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Raw Weekend Retreat

Wade Lincoln
Hot Desert Knights  
Ardon Masters , Punch Atwill , Scott Daniels , Steff Alexander , Tim Skyler
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Raw Weekend Retreat

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Ardon Masters pulls his buddies into his fantasy trailer for a weekend of raw lusts.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Despite the cheesy Hill Street Blues throwback music that opens the film (you may want to stick some choice music of your own on in the background - especially if you're entertaining sex guests), the action starts, the tunes, thankfully, end, and we're thrust, quite literally, into a Raw Weekend Retreat.

Cover star Ardon Masters (Dungeon Gang Bang) escorts cutie-pie bottomboy Tim Skylar, who the whole neighborhood fucks in Hung House Husbands, to his movie trailer. (Skyler also performs in the hit amatuer film using the name Adam Burr in The Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr.)

Ardon Masters and Steff Alexander [Watch on]
or Naked Sword
Ardon Masters enters Steff Alexander
They bring cropped, handsome, horny and rugged Steff Alexander on tow. With no time for sexual scenarios this trio gets straight into the action.

Speedily stripped of clothes by these two masculine tops, Skylar becomes the center of the scene, revealing his scorching skinny body . Masters explores his front while Alexander ravishes him from behind. Fans of talkative sex will be quite satisfied with this offering, especially with Masters incessant verbal attacks.

Fully disrobed now, the big boys kiss in the trailer kitchen, while Skylar works the fucking cock juice out of them. Showing off a colorful arm of tats, Masters gets into position behind his younger playmate who is busy sucking off Alexander. Bent over, Skylar reveals one of the purest, smoothest, most beautiful asses ever offered up to an audience.

It's Alexander's lubed up cock that slides up Skylar first, while Masters barks orders in his own heavily verbal way. Coached and coaxed by Masters, Skylar takes his pierced cock in his mouth, while his other end gets stuffed full of bareback meat. Hotly the two dominant guys lean over their human cock spit and kiss, almost seeming to ignore the bottom they're pounding below.

Masters comments how much more comfortable that bottom's ass is going to be for him, and moving the bottom to the couch he duly takes over from Alexander. Almost as hot as the bearded verbose top ("Take it to the balls boy, that's it…/ Nice tight boyhole"), are the sexy sounds that Skylar emanates, face and ass both totally stuffed to breaking point with penis.

HDK never disappoints with their spunk inducing camera angles, and the under-ass shot of Masters going at Skylar is a definite must see. That slutty pummelled bottom is so turned on you can see a bead of cock juice hanging off the end of his cock as he's getting screwed.

The two tops trade him back and forth, giving instruction and plenty of length. Masters ultimately comes from above; jerking his PA'd cock until it splurges right on that hot open hairless hole of Skylars. Bent over next, Skylar takes Alexander's hot dripping spill all over his sweet sweet ass.

Masters sucks his fellow top clean, and the dominant duo make sure their little smooth bottom boy cums, thumbing their spunk up his hole while he's jerked off.

Ignoring the cheesy music again we rejoin Masters and Alexander in a hot fireplace scene. Trading blow jobs, it's the pierced cover star that ultimately submits, and bends over for some bare butt banging.

Nips squeezed, cock teased, and ass pleased, Masters doesn't know what cumming to him, but he doesn't care. Alexander shoots right on his hole, and fucks that man juice deep inside. Masters returns the compliment, doing his friend as raw as can be. Dripping all over his shaved hole, he shoves it back in.

Scott Daniels, my personal favorite (aside from that hot bottom boy Skylar), is next to hang with Mr. Masters. Hot skinny tatted frame and a nice hung dick, he clearly loves to bareback and is up Masters' hole almost immediately.

Hard, slow, steady, and from above, Daniels gives Masters a fucking he won't forget anytime soon. This tall lanky stud takes Masters for a long, hot, and perilous ride through a plethora of positions, and extended set of variations from above him, finally setting the scene for the inevitable doggy onslaught.

( Daniels is a master of his craft, and masters Masters masterly, and without mercy. )

Finally working his shaft, his cockhead rests on Masters shaved rosebud, and his cum heads directly for its raw target in the hottest stickiest close-up of the movie.

He even fucks it back in before pulling out and commanding Masters (not living up to his name here) onto his side, and feeding him that hot thick length freshly pulled out of his fuckhole. Masters in turn shoots a biggie, and Daniels cleans him off, before re-assuming the dominant position and kissing his cum back into his mouth. Nice one.

Steff Alexander in the sling

Thankfully as the movie scene dissolves and reopens we realize quickly that we have a double dose of Daniels dick to die for. This time it's a dungeon setting, and Steff Alexander is in the sling. Daniels gets right into him, grabbing his heavy boots, and fucking his ass deep, hard, and raw. Pushing in and pulling completely out, the camera crew on HDK reveals the hottest of scenes, and show they know what it's about.

Moving to a bench, the pair trade out, perhaps better matched than Masters and Daniels were, and a studded leather harnessed Alexander pops a load out onto Daniels' protracted hole, which takes the bare cock back in without a moment's thought. Fingering and rimming the cum back in with style, he then lets the top-cum-bottom Daniels pump one out onto the black love seat they were screwing on.

The final scene full circles back to Tim Skyler, who is being expertly deep throated by newcomer to the movie, Punch Atwill (I assume he likes fisting, judging by the name…). I've seen a lot of porns recently, but not one that quite demonstrates the nuances between "Daddy" and "Son" quite so well.

In fact, going further this film turns convention on its head, and it is "Son" (smoothie) Skylar whose engorged cock is soon up "Daddy's" ass (Atwill) rather than the other way around. He takes him in on the same love bench as the last scene, bent over, bareback, and big boned…

He cums up his ass and the pair trade positions for the more conventional watchers (I have to admit I find the latter part much hotter, but it's all personal taste).

Here, Atwill pulls open those youthful asscheeks, and gives that hole a rimming, then an unabashed raw rodgering. And you can see this kid loves every minute. Their sex sounds are intense.

They crescendo together with Skylar (perhaps where he should be) on that creaky rhythmic sling, and in the darkness and the trappings of the sex dungeon, amidst their own moans and groans.

Bad Daddy Atwill doesn't even bother to pull out, and instead we see a flood of cum water falling out of Skylar's smooth ass when his Daddy is all finished up. And so concludes Raw Weekend Retreat.

Hot Desert Knights also have quite a package of extras available on the Raw Weekend Retreat DVD. Notwithstanding the movie and scene access, they include a cumshot compilation over four minutes long, three ½ minutes of HOT set photos (if you like HOT bottom Skylar you've got to see these), and previews for Hung House Husbands (one of my personal favorite HDK releases) and Raw Retreat.

Raw Weekend Retreat Photos:

Steff Alexander above Ardon Masters [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Steff Alexander tops Ardon Masters
Punch Atwill explores Tim Skyler [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Punch Atwill explores Tim Skyler
Steff Alexander behind Scott Daniels [Watch on] or Naked Sword
Steff Alexander tops Scott Daniels
Raw Weekend Retreat snapshot [Watch on]
or Naked Sword
Raw Weekend Retreat snapshot [Watch on]
or Naked Sword

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