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Raw Recruits

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Chris Cloony , Denis Taylor , Dion Philips , , Kristian Hoods , Mateo Saray , Paul Rover , Rico Suro , , Samuel Dolce , Sanchez Viva , Ted Clark
Bareback SexCzech BoysInterracial SexMilitaryDaddy / BoyTwinks, InternationalHorsehungCum Eating

Raw Recruits

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Twinks, military theme and bareback, three of my favorite things! Viewers popping this DVD into their machine will not disappointed. RAW is an exciting bareback studio showcasing a lovely set of enjoyable Czech models.

The movie begins with Dion Philips introducing himself as Private Solovjev, a Russian on exchange to a unit in the Czech Republic. Okay, that's enough plot. On with the sex!

Robbie Masters barebacks Denis Taylor Watch Now
Robbie Masters opens
Denis Taylor
Bunk Up starts out with a very handsome Rico Suro and Kristian Hoods climbing into their bunks naked. Robbie Masters (Adam Kubick) and Denis Taylor quickly join them. The newcomers engage in some furious ass eating before topping their respective bottoms. Masters has beautiful eyes, among other anatomical parts, and is very well paired with Suro. Eventually Suro cums in Masters's mouth but gets a taste of Masters, too. Denis Taylor looks like a top version of Jay Renfro. He shows Hoods that topping is one of his expert skills. This scene is a great way to start and will leave you wanting more.

Officer Class. There's a quick flash of Dolce and Saray asleep in their bunks. I'm not sure what this has to do with the rest of the scene except as a possible setup for a dream sequence. Mateo Saray, in some unusual apparel for a barracks setting, is dancing solo. Samuel Dolce (Joseph Ther) watches him grooving to the tunes for a while before coming up from behind and grabbing his own fun. Naturally this leads to some sex between the two.

Saray gives some appreciative head before being on the receiving end. Then Dolce, officer's blouse still on, slides his hard cock into Saray's bent over ass. There's a great shot from behind as Dolce screws Saray stomach-down on the bunk. You can clearly see Dolce's balls drawing up close and a couple of times he has to pull out for a moment to keep from cuming. Then he flips Saray over again and unloads his juice in the bottom's mouth. Then Saray shoots on his own stomach. Both guys have a Brazilian look about them with dark hair and creamy brown skin.

Jay Renfro Realizes It's A Man's Life in the Army

Bazooka Joe. This scene has the longest setup of any of them. Viva, a big blatino stud, dances in front of a mirror and strips. Viva showers and dances there as well. Finally he wraps himself in a white towel, which does little to hide anything, and relaxes on the bed. Enter Jay Renfro aka Brock Wilder (Bareback Hotel) to get a signature on a document. Naturally this simple little task imperils the dishwater blond into a ass-opening situation. Renfro glances at Viva's uncut monster sneaking out from beneath the towel. Viva of course notices this and asks, "You like my cock? Come here!" One look at Sanchez's stiffening pole and it's easy to see where they get bazooka from in the scene name.

The word huge is often over used, but not in this case. Jay does his best to get it into his throat. Really, he does. Any man who could do that would have to be as gifted as Sanchez. Viva's black dick sliding into Renfro's very white face makes a good contrast. Pretty soon Renfro is bent over and Sanchez is slowly working that meat into his hole, forcing it in and out and with each push sliding in more.

At one point Renfro has an Oh My God look on his face and I can't blame him. There's an excellent shot seen through a mirror of Renfro bouncing up and down on that thing with Viva pushing up to match his rhythm. Renfro takes it like the pro power bottom that he is. On his back again, Renfro takes a pounding while jacking off and then shooting all over his chest. Viva doesn't even slow down, he just keeps giving it with both of them moaning louder. Sanchez picks up the pace and hammers feverishly before pulling out and letting loose with a respectable load right into Renfro's waiting mouth. Even then Sanchez face fucks him a while before they both collapse on the bed. In spite of the unnecessarily long setup, this is a very hot scene once it gets going.

The Raw RecruitsWatch Now
Rico Suro, Denis Taylor, Kristian Hoods, Robbie Masters
Senior Service. If you enjoy younger/older sex as much as I do, you will like this next one. The Czech sergeant, Chris Clooney, is looking at a skin mag and jacking off. Paul Rover spies on him before being noticed when Clooney glances in the mirror. Clooney quickly jumps up, grabs Rover, and pulls him face down onto his hard cock.

Neither actor is model beautiful but Clooney has a well muscled body and Rover has such an innocent look about him you figure he must have turned 18 just hours ago. There's some good dick sucking and butt munching before Rover takes it up the ass. When Rover cums on himself, Clooney pulls out and covers his dick with some of Rovel's cum before shoving it in again. We get some more cum eating as Clooney explodes in Rover's mouth and on his face.

Private Party. Dion Philips, one of the cover boys, finally gets some sex. Jay Renfro returns with the very adorable Ted Clark. Both are shitless and covered in black dust from shoveling coal. We all know how horny that can make you and sure enough the two are taking a break, getting naked and sucking dick. Philips joins them in a nice three way that I wish had been longer. Dion gives a good performance, several times treating us to his great smile. Ted Clark is just beautiful to watch.

This boy pushes all my buttons by being shorter and well muscled plus having a very cute face, a smooth body, high and tight haircut and a very hard cock. Too bad he doesn't bottom in this but maybe someone will be kind to me one day and give him that opportunity. Jay Renfro is great as usual and you have got to see the way he cums! There are some fresh faces in this video and they all perform well. The models are good looking, enjoy kissing each other and approach their sexplay with gusto. There is plenty of cum eating and some excellent bareback sex that will make you happy and satisfied.

The lighting was good over all and so was the camera work; showing some excellent close ups of penetration and ejaculation. Military purists might have a few problems with mismatched uniforms as well as some very unmilitary grooming and clothing, but that's why they call it a fantasy. I loved this film and highly recommend it to anyone. Dion Philips sums it up at the end with one word, "Fantastic!"

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Raw Recruits Photos:

Sanchez Viva barebacks Jay RenfroWatch Now
Jay Renfro opens wide for Viva
Samuel Dolce barebacks Mateo SarayWatch Now
Samuel Dolce slides into Mateo Saray

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