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Raw Heroes

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Alex Stevens , Andrew Shut , , Dominik Trojan , Ernest Blue , George Bellagio , Grenady Prokov , Johan Volny , Johny Malcon , Leon Ramon , Mario Raffanelly , Milan Brezze , Tasmo Diablo
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Raw Heroes

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Dominik Trojan and Alex Stevens are heroes

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We can be Raw Heroes
Just for one day.
There are two very important notables in Raw Heroes, from Raw Films/Eurocreme. First, it is superstud Dominik Trojan's first time behind the cameras of Vlado Iresch. Second, long dong Johan Volny makes his barebacking debut, despite having appeared in several other "raw" titled films wearing a rubber. And if those reasons are insufficient, there is pretty much the entire rest of the film.

Ernest Blue rides Johan VolnyWatch VOD
Ernest Blue atop Johan Volny
Fireman themes always win big with film fans. (Paramedics & Backdraft Men) Unlike those muscle guy movies, the Eurocreme models are a little on the young side to be realistically extinguishing blazing buildings. Still, everyone likes a man in uniform.

Raw Heroes starts on the highest possible note, when Dominik Trojan gets frisky with Alex Stevens in the back of a garaged fire truck. (Friskynews Blog: Dominik Trojan) Stretching out against the red painted metal, the boys fondle each other's erections. Trojan rises up and Stevens opens his watering mouth wide to handle his buddy's long penis. Trojan returns the favor, sucking Stevens' own cock and licking his balls.

About the time Stevens slides himself down onto Trojan's cock, they attract the attention of fellow fireman George Bellagio, which is understandable because the sight of Stevens hard body taking Trojan looks picture perfect. WIthout missing a beat, the guys invite Bellagio to join them. Moments later, Stevens lifts himself off Trojan, and bends his lubed ass over for Bellagio.

Stevens stays hard taking Bellagio's hot cock, kissing Trojan. In a fairly short time, Bellagio pulls out and squirts hot shots onto the bottom's backside. This outstanding opener concludes with Trojan finishing off Stevens by screwing him sidesaddle until both cum. Stevens gets Trojan's hefty load shot in his mouth.

The closest the models actually get to fires is lit cigarettes. Apparently at this horned-up fire station, smoking is permitted. Johan Volny enjoys a ciggie while chatting up Ernest Blue (Bareback Buddies). Once their clothes are off and the butts extinguished, these tall blond boys engage in smoking hot action. (At one point, Blue stands slightly taller than Volny while comparing erections)

Johan Volny Uses His Firehose Without a Condom

As mentioned earlier, Volny is Eurocreme's largest Czech star who has never barebacked on screen, until now. Volny also identifies himself in interviews as gay, so he typically visibly gets into the sex with guys on a higher visible level then his gay for pay counterparts. And his long, downward sloping cock looks beautiful.

In an unforgettable visual, Blue hangs off the side of the fire engine as Volny drills him all the way up to his tight ball sack. After this they jump into the side of the cab, where Blue rides atop the seated Volny, both of their inner legs spread wide before the camera.

Blue cums while impaled, followed with Volny shooting the hottest money shot of the film, covering and running down the sides of Blue's mouth in long, hanging strings.

The films keeps up the heat in the next scene, thanks to one combustible ingredient: Milan Breeze's supurb ass. Fellow team mates Leon Ramon and Genadij Prokov take their turns on it, after spending much time lathering it with their tongues beforehand.

Their three-way works so well because both Ramon and Prokov serve as perfect matches to Breeze's bottoming skills. Although they are inside the cramped back of a fire truck, the guys do well blowing each other. Ramon, who thankfully has a little extra age on him so he's not looking like a kid, throws a hot fuck into Breeze with his own long, down curved cock.

Ramon, who hammered Alex Stevens at the high point of Raw Courage, does just as good a job here.

Prokov is a curly haired cutie. He appears a numerous Eurocreme films, but most will recognize him from the boxcover of the dubiously titles Ridin High on Bareback Mountain. He seems to like fucking butt in high speed rapid fire strokes.

Dominik Trojan, Cameron Jackson, Alex StevensWatch Now
Raw Firemen: Dominik Trojan, Cameron Jackson, Alex Stevens
As mentioned earlier, the star of this show is Breeze, whose facial expressions match the happy humping he receives from both of his buddies. And the scene ends with the best climax of the movie, in which Breeze lifts his ass up just as Ramon squirts his load all over his hole, followed by the bottom reseating himself.

Next comes another fireman three-way, and with three more blonds: Marco Raffinelly and Tasmo Diablo take their hard cocks to each end of party bottom Andrew Shut. Once again, this scene stands out thanks to the spectacular plowing Raffinelly throws into Shut's boy butt. In fact, Raffinelly monopolizes Shut's ass to the point that Diablo simply gets sucked and cums, which actually is just as well.

The film ends with Cameron Jackson, the fire squad's supervisor, getting naked with Johny Malcon. Honestly, after the all the preceding exceptional scenes, this one comes as a bit of a let down. Jackson tops Malcon, who looks a bit uncomfortable taking it. Malcon has much more screen presence as a top (Bareback Twink Ranch).

Despite this, Raw Heroes features memorable moments in all of the movie's preceding episodes. Dominik Trojan is adorable. And it is impossible to tire of tops like Johan Volny and Marco Raffinelly. The film ends us as a showcase for barebacking blonds, many engaged in hot three way action. It's a good thing there do not seem to be many fires, as they are otherwise occupied.

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Raw Heroes Photos:

Alex Stevens and Dominik Trojan Alex Stevens and Dominik Trojan in Raw Heroes
Alex Stevens services Dominik Trojan
Johan Volny barebacks Ernest BlueWatch Now
Johan Volny behind Ernest Blue
Johny Malcon kisses Cameron JacksonWatch Now
Johny Malcon kisses Cameron Jackson
Mario Rafaelli barebacks Andrew ShutWatch Now
Mario Rafaelli tops Andrew Shut

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