with man juice. Ives takes a ride on Rider, before letting that hunk control the rest of the action. The pair come, and worship that beefy brawny top, who shoots massive loads all over himself in writhing fits of ecstasy.

Sexual harassment in the work place has never been more fun than scene two, where squirming office boy Tony is grilled by boss Jonathen Cummings (Dungeon). Luckily poor lackey Tony gets an escape clause from being fired, and lets Cummings kiss him all over that hairy chest. Dicktation skills to the test now, Cummings gives his underling a crash course in oral, then bends backwards over the desk to see how his office boy shapes up.

Happy with the way his cock is getting sucked now, the boss lifts his legs up, and makes Tony rim some hierarchy hole. Sucking him from behind for a while, Tony twists his boss around, and slides his hard sexy long prick up inside him, au natural. Sideways on the desk, and then bent over a Xerox machine, the balance of power has shifted in Tony's favor. These two shag the office walls down, before spewing out fountains of thick jizm.

Patrick Ives and Steve Tuck

Bearish Patrick Ives from scene one now takes the chow down from a goateed Steve Tuck. They trade out, and Tuck reveals an equally suckable schlong. Ives goes to town on it, and then returns the favor with tongue-to-ass attention. After a hot 69ing session, Ives slips his brown cock up Tuck's fuckhole, and the bottom takes his manhood uncovered and raw. It's a hot match. A close-up shows the slick wetness of Ives as he penetrates his boy's hole, bare and gaping. Extremely moist now, his Penis gushes with lust. This match-up is a must see.

Adam Collins (Raw Ass Fuckers) joins the bedroom romp and lets Tuck suck on his member while Ives goes at Tuck from behind. But a swift cut of the camera shows Collins is equally the bottom boy for a hot raw cock, and he lets Ives take his hole too. A cummy mess of cock hole and fingers leaves nothing to the imagination in the climax of this scene.

In scene four we meet two more brawny Daddy types. Elements of scene two, they are in the same office (I wonder where they work?)

After some sexy oral play buff flat-topped Hank Cruz Dungeon Gang Bang) widens bearish Christian Luke's (Bareback Orgy 2) semi-hairy hole with his tongue, and then a double dildo, before sticking it with his own condomless mushroom headed cock. Sucking on the head of the dildo, he works the double header into Luke's ass with his mouth and hand. Unable to handle it any more, he spurts his white wet spunk all over his bottom's well worn ass.

As always SX Video DVDs are over-generous with their trailers, putting the highlights of multiple hot movies onto their discs.

I defy any horned up bareback sex lover to sit through this trailer reel, and not to cum before the main feature. It's impossible, and coupled with the hot and hirsute studio photos and full scene access, it makes this movie a must buy for lovers of hairy masculine guys and the casual connoisseur alike.

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Real Men Have Hair Photos:

Real Men Steve Tuck and Patrick IvesWatch on or Watch VOD
Adam Collins, Steve Tuck and Patrick Ives
Patrick Ives fucks Adam CollinsWatch on
Patrick Ives tops Adam Collins, Steve Tuck (right)
Dominik Rider and Patrick IvesWatch on
Marc West swaps with
Dominik Rider and Patrick Ives

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