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Raw Meat

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Alan Capier , Billy Jay , Bud Fraser , Dion Phillips , Frodo Kaspy , Jay Gregory , Jimy Evans , Joey Baker , Jorge Moby , Kamil Clay , Leon Cook , Max Fonda , Miky Brooke , Mr. Rush , Patrik Doray , Ross Costanzo , Sanches Viva , Steve Rives , Tom Nowy
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Raw Meat

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Ingloriuos Czech Boys

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In Raw Meat, Director Vlado Iresch and RAW Studios combine a bareback twink film with some Hollywood-style elements in the gritty genre of Brian DePalma and Quintin Tarantino. The guys in the movie live in a tough, brutal world of mafia rule, where infractions and punishments are sqift and quick.

The movie is something we can say we have not really ever seen: a combination of hot Czech bareback frolic combined with grisly storytelling.

Tom Nowy probes Kamil ClayWatch Now
Tom Nowy probes Kamil Clay
This uniquely European attitude to porn is something that makes movies like these noteworthy, and something not seen anywhere else. Other reviewers mention problems with the grim conclusions to the characters in the stories. Are Americans more easily jarred by the inclusion of murder subjects in what is supposed to be a sex film? Depending on your tastes and expectations, this might not be your cup of tea.

But this tea is filled with lots of sweet sugar.

The sleek and handsome Leon Cook opens his door to two guys from the mob, who are intent to collect on an unspecified debt. Wearing dark jackets, Ross Costanzo (Bareback Sailor Pimp) and Dion Phillips (Bareback Twink Street) look good as jack-booted thugs. They pull Cook into the hall, forcing him on his knees so he can blow their cocks. Costanzo has one of the most exciting, long erections in the film, which he alternates face fucking time with Phillips.

Costanzo announces he's coming, and Phillips holds Cooks's head turned so he gets the cum in his open mouth. Phillips, always free with his pink erection, pops an equally nice load, and fingers his own cum into Cooks's mouth.

Left alone and in shock, Cook broods on the stoop until Miky Brooks lets him clean up and relax in his flat across the hall. What does Brooks do with his harried neighbor? He calls boyfriend Bud Fraser over for a three-way. This triumvirate is clearly one of the film's sexual high points. All three guys smooch, lick and stroke each other.

Books, as of this writing, has only done this one film, adding even more value to this scene. He plows Cook's hairless hole, who turns in a fabulous loving every position, bottomboy performance. Once again, Cook is easy and comfortable to pass around. Fraser and Brooks plow his hairless hole all over the bed. After swallowing a big load from Brooks, Fraser shoots a hot one all over the bottom's beautiful cheeks, and sticks it back inside.

Brooks even performs an encore, squirting a second money shot at the sight of Cook's cum slicked ass. Cook shoots his own big stream into the tops' mouths. Nothing wasted here!

After this, a massage appears that Cook didn't live past the next day, thanks to a bullet from the mob.

Next, Mr. Rush and Max Fonda, coming from the World Soccer Orgy double feature, play lovers who feign death on a canopied bed covered with rose petals. But its just play, leading up to a hot one-on-one scene of sexplay. These two guys are from the same gene pool, as the actually could pass as brothers, right down to the big and thick uncut cocks.

They trade blowjobs on both of their remarkable looking cocks, culminating with a deeply satisfying pounding of Fonda, who keeps perfect bottomboy posture: on his back, long legs widely spread apart, huge thick dick fully hard while Rush plunges at full length.

Fonda blows a big money shot while getting plowed, and his cock doesn't go down by the time Rush shoots his own creamy juice over the erection.

While Rush showers, a hooded intruder enters the bedroom and shoots him with a silencer.

After this, we meet four young guys held in a room, trapped and only allowed to have sex. The studlets, Steve Rives, Joey Baker, Frodo Kaspy and Jorge Moby pair up and enjoy a hot side-by-side sexcapade in a room of bunk beds. The fair-skinned Kaspy, who bottomed in Bareback Twink Street 2, shows his top skills here. He actually makes off facial expressions which are more charming than distracting, and his bottomboy (Moby) is a hot asses prop.

Rives, looking lean and mean with that club sized cock of his, enjoys a perfect partner - the smaller brunet Baker, who blows him at length. In a hot visual, Rives plows him doggie style. The bottom easily takes Rives's raw meat, at once point looking back, spreading back an ass cheek. Baker, who has not appeared in any other film yet, seems to take Rives inside as if it were a thin bread stick. This is an exciting improvement from some of Rives' previous sexual partners. Add Baker to the growing list of hot guys walking around with lots of Rives's hot cum inside his belly.

More bizarre sexual hook-ups continue. Bank robber Jay Gregory enjoys champagne in a bubble bath, joined by mop haired cutie Jimmy Evans. They have a sudsy all-oral suckfest. Rolling around in the water, they caress each other's bodies and kiss. Evans actually gets Gregory off, his hips raised up out of the sudsy water, cumming in the other's mouth.

After asking for half of Gregory's loot, as in a marriage proposal, the robber gets out of the tub, and tosses a running hairdryer back into the tub with his forsaken bride sitting inside.

Tom Nowy barebacks Kamil ClayWatch Now
Tom Nowy plows Kamil Clay

Kamil Clay's Raw Wedding

The next episode effectively describes a post-Wedding Day drama bound to strike lots of fantasy chords. Kamil Clay attends his sister's wedding. Unfortunately that evening brought frustration brought by partying and alcohol. The bride is horny, but the still dressed Nowy sits passed out in a chair. She calls for cock, and when Novy awakens he sees buddy Sanchez Viva screwing her on his bed.

He saunters into Clay room, who is laying stomach down in his underwear trying to sleep. He opens his eyes, feeling Nowy's exploring fingers working their way through the garment and into his ass. Was this what he wanted all along?

Nowy, a tall Germanic blond with a big cock, looks the part. After sucking him to a towering erection, Clay tells Nowy to fuck him harder very soon after sticking it in. Soon, the apparently indefatigable Viva enters the room. Nowy seems happy to let his friend get sloppy seconds on his new brother-in-law.

Clay requires recognition as the best bottom of the film. He is a true dynamo. His hole easily swallows Nowy, and subsequently Viva's enormous organ, only causing looks of sweet pleasure on Clay's face. To finish, Nowy shoots a seven-spurt money shot onto the bottom's face.

Raw Meat finishes with crime kingpin Billy Jay sucking on a cigar describing how he deciplined two of his employees for hurting the family. Bringing them in, Jay whips out his humongous cock, which yummy Patrik Doray and the tongue pierced blond Alan Capier happily suck. Soon it's time to test Capier's butt, which looks incredible. While getting plowed, Capier lays splayed out, a small tattoo revealed on the inside of his neck.

Doray grows to a nice length and screws his friend. Jay then takes over stuffing Capier's ass with his big cock.

Their hot sex finishes with nice cum shots and cum eating. And true to the form of the movie, Jay tells us later that he still had to shoot them.

Raw Meat, could have used a better, more dynamic title considering the ambitions of the script. It may jar people who dislike negative tones in their porn. Depending on how you like your meat cooked, this movie offers lots of it, followed by gallons of hot horseradish sauce pumped everywhere.

Don't be shy.

Raw Meat Photos:

Sanchez Viva, Kamil Clay, Tom NowyWatch Now
Sanchez Viva, Kamil Clay, Tom Nowy
Mr. Rush sucks Max FondaWatch Now
Mr. Rush sucks Max Fonda
Raw Meat snapshotWatch Now
Steve Rives douses Jorge
Moby's face

Alan Capier swallows Billy JayWatch Now
Alan Capier swallows Billy Jay
Patrik Doray observes

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