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Raw Times

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Bill Brown , , Claude Henson , Frodo Kaspy , Gianni Conti , Jack Roys , Jim Lee , Joe Page , Kent Roth , Richard Said , Rocky Sommers , Rusti Thorel , Thomas Tyler , Tim Taillor , Tom Nowy , Tony Peck
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Raw Times

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These are indeed raw times.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A hot movie packed with six scenes, all connected by segments that could have been written by Prague's Nasty Visitors and Conventioneers Bureau. Large banners in bright colors flash announcements such as Prague is a city of sex! It's full of sex!!!

The film begins at a hotel where a room is made squeaky clean by beefy boy Thomas Tyler and his compatriot Gianni Conti. Lingering stares and raised eyebrows inspire Conti to pull his underwear down over his ass. Tyler responds by taking out his cock and making sexual poses with the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner.

Jim Lee tastes Tom NowyWatch Now
Jim Lee tastes Tom Nowy
Tyler is a real doll with broad shoulders and a million dollar smile. He slurps on Conti's cock long enough so that it's rock hard. Tyler's beefy ass easily swallows Conti's cock in a memorable sequence of shots from the underside. Juicy lube creams out of his hole at one point.

In the middle of this, well groomed businessmen Tom Novy and Jim Lee check into the suite and watch their sex through an ajar door.

This inspires Novy to run his tongue along the nape of Lee neck, followed by kissing and undressing.

Novy is a sexual pro, sucking on Lee's stiffening cock and licking his balls.

Conti and Tyler finish with the bottom on the bathroom floor, on his back and cumming white creamy ropes on his belly. Conti tops this by covering his partner in a spectacular eight spurt money shot. By this time, Novy's cock is out of his pants and hard. After the cleaning crew leave, Novy and Lee jump onto the bed. Lee throws his legs back, spreading open his deep hole, begging for penetration. Novy, one of the best tops in the biz, guides himself in for a session of long and deep ass pounding.

Novy finishes by spraying gobs of cum into Lee's mouth.

This double whammy opening scene is worth the price of admission alone.

After this, Raw Times moves to the sexual frolic in the army barracks, where officers Rocky Sommers and Rusti Thorel pin down youthful recruits Jack Roys and Kent Roth (Bareback Road Trip). Sommers has appeared in tons of movies with a myriad of studios. A high profile model, as well as an active escort in Europe, he keeps himself in perfect condition. For some reason, Roys thinks he can successfully arm wrestle Sommers.

Perhaps the crafty kid just wanted an easy excuse to get pinned down? Roys sucks on Sommers' cock, who sports a completely shaven pubic area. One hot visual shows both Roys and Roth simultaneously smoking Sommers' pole.

The tradey Thorel jacks his loads into the mouths of the two boys, followed by his hasty exit. That is okay, because this leaves Sommers to hammer the boys' brains out with his thick cock.

Laying in a bunk bed, Sommers stuffs Roth's ass, who keeps his legs thrown back perfectly to the sides of his head. After the top gets Roth off, he climbs up to the top bunk, where he stuff Roys' white hot ass. Wearing a sexy wife beater, Roys lays on his stomach, giving complete access to his smooth hole.

Sommers holds the bottom down and plows him, culminating with a pull out cum shot, and post orgasm fucking.

Roth returns to eat Roys' cum load, ending what is arguably the hottest episode of the entire film.

After this, the film relaxes a bit, following dirty blonds Tony Peck and Bill Brown, who watch each other through curtains in a clothing store's dressing room and jack off. Peck, who is beautiful, similarly performs an unreciprocated j/o in Bare Encounters.

Things heat up again as Brown returns for a spunky three-way with Joe Page and Claude Henson. Brown is one of those tall, thin lads who carries an arm of a cock between his legs. Page and Henson get on their knees to worship it.

Page, wearing a tight undershirt and jock strap becomes their mutual fucktoy. Page looks very hot getting fucked in his jock, giving it up to both, easily taking their hefty cocks.

Spectacular visuals include them making a "Joe Page sandwich" end to end, as well as Page riding atop Brown's pole as his own erection swings around in the air.

Raw Times snapshotWatch Now
Richard Said and Frodo Kaspy

Frodo Kaspy's Magic Fellowship

Next, Rusti Thorel returns to perform a jack-off online to the grinning pleasure of Frodo Kaspy (Bareback Twink Street), who watches intently beating off. This culminates with Thorel filling his hand with white cum, followed by Kaspy shooting his wad onto his computer monitor.

Just then, Richard Said opens the door looking very upset at the mess on his monitor. He speaks to Kaspy (what exactly was it that Richard said???), who licks his own cum up off the screen, and bends over bare assed.

Said sticks his cock inside, screwing him bareback doggie style. Kaspy keeps a cute grin on his face, jacking himself off with Said topping him.

Their scene ends with each others' cum intermingling on the bottom's furry belly.

The movie finishes with a nice duet of hot blonds: Cameron Jackson gets rubbed down on a massage table by Tim Tailor. This scene is hot for two reasons: Jackson, who usually tops, bottoms. And Tailor, who usually bottoms (e.g. as Tomi Bouska in Bareback Hazing), tops.

Laying flat on his stomach, Jackson's entire body has grown and curved very nicely since his first films. Jackson has always had a fabulous ass. This sequence showing him getting fucked with his ass front and center in order for it to receive deserved camera time.

Jackson slides himself up and down the length of Tailor's cock, followed by him sticking his ass almost right into the camera for more plowing. Jackson gets it in an around the world variety of positions, ultimately getting himself off while riding Tailor, who eats his cum, but ends up with most of it on his face.

Prague's reputation as a city of sex has become renowned world-wide since the fall of the Soviet bloc. Lots of people are making lots of money from the sex films produced here, which also happen to be some of the biggest selling. These are, indeed, raw times.

Raw Times Photos:

Raw Times snapshotWatch Now
Kent Roth and Jack Roys gaze up at Rusti Thorel
Raw Times snapshotWatch Now
Bill Brown, Joe Page, Claude Henson
Raw Times snapshotWatch Now
Thomas Tyler tastes Gianni Conti
Raw Times snapshotWatch Now
Tim Tayllor spreads Cameron Jackson

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