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Raw Luck

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
, Dion Phillips , Jason Hill , , Kevin Mitchel , Michael Armano , Patrick Maxvell , Rico Suro , , Steve Mitchell , Steve Rives
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Raw Luck

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Jay Renfro Recounts his Unending Friday the 13th

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raw Facts. Blond bottom boy Jay Renfro is back! This time he wants share with us about some events in his secret life. He writes in his computer journal about the wild and wooly events that occur on the fateful day of Friday the 13th. This forms the glue that pushes the sex scenes along. Director and cameraman Vlado Iresch displays his enthusiasm for dancing boys in the opening credits: Renfro shows off his best dance moves in a skimpy wrap; similar to some scenes in Raw Recruits, also directed by Iresch.

Cameron Jackson and Robert DrivemanWatch Now
Cameron Jackson sucks
Robert Driveman
Perhaps this goofy dancing simply is a part of the entire Czech attitude towards life. Who could forget the lengthy dancing performed by Chance and Johan Paulik in An American in Prague.

Studio. Cute Michael Armano plays a photographer taking pictures of blond cover model Cameron Jackson, getting him to strip and show his goodies. Unbelievably this turns into sex between the two, which never happens in a porn movie. Armano has a great time worshiping Jackson's ass and cock with his mouth when Steve Mitchel enters the set, bringing a can of film. The sight of two good-looking, naked and horny boys forces Mitchel to join them. His own dick is quickly erect and he joins them for a fun three way.

After some mutual sucking Mitchel slides his uncut tool between Armano's bent over cheeks while Armano gets back to work on Jackson's ass. It's difficult to ascertain who makes the most pleasure noises. Mitchel then turns his attention on Jackson's hole which causes Jackson to shoot onto Armano's waiting tongue. Armano returns the favor to Jackson with a heavy load of his own while Mitchel finishes his attack and cums on Jackson's genitals.

Exhibition. Armano invites Renfro and some other friends to an exhibition to show off his latest work; but the model, Jackson, has gone AWOL. The guys drink while waiting and soon the combination of alcohol and cute boys gets everyone worked up. Dion Phillips and Armano escape to the top of the stairs for some fun. Armano hurriedly gets Philips out of his clothes and delivers a great blowjob. The handsome Philips shows his appreciation by exploding into Armano's mouth.

Cameron Jackson & Robert Driveman Steal The Show

Train. Jackson doesn't show at the exhibition because his train gets delayed. The hung youth seems pretty bummed about the whole situation until muscle boy Robert Driveman (Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel) shows up wearing a military uniform. The car is completely empty besides Jackson, so Driveman naturally chooses the seat facing him. After some flirting and crotch grabbing between the two, Driveman removes a boot and rubs his foot over Jackson's jeans covered groin. Jackson gets the message and more playing begins. Driveman has a great body and really enjoys swallowing Jackson's pole and taking that big meat up his ass. This is a very hot scene in a film filled with hot scenes. (Blog: Out of My Brain on the Train)

Bathroom. Back at the exhibition, alcohol's other effect kicks in. The adorable Kevin Mitchel and Steve Rives (the leader of Bareback Twink Street) find themselves in the bathroom together. As Rivers empties his bladder his hooded snake captures Mitchel's eyes. Rivers notices the stare and the two exchange charming smiles. Clothing goes flying and thick pieces are set free. There's a minimum of sucking before the boys get to what they really want; Mitchel jabbing his bare member up Rivers' chute. In this scene and all the others there's no music overlaid, so the viewer hears every moan, grunt and slap of uncovered flesh.

Burglary. Renfro, tired from the long day, turns in. During the night, two hunky burglars, Jason Hill and Chris Cloony (Raw Recruits) let themselves in to find a naked Renfro sound asleep upstairs. The thieves' desire gets the best of them and they take turns molesting Renfro's innocent dick with their warm mouths.

This continues for a while until Renfro finally wakes up, jumps out of bed and turns on the light. One look at his attackers and he's soon showing them how eager he is to be abused. Cloony and Hill take full contol. They take lesisurely turns showing Renfro how his talented butt fullfills the pleasures of two randy men.

Rico Suro and Patrick Maxwell enjoy raw luck with Jay Renfro

Police! Police officers Rico Suro and Patrick Maxwell finally answer the alarm call, only to get stopped by the action in Renfro's bedroom. Watching from the doorway, they conclude that the two burglars are merely the blond's tricks of the evening.

They both pull their erect dicks out and jack a bit before moving downstairs to satisfy their own crimes of passion. The smooth and slender Maxwell pairs up nicely with the muscular and more hairy Suro. The reactions of these patrol partners reveal how they really like the way the other makes them feel. After some 69 and rimming, Suro gets the joy of having Maxwell's extra large instrument fed into his hot rear end. Mawell grins while stroking in and out, and Suro looks like he's feeling so much enjoyment he just might pass out.

Director Vlado Iresch delivers another scorching latex free video. With so many hot boybabes, great bareback sex and cum eating this is one movie to add to your Must Have list.

Raw Luck Photos:

Steve Rives, Michael Armano, Cameron JacksonWatch Now
Steve Rives, Michael Armano, Cameron Jackson
Kevin Mitchel barebacks Steve RivesWatch Now
Kevin Mitchel hammers Steve Rives

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