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Raw 2

Doug Jeffries
All Worlds Video  
, Brock Webster , Diego Pastores , Kevin Brown , Matt Martin , , Rik Jammer , Scott Swann , Sledge Sawyer , Tony Ryder , Zak Spears
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Raw 2

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Zak Spears leads this Sci-Fi Gay Porn

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raw 2 marks another success at incorporating science fiction themes to porn. The production team here takes a deft hand to the subject a second time with Doug Jeffries directing and Fay Dubois editing. Newcomer writer here Scott Swann provides a nice script, which along with the moody lighting and visuals creates an atmospheric episode of the BBC's Doctor Who (Tom Baker incarnation, of course)

All in all, the sci-fi element adds a dimension of fun to what is truly a set of four sizzling sex scenes. The movie begins with Fay Dubois, in a non sexual role, costumed like a terrifying characterature resembling that of veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

Wild-eyed and beyond sane, Zak Spears leads a medical team to probe the mad doctor's mind for insight into her wild sex criminal experiments, as seen in the earlier installment Raw. Removed from her padded cell, she gets strapped on the gurney and submits to mind probes.

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Pete Ross and Kevin Brown
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The only problem in the film, which we'll say upfront, is that Spears speaks with such a low, smooth voice, it's impossible to hear his dialogue. But it isn't long before the film has started the first scenario of deviant behavior - two baseball team players having sex together with the coach.

In what starts as a bossy, aggressive scene, the three-way glides into a very romantic episode led by kissing fiend Pete Ross and his white jockstrap. Ross practically consumes sporto Kevin Brown (Wrong Side of the Tracks) with his mouth. This is actually the first of three three-way scenes where two bigger guys overwhelm and plow the bottomboy.

Ross rides Brown at an amazing gait, followed by coach Scott Swann, who is making his debut film appearance. One of the many memorable moments here has a sex train with Swann plugging Brown, who plugs Ross. All in all a fantastic opener!

Ross finishes with one of his signature noisy orgasms, followed with sweet creamy finishes by the other two.

The next episode shows the devout Tony Ryder confessing his sexual lusts to fellow clergyman Diego Pastores. Their flowing robes come off to reveal big hard-ons, and suffice it to say, their sex is practically a religious experience.

Pastores, who showed some serious versatility in Kristen Bjorn's Bone Island, actually is a full time bottom for the youthful Ryder. This is Ryder's first filmed scene, and his enthusiasm for appearing in porn shows. (Ryder subsequently appeared in the hot Got Fuk'd)

Ryder's cock equipment is very nice - thick with a big cockhead, like a harpoon. Light tufts of dark hair run down his ass and legs. After sucking Pastores, he drills him over a precariously standing altar. There's nothing like a new hot top, and Ryder sure hits the target.

Horny Drunken Sailors

The next scene brings to life a classic scenario: three drunken navyboys gets frisky in a back alley. Redhead Blu Kennedy and all-American buddy Sledge Sawyer wield some mighty big cocks, forcing the smaller Matt Martin to get on his knees to suck.

Watching these two take over the boyish Martin is great. Both screw his cute butt with their colossal cocks. Sawyer's military looks has scored him numerous Dirk Yates marine movies (Live by the Sword). Here he comes to life with one of the movie's most memorable visuals - a train with Kennedy screwing Sawyer, who is screwing Martin.

Kennedy here takes a nice role as aggressive top, showing that he's got a long career ahead. Their feisty three way is a breathless serving of pleasure that breaks all forms of protocol.

The movie's final scene shows DuBois taking control of the doctors' experiments, ultimately causing Spears, Brock Webster and Rik Jammer to tear off their clothes to engage in a leatherman fantasy. Jammer, fresh from Raging Stallion Studios, offers up his sweet, smooth ass here for a fantastic plowing by Webster, whose beautiful black cock easily commands all the attention.

Spears screws him in a great looking sling, followed by a round of fisting, which is just in the director's cut. Jammer's cock just never seems to go down at any point.

The film also includes an entertaining secondary audio track of commentary from Jeffries and DuBois, which the viewer will find informative.

Jeffries' talents shine in Raw 2, which with its cool story and creative technicals make this a great film to take in on any evening. Quick tip of the hat to Brandon Lee's spunky electronic music score. Without good music, porn films just seem naked.

Raw 2 Photos:

Rik Jammer and Brock WebsterWatch Now
Rik Jammer and Brock Webster
Brock Webster fucks Rik JammerWatch Now
Brock Webster behind Rik Jammer
Raw 2Watch Now
Blu Kennedy, Sledge Sawyer and Matt Martin
Diego Pastores and Tony RyderWatch Now
Diego Pastores inspects Tony Ryder

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