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Raw Retreat

Wade Lincoln
Hot Desert Knights  
Aaron Buns , Christian Volt , Davidson , Dominik Rider , Duke Savage , Gabriel , Jake Long , , John Andrews , Tom Colt
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Raw Retreat

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Jarod Steel and Dominik Rider enjoy a raw retreat

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Hot Desert Knights movie studio has recently enjoyed a film entertainment renaissance. One of the first bareback movie producers, it spent several years languishing in darker, gritty alleyways, forgetting their original hits like Boys Club, Barebacking Boys, or even the groundbreaking World's Hungriest Cumhole Contest.

But the studio has made a comeback... literally. Raw Retreat features a cast of diverse body types: younger/older, twink/dad, hunks/regular guys. All are good looking. They have moved out of the fisting dungeons into bright desert landscapes of Southern California, and these models love shooting their loads and shoving their dicks back inside for additional post-orgasm fucking.

Jared Steele Bareback Bottom [Watch on]
Jarod Steel Bareback Bottom
The film begins with lithe sex pot Jarod Steel enjoying a hike in some isolated backwoods (an homage to early 1980s William Higgins California boys?). After planting himself on a rock, he undresses and quickly spies another naked horn dog down the path. (Jake Long).

Steel proves to be quite the slut-boy who knows what he wants. He approaches Long wordlessly, and starts blowing his cock, essentially lubing it so that he can sit down on it. His boy butt easily swallows Long's man pole.

After riding it, Long pumps his new friend's butt bareback doggie style.

Flat on his back, heels raises to the azure blue sky, Steel gets the top's cum load, which causes him to follow-up with his own money shot fairly quickly.

Of course, Steel never finds reason or time to remove the sunglasses from his face.

Next, Dungeon Gang Bang denizen Duke Savage finds Dominik Rider relaxing in a sudsy jacuzzi just waiting to get fucked. Savage, a handsome guy whose chest is covered with manly hair, is exactly what the smooth latino is waiting for.

Standing up in the whirling water, Rider warms up Savage with an enthusiastic blowjob.

They adjourn indoors to the living room where Savage plows Rider's ass doggie style using hard pounding thrusts. Rider moans and grunts like a rutting puppy. Then in a nice surprise, Steele enters the room and takes over the top man duties from Savage. Savage relaxes on the couch watching Steel hammer Rider's hard until his cum starts running back out.

Rider then goes to Savage and rides the top, jacking off his own rock-hard cock. The three finish by forming a variety of pyramids with each other on the couch, leaving Savage soaked in his own spooge.

The film's action keeps on cooking as Rider tries to prepare a meal in the kitchen. Wearing just an apron, he's assaulted by a sexy big dicked top named John Andrews, who continues the film's chronicle of the exploration and exploitation of Dominik Rider's joyous manhole.

Rider rides him jacking off leaving himself drained and his ass with another load of man seed bubbling inside his ass.

Andrews returns for the next episode, this time happy to show his own hard wood to furry bottom dad Christian Volt. These two prove to be a very chemically explosive match-up. Volt loves getting rolled around and manhandled by the bigger Andrews. As before, Andrews leaves his sperm deposit in the bottom's hungary hole.

Bareback Domestic Partners

The following scene introduces two completely new faces, Davidson and Gabriel, for a searing one-on-one in the bedroom. The manly brunet throws a high powered fuck into Gabriel, whose tight little body squirms in ecstasy. (These guys may be Brazilian models thrown into the film for good measure)

The heavily hung Davidson screws him in several positions, and pulls out to shoot a big load and continue on for several minutes of additional hot ass pounding.

The movie finishes with two daddy types getting frisky in their bedroom. Dark haired furry Tom Colt (Sleaze) shows how to top a hungry ass (Aaron Buns). Not a bad ending, but the producers have clearly fronted this movie with their best material.

Fans of Rider will enjoy watching more footage of him getting fucked in the deleted scene in the DVD extras.

Raw Retreat marks a delightful breath of fresh air from Hot Desert Knights. The movie nicely utilizes a set of oversexed, hot models, particularly giving well deserved attention to Jarod Steel, Dominik Rider and John Andrews.

Raw Retreat Photos:

Jarod Steel bottoms for Duke Savage [Watch on]
Jarod Steel on Duke Savage
Duke Savage fucks Dominik Rider [Watch on]
Duke Savage behind Dominik Rider
John Andrews fucks Christian Volt [Watch on]
John Andrews tops Christian Volt
Jarod Steel fucks Dominik Rider [Watch on]
Jarod Steel tops Dominik Rider,
Duke Savage (background)

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