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Raw Footage

Doug Jeffries Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1055
, Claudio Martin , Gus Mattox , , Johnny Hazzard , , Patrick Downs , Tag Adams , Tristan Bennet
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Raw Footage

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Johnny Hazzard's Big Surprise

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Keep your eyes open for this quiet, unassuming little movie. First glance indicates it is just another run of the mill cookie cutter flick. Taking this DVD for a spin reveals a set of spunky sex scenes from swarthy models. We also get to see some human movement and interaction from Johnny Hazzard, who until now has been nothing but a sex machine, devoid of other human traits.

The story gives some spark of life to the guys. Basically, Hazzard shows up at the Channel 1 studios for a meeting, but finds himself all alone. Perhaps the meeting was changed, and he was not notified. In any case, after wandering through the halls, he finds a video terminal with some fresh tapes of newly filmed footage.

Hazzard spends the length of Raw Footage spooling through these scenes, all of which will cause cocks to stiffen.

First up he checks out the goods on Rascal newcomer Tristan Bonnet, a dark haired coffee colored badboy who is hangs out in the bathroom looking for trouble. Scruffy faced Owen Hawk is using the urinal when Bonnet solicits him. Hawk immediately says that he'll give Bonnet some of what he wants.

Tristan Bonnet and Owen Hawk
Tristan Bonnet sucks
Owen Hawk

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On his knees, Bonnet gives Hawk an enthusiastic blowjob. Hawk is in great shape here, and his uncut dick is superfine. Hawk calls Bonnet a dirty whore and slut while the tearoom newcomer eats his ass.

Then after pulling down Bonnet's pants, Hawk tops him doggie style over a urinal. In a hot fashion statement, Bonnet keeps his thin, ragged wife beater on the entire time. They finish with Bonnet getting a splashy facial from Hawk.

Tristan Bonnet is a hot little studmuffin, and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future. Meanwhile, Hazzard moves on to more raw footage.

Two jock-strap clad dirty guys, Gus Mattox and Tag Adams, walk into room swilling beer out of bottles. Mattox is a big, muscular top who is on loan from the Falcon stable to stick it to Adams. Soon they have put down the drinks, replacing it with some carnal refreshments.

Adams licks his tongue up and down Mattox's chest and stomach, as well as groveling in his jockstrap. Soon though attention is fully turned to Adams' jockstrapped butt. Mattox sticks his tongue inside deep, causing Hawk to start singing a low frequency moan.

After some camera closeups of fingers, they change up position so Adams can work Mattox's dick over with his mouth. Ultimately, Adams sits down on it. The two go at it with Adams proving that he's one of the most vocal bottoms around today. He bottoms in several positions, all causing him to continue his low moaning and occasional screaming like his prostate is driving him to near euphoria.

To finish, Mattox fires his money shot all over Adams' face. The bottom shoots his load onto the top's boot, and proceeds to lick a lot of it up.

The movie's third scene takes up to two raven haired beauties, Claudio Martin and Patrick Downs, locked in a passionate embrace. Downs spends a lot of quality time handling Martin's impressive cock and balls. Then Martin pulls off Down's shapely underwear down just enough to expose his hot ass.

Turns out that the newcomer's butt is a perfect fit for this hefty tool. Martin bangs him in the bed at all angles. It is an impressive show, and clearly foretells many more uses for Patrick Downs' assets. The fourth story is the film's last, but definitely not least. This three way is the high point of the entire film. Hazzard continues his personal review of the footage, when he is interrupted by delivermen Carlos Morales and Jack Ryan. Yes - the unexpected arrival of package handlers is very overdone, but in this case these guys sizzle.

Carlos Morales not only looks amazing, but here his beautiful body is wonderfully filmed. Here the scene's ultimate center is his ass, and Ryan and Hazzard spend ample time coveting the Holy Grail. Jack Ryan here plays a power top, who uses his long dick well.

There is fine footage of Hazzard eating Morales' jackstrap clad butt. A beautiful sight. Carlos Morales fans will also enjoy a sequence of him legs up as the other two work over his hole with gloved hands. The sight of Morales' muscular thighs and legs here in plain view is even better then what's happening down with his hole.

And after the two guys take turns on Morales, who has his butt stuck out while hanging in a chair, all three form a sex chain - Ryan into Hazzard into Morales.

Finally the loads all splash out. I would say this episode is right up there with Carlos Morales' work in Restless.

All in all, Raw Footage is a hot little flick that should not be overlooked.

Raw Footage Photos:

Carlos Morales snapshotWatch VOD
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales, Johhny Hazzard and Jack RyanWatch VOD
Carlos Morales, Johhny Hazzard and Jack Ryan

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