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Raw Twink

Michael Paris
Eboys Studio  
Aurelien Duval , Camel , Carey Lexes , Giovani , Jack Rebel , Lucky Look , Micky Coolio , Peter Scott , Ryan Philipe , Shemin , Valentino
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Raw Twink

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Raw Twinks fuck their brains out (Giovanni Vito!)

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raw Twink is an unremarkable wtitle, but don't be fooled. Of the large quantity of twink bareback movies produced in 2006, Raw Twink stands head and shoulders about the rest. The models burn with lust and passion. The phototography is captured in spectacular detail. And almost no loads are wasted after everyone's brains get fucked out.

Director Michael Paris turns Raw Twink from just another movie into something that will be watched over and over many times.

The first second of the film starts with Euro boytoy Giovanni Vito wrapped in a passionate with Ryan Philipe, squeezing his butt through his jeans. They undress each other in a frenzy, quickly getting down to suck each other's curvy cocks.

Carey Lexes fucks Dominik TrojanWatch VOD
Camel (Dominik Trojan) rides Carey Lexes

Blog: We'd Walk a Mile for This Camel
Raw Twink contains several money shots in each scene. Phillipe drains his balls into Vito's mouth, followed with the blond getting on his fours, opening his boy-hole so Vito can slide on inside.

Spectacular views of bareback ass plowing follow. Vito shows his high degree sexual prowess in Eurocreme's bareback movies, like Bare Skaters. Here the lean Italian is in wonderful form. Philipe has a long, curved dick, which drips pre-cum when he gets fucked.

In an unforgettable, extended climax, Vito pulls out, creams Philipe's hole and pushes him over to another position and continues hammering. Their lust stops quickly, with some kissing.

The second episode follows the same sexual script, and it is equally hot. Carey Lexes is a Czech model who is one of this year's most intriguing newcomers. He appears in many productions, both bareback and non-bareback (World Soccer Orgy). Lexes shows off his top man skills on Micky Coolio, who shoots a creamy load in his face, and kissing him before plopping on his fours.

Lexes performs another one of the movie's pull out, shoot, and stick it back for more pumping conclusions.

Their lusts, still unfullfilled, continue with Lexes topping Coolio in a finishing round with the bottom spread out, taking it side saddle.

The third episode brings together the couple viewers may recognize from the single bareback episode of Eurocreme's Spyboy 2, fair skinned Aurelian Duval and brunet Shemin. In their sweet reunion, they reverse sexual roles. Duval, who has numerous piercing including a guiche, takes it up the ass from Shemin.

Duval has a very tight ass. Watching Shemin's foreskin pull and retract while moving through Duval's tight sphincter is mesmerizing. And now the viewer really gets to see how big Shemin's cock truly is (before he's only bottomed).

In a spectacular visual, Duval stands up, giving the camera a remarkable underside view of their screwing. Shemin creams Duval's ass, and cum runs everywhere during their post-orgasm fucking.

As with the previous couple, they enjoy an equally spectacular round two, this time flip-flopping with Duval who plows Shemin.

Jack Rebel in Raw TwinkWatch VOD
Jack Rebel primed for the final orgy
The next scene's set-up is extremely erotic: Fully dressed, Peter Scott and Lucky Look paw each other on the couch while boxcover boy Valentino sits below them taking his time to finish a cigarette. When done, Look replaces his oral fixation with Scott's juicy cock.

Slowly removing their clothes, the guys enjoy a suckfest.

The anal action melts the screen, with lots of time given to the heavily hung Look getting topped by Valentino. Their sweet episode ends with jizz-heavy facials.

Next, Lexes performs an encore playing the role of the bareback bottom. He offer up his butt to the youthful, enormously endowed Camel. As before, this footage is spectacular from beginning to end. Lexes carries his scenes with a strong sexual confidence. If all this isn't enough, these two enjoy a suburb second round of anal play highlighted by the unforgettable image of the fully erect Camel bouncing himself up and down on Lexes's hot rod.

Raw Twink finishes with seven of the film's models returning for an orgy. Jack Rebel, a new face to the movie, takes a sizaable dildo up his hungry butt amidst a room writhing with sucking and fucking. Duval and Shemin dominate the scene's anal action, which is nice, but it is stuff we've seen before. The movie's real strength is in its five previous episodes. Perhaps it just arrives on the heels of exceptional non-stop sexual power.

The DVD's behind the scenes includes a nice assembly of off-camera footage runnning around half an hour, as well as photos. Fans will enjoy the second looks at the cast. There is lots of fluffing.

Raw Twink features five spectacular scenes of serious twink barebacking. The models appear enthusiastic and eager to shoot round after round of lusty play.

For fans of the immensely popular bareback twink genre, this film lands at the top of the best bareback films of 2006 list.

Raw Twink Photos:

Raw Twink orgyWatch VOD
The Raw Twink orgy
Peter Scott and Valentino in Raw TwinkWatch VOD
Peter Scott sucks Valentino
Giovanni Vito and Ryan PhilipeWatch VOD
Giovanni Vito sucks Ryan Philipe

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