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Raw Adventures Vol 1 - Barebones

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Ethan Stevens , Felix Lopez , Gavin Schrowder , Giovanni Madrid , Oswaldo Gonzales , Pedro Martinez , Skylar Layne , Vincent Cross , Wade McKall
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Raw Adventures Vol 1 - Barebones

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Brandon Weber directs Raw Adventures

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Dripping with pheromones, Barebones draws from many of the resources from Brandon's Orgy Buddies to create a multiracial barebacking boyfest. Officially titled Raw Adventure Vol. 1 - Barebones, we can happily assume that sequels are on the way.

The movie is divided in to two separate parts, each with its own set of little studmuffine. The first part is dubbed Moving Day, which is chronicles one of the cute movers getting to bang the asses of his comrades at work.

Desert, the second part, is three scenes of another set of models having nasty outdoors fun.

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Moving Day Boys Bareback
Moving Day features bottoms with round boybutts, smooth holes and tongue rings (or pierced navels). Our star is a fair-skinned hispanic top who wields a sexy, smooth body and a nice uncut dick.

In scene one, the bottomboy has two orgasms while getting pumped by our hispanic star. (He's never identified by name, unfortunately). Oh my god.... he exclaims, unloading juice from his dick and the top never skips a throbbing thrust. They continue and the bottom unloads another on his fours. The top finishes by pulling out and dousing the bottom's happy face. This high start to the movie never skips a beat. In the second scene, our hispanic hero takes on a goateed, white co-worker. They kiss and lick each other in the kitchen.

The bottom gets is his ass up onto the counter so his friend can plow him. More great close-ups show the hispanic working his meat in and out, up to his balls. These nasty boys screw while moaning, kissing, sucking each others' fingers --- they have the best time.

Moving Day finishes with these two guys having a three-way with another nasty whiteboy. By scene's end, the latino has stuck his bare meat into both their holes. There's lots of sloppy kissing, humping and hot juice shot everywhere.

As a connection piece, we adjourn to an urban street where the boxcoverboy, a skinny hispanic, hooks up with a bigger hispanic on the street. Adjourning to the bedroom, these smooth guys suck each other in a sixty-nine.

The boxcover proves that he is a willing bottom who loves it up the ass. The top pumps him with his uncut, thick meat all over the bed in a bareback frenzy.

The bottom milks out a dollop of pre-cum before spurting out a splattery load. The top shoots his cream into the other's mouth, who licks up the seed that he first missed.

Ethan Stevens' Raw Adventures

The three sex scenes of Desert are all outdoor sexual frolics. In the starring role is Ethan Stevens, a wild boy with dirty blond hair.

He first meet the boxcoverboy on the rocks. In no time, the boxcoverboy is sitting on Stevens' dick. Stevens is a hot little number. He knows how to top, but his true calling is to use that round butt of his for pleasure.

Finally, Boxcoverboy sticks his thick meat into Stevens, causing the blond to spill his load. Boxcoverboy shoots a copious amount of cream onto Stevens' face, who licks the still-drooling head with his tongue.

Next, Stevens plays hard to get with another hispanic. This aggressive topman soon slams into the boy doggie style. They romp with the desert around them, and finish by spilling shooting their money shots.

Next, Stevens roams the lakeside cruise spot. Here he finds Manny Rocko, a hung latino from Brandon's Orgy Buddies. After kissing, Stevens is butt-up. His hole swallows up the top's hefty log without a hitch. Their bare fun continues when a third guy wanders in, who also gets a fun turn on Stevens.

The movie is a fantastic entry in the library of nasty young guys humping bare. Bottomboy Ethan Stevens is one accommodating little sparkplug. His butt draws the latinos into it like a powerful magnet collecting iron filings.

Raw Adventure Vol 1 - Barebones is worth every penny.

Raw Adventures Vol 1 - Barebones Photos:

Ethan Stevens in Raw AdventuresWatch VOD
Ethan Stevens tastes his friend
Ethan Stevens bareback bottomsWatch VOD
Ethan Stevens between his friends

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