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Raw (Kent Larson)

Doug Jeffries
All Worlds Video  
Antonio Montez , Drew Peters , , , Kent Larson , Kyle Lewis , Rick Gonzales , Ruben D'Angelo , Sergio Anthony , Tag Adams , Vin Nolan
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Raw (Kent Larson)

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Sex offenders (Kent Larson) get raw justice

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Right when you've pretty much moved on to new studios, along comes trusty All Worlds with some really hot material. Raw is an entertaining movie highlighted by great model match-ups whose energies that smoke-up the screen. This is also a lite-sci fi theme to the film. The narrator is crazed doctor Fay Dubois, who shows her assistant, blond Drew Peters, their inventory of cryogenically frozen sex offenders. She aspires to take these subjects on, a la A Clockwork Orange.

Dubois first unveils the handsome brunet Jack Ryan, a john who hires hustlers. The movie then flashes to Ryan meeting up with mijo-licious boytoy Sergio Anthony (Pool Boy) in a public restroom. A monetary proposition quickly leads to steamy tearoom sex between these two studs. Ryan, always a reliable performer, does a first class job dominating the smaller Anthony, who gets on his knees to give a slobbery blowjob. Ryan's rigid rod relishes the attention.

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Anthony has a beautiful, curvaceous ass which should be officially listed on menus as genuine comfort food. It looks incredibly delectable. After sucking him, Ryan drills the latino hard as he's bent over the vanity. Making the scene hotter, a mirror is before them, so Anthony gets to watch himself taking Ryan's cock from behind. Throughout all this, Ryan keeps talking to him, being the boss.

This opening scene sizzles, and Anthony is one hot latino bottom. Roll this chulito out for more! After Ryan blows his daddy-cum all over Anthony's sweet face, we turn to our next set of sex offenders.

Butch bottom Kent Larson is dressing for his wedding as he decides to get it on with his Best Man, newcomer Kyle Lewis (Pig Trough), a slim, hung guy. Also appearing in the scene, participating in oral only, is newbie Jonathan West. West is a real hottie who hopefully will come further out of his shell in future All Worlds productions.

Lewis brings with him a very big dick, which Larson spends lengthy time pleasuring. Lewis and Larson roll around naked on the bed, drawing the attention of West, who spends most of the time standing in the doorway fondling himself. Larson sits his titanic ass down on Lewis' face. After this tasty foreplay, Lewis screws Larson's hot bootie in several positions.

At one point, Larson lays back, feet spread apart fully displaying his muscular frame as he's rammed. He is one of the hottest bottoms on the scene today. They all finish by laying arm to arm and jacking off in turn. Newbie Lewis wins the distance money shot contest.

Next we learn the story of dirtyboy Tag Adams, who eternally prowls the streets for cock. Any cock. In his frozen stasis, he dreams a neverending program where two hung latinos nab him, fucking him within an inch of his life. Antonio Montez and Rick Gonzales are tall, big guys with beautiful uncut cocks that they plunge into Adams' throat. They take turns dominating him, chattering in Spanish about how his coolo is theirs.

Tag Adams prowls the streets for cock - any cock.
They tear off his underwear, and stick their tongues in his hole. One licks the hole, as the other plants kisses on his asscheek. After Adams' constant begging to get filled, they slam his ass full of their machismo. Montez is a brutal top, never slowing down his deep thrusts. For Gonzalez, they turn him over doggie so the top can give it to him rapid fire. The other stands at Adams' head end to stuff his mouth with cock.

Montez and Gonzalez rain their hot loads down on Adams' face. This is absolutely one of the hottest performances I have seen with Gonzalez, and we've got to see more of Montez! As a coda, the two hose the bottom down with their piss.

Throwing Drew Peters into the Machine

In the final scene, the inquisitive blond Peters is thrown by Doctor Faye into the matrix. He must live out a fantasy with leatherman Ruben D'Angelo and ballcap badboy Vin Nolan. Peters here seems to delight going down this Road to Submission. D'Angelo is a handsome older hispanic with three arms. Two are natural appendages on the sides of his body, and one big arm hangs between his legs.

This uncut piece of meat splits open Peters' mouth, filling his throat. The blond has to alternate kneeling before the other two, and Nolan's is a nice sized one too. The movie cuts to a jockstrap wearing Peters getting rear ended doggie style by D'Angelo, who slams it in up to his big purple balls. Power top: meet power bottom. D'Angelo and Nolan get to alternately stuff his hole.

This is a great final finish. The director's cut includes a well-dome sequence of Peters getting fisted, although first Peters easily takes a chocolate Bam dildo as an appitizer. D'Angelo performs very well as a fisting top, filling up the groaning Peters, who gets to show off his wide open hole. These guys are nasty. Each model puts in 100 percent making this movie one not to be missed. There is a nice cross section of body types, some hot latino on white action and a lot of powerhouse fucking.

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