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Raw Tricks

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
, Erik Lenn , Giovany Vito , Lev Dumak , Mark Laurent , Nicholas Corby , Palo Vyper , Richard Damon , , , Sebastian Gould , Tom Nowy
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Raw Tricks

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The Pleasures That Come with Owning a Disco

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raw Tricks keeps the popular RAW barebacking franchise on course, sure to become an all time favorite. It tells the story about a handsome young Czech (Mark Laurent), who ponders his sudden fortunes from owning The Pink Club, which a disco populated by near-naked go-go boys. Laurent rides in the backseat of his chauffuer driven car contemplating his recent fortunes, which seem to involve recuiting hot guys as escorts.

From this, the film's sex scenes are actually in flashback. As far as the sexual episodes, there is not a bad apple in the bunch. The guys can barely contain themselves from keeping a big hard cock out of their mouths, or up their asses. The movie begins showing a younger Laurent unwittingly abducted by some guys for sex. He ends up servicing the bald headed, go-teed Erik Lenn in a extremely arousing episode, where he serves up his mouth and ass eagerly.

Lenn, who kinda resembles Brad McGuire, strikes a sexy figure, slightly more mature than the rest of the boyish cast. He bangs Laurent in numerous positions before cumming in his mouth.

Lenn is so satisfied by their new boy that he sends his buddy (Nicholas Corby) down for a piece. Corby is a bottom, whose hungry ass happily swallows up Laurent's long erection. After screwing him, Laurent blasts a powerful money shot that jets up the side of the bottom's face, glancing off in a juicy blow.

Next, Laurent remembers Sebastian's story, in which he snags brunet Sebastian Gould off the side of road for sex in his car. Laurent, who speaks English pretty well in the film, blows his long cock until he cums, eating it up. Then, he has his driver, the hung and straight-acting Palo Vyper go screw the newbie's hairless butt on the hood of their car.

Compliements to the excellent and clearly photographed outdoor videography, and the bucolic Czech countryside around them is lovely.

Vyper spreads Gould's tan cheeks apart with both hands, licking him out. He sinks his hefty cock inside, and nails him to the car. Vyper delivers a hefty, creamy load into Gould's gullet.

Robert Driveman barebacks Giovanny VitoWatch Now
Robert Driveman piledrives
Giovanny Vito
Tom Nowy and Robbie MastersWatch Now
Tom Novy sucks
Robbie Masters

Robbie Masters and Tom Nowy enjoy raw tricks

The next episode tells of the hiring of Robbie Masters, who is picked up in a john for sex in what appears to be an abandoned garage. His client is blond Czech movie regular Tom Nowy (Raw Fix). Both Nowy and Masters look fantastic, strutting their stuff with gym built bodies and hard cum filled cocks.

Masters, who has appeared in numerous movies, just never seems to tire, and with his limber body and face full of expressions, continues to be a very hot guy to watch get screwed. Masters cums first while getting plowed. His seamen shines off his stomach as Nowy finishes.

When Masters takes his oral cumshot, the viewer really sees just how big this guy's dick truly is.

In a very hot bit of editing, we see Novy report back via phone to Laurent, who is in the midst of getting power fucked by chauffuer Vyper. In an inspired bit of costuming, Vyper hammers him while wearing a pair of groovy sunglasses. How cool is that?

Vyper sure weilds a hot dick, ultimately jacking out a hefty money shot into his bosses open mouth. As before, Laurent sprays out his own high velocity joyjuice, running up his own body.

The next episode shows go go boy Giovanny Vito, a floppy haired cutie, taken under the wings of Robert Driveman and Richard Damon. The angelic Vito gets screwed relentlessly by his two friends, showing off impressive bottom skills. Driveman, who always seems up for anything in the movies, waits for Damon to pound him, and shoot his cum inside.

Thrilled to get sloppy seconds, Driveman piledrives Vito's cum dripping hole. What are friends for?

Driveman always puts on a memorable show, and this one is no exception.

The film end's with the story of youthful porn pup Lev Dumak getting hired off the street by Cameron Jackson. Their sex also takes place outdiirs, this time by the car parked by an empty field. Dumak remains rather passive, prety much following all of Jackson's leads. He sucks his dick, and takes it up his ass while hanging onto the automobile.

Jackson dumps a hot load in his pickup's mouth. Cameron Jackson is such a stud. We love Cameron.

Without any fanfare, Raw Tricks ends. The sex and the boys are top notch, and the story is typically difficult to understand because its been translated through several languages. Still, it's just porn, and very hot porn at that.

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Raw Tricks Photos:

Giovanny Vito spreads for Robert DrivemanWatch Now
Giovanny Vito spreads wide for Robert Driveman
Robbie Masters and Tom NovyWatch Now
Robbie Masters and Tom Novy

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