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Raw Regret

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Bill Brown , Billy Jay , , Carey Lexes , Chris Cloony , Colin Richardson , David Owen , Jack Roys , John Swis , Kamil Fox , Kevin Trejo , Richard Said , Tom Arnott , Tomi Luck
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Raw Regret

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Jack Roys and Carey Lexes share their raw regrets.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Eurocreme / Raw Films, Ltd. has actually released a bareback movie named Raw Regret. Ok. Is there a joke in that, or was the original meaning has been lost in translation? Who knows. The fact is that is just one of many interesting things about this movie, which is a powerfully hot five scene collection directed by Vlado Iresch.

The plot of the movie actually deals with one of Eurocreme's frequent topics - fuck overs. One could ponder a sense of disturbance watching the guys trick each other into sex, often stealing from them. But this is also very good porn, so if anything, it gives us something extra to talk about in a review.

John Swis and Kevin TrejoWatch Now
John Swis sucks Kevin Trejo
The movie also may be baby faced bottom Jack Roys last film appearance, which would disappoint his many fans.

Sorry, More Fuck-Overs

The film begins with Kamil Fox (Bare Reunion) and Billy Jay, both guys are real mannish hunks, picking up hapless hitchhiker Tomi Luck in the car. Fox informs Jay that he's "not giving him this lift for free." So he goes into the back of their SUV, awakens him, and makes him suck his dick.

The bottle blond Luck subsequently has gone on to appear in many movies as Jason Nicos (Bareback Buddies). Here he turns in a hot performance as the first reluctant, but happily passive bottom who gets fucked by Fox and Jay's big dicks.

Jay's cock is mammoth, so watching Luck not only get his mouth around its girth, but also take it up his ass, is eye opening. While Luck jawbones Jay, Fox decides to slide his cock into the hitchhiker's hairless ass. Luck turns to out to be a great bottom, who arches his butt at angles so that he can meet Fox's bare thrusts.

While bottoming for their big dicks, Luck typically always has the other's cock in his mouth. Great multitasking skills! Fox ends up pouring a big load of cum down Luck's throat, who very soon after squirts out one of the biggest loads of the film.

Naturally, the guys leave Luck stranded on the side of the road, half naked.

Next, Richard Said gets too drunk at Cameron Jackson's bar. Jackson decides to take the patron to a convenient side bedroom, where Said regains enough stamina to pull him back down onto the sheets with him. They enjoy a very nice sequence of foreplay that includes kissing, undressing and sucking. At one point, Jackson really lathers Said's hot ass with his tongue.

Jackson next announces his desire to plow Said, holding his legs up in the air and sticking it in. Jackson performs a signature topping, fucking him as his low hanging balls swing around pendulous into Said's backside. Jackson's body truly looks marvelous here, and watching these two hotties move is some emotion in motion.

Jackson's cock gets really big and hard as he ejaculates. In one of the movie's more tender moments, Jackson runs his tongue along Said's balls as he cums. Said has since graduated to filming for Bel Ami as Ben Keaton (Rebel). The tattooed hunk is still a lovely treat.

Of course, Jackson awakens the next morning with his friend gone and all the cash in his wallet missing.

Jack Roys' Last Raw Fuck-Over

After this comes the film's famous daddy seduction episode, in which the married Chris Cloony meets Jack Roys in a park, and invites him back to his empty apartment to "watch movies." Lo and behold, Roys shows up with a buddy in tow, blond hottie Carey Lexes.

The seduction sequence on the living room couch is riveting. Soon Cloony has both boys sharing his cock with their mouths. Cloony is memorable as the bossy sergeant from Raw Recruits. He's not all that in the face, but his body is muscular and he has a stiff cock.

The guys all undress while sucking each other. Cloony ultimately turns to Roys' boybutt working it over with his finger, and verbally coaxing Roys into bottoming for him. Lexes, Roy's supposed "friend" seems unwilling to keep Roys being overpowered, a familiar theme seen in Eurocreme's amoral Bareback Road Trip.

Cloony next sinks into Lexes' hole, legs up on the sofa. Lexes seems much more happy to be fucking around then Roys. Cloony rewards this behavior by pulling out and creaming Lexes' open mouth.

Chris Clooney, Jack Roys, Carey LexesWatch Now
Chris Clooney, Jack Roys, Carey Lexes
Next up, it is time for the Eurocreme studs to do the laundry. Collin Richardson (Raw Courage) and John Swis are about to start their wash when the curly haired Kevin Trejo appears with dirty clothes. The guys promise to wash his favorite shirt for him, and exits. Unfortunately, Richardson and Swiss get distracted with each other, and forget all about Trejo's careful care instructions.

Richardson and Swis are both impressive macho hunks, looking very sexy wearing their wife-beaters. They play around with Dolce & Gabanna underwear, causing them to whip out their cocks for some real play. The studs engage in hot kissing and cock sucking.

The guys take turns sucking their impressive dicks when eventually Trejo returns interrupting them. He's turned on. They are turned on. (The viewers are turned on) So naturally they get the youthful Trejo out of his clothes, and take turns banging his ass.

The sight of the puckish Trejo getting fucked by these guys, wearing nothing but his red shirt, is one of the high points of the film. Richardson plows him on top of the washing machine.

Priorities turns from the loads of laundry to jizzing hot loads of cum. Trejo shoots a gusher of semen for so long he can point his cock at both of their faces for facials. Trejo also turns in a hot performance in Bareback Chalet Boys.

The movie ends with the muscular Tom Arnott photographing boxcoverboy David Owen as a model. They are interrupted by the lanky, grinning Bill Brown (Bareback Twink Pack) Arnott did a number of bareback films before moving into the heavy Euro muscle-hunk leagues doing work for Lucas Kazan in The Men I Wanted under the moniker Mark Federico.

Arnott, typically a big bottom, struts his top man skills here on Owen's ass. After this, Brown gets sloppy seconds, screwing him as Arnott blows his load into the bottom's mouth.

The episode's fuck-over is complete when Arnott discovers later that Brown has surreptitiously stolen his camera's memory stick.

The sub title for Raw Regret is Sorry Is A Four Letter Word. Viewers should feel shadenfreude for some of the movie's characters. Everyone will enjoy the great sex. There's not a bad scene in the bunch, so don't expect any regrets watching it.

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Raw Regret Photos:

Billy Jay barebacks Tomi LuckWatch Now
Tomi Luck rides Billy Jay (Kamil Fox right)
John Swis barebacks Kevin TrejoWatch Now
John Swis tops Kevin Trejo
Bill Brown barebacks David OwenWatch Now
Bill Brown tops David Owen
Tom Arnott below
Chris Cloony barebacks Carey LexesWatch Now
Chris Cloony tops Carey Lexes
Jack Roys above

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