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Raw Fix

Vlado Iresch
Raw Films, Ltd.  
Alex Clifford , Chris Rosso , Damon Amber , Daniel Nicolaus , Denis Reed , Dion Phillips , Johnny Demarco , Nicol Baxter , Nicolas Corby , Paolo Totti , Ralf Simeon , Santos Ribisi , Tom Nowy , Tomas Piers
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Raw Fix

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Tom Nowy Needs His Fix

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some of RAW films cannot be noted for the diversity of their cast. However, their model type of choice is consistently the cream of the crop. One of the creamiest must be the star of Raw Fix, Tom Nowy. (pronounce the "w" like a "v") Nowy is a big dicked blond top who carries the film nicely from beginning to end.

The Czech Republic contains a surfeit of big dicked tops, for example Cameron Jackson. So just for the sake of rolling out new talent, Nowy's casting is a nice touch. The result is the first ever RAW title without their reliables like Jackson or Jay Renfro. It works.

In the film, Novy plays doctor as the cast of youthful guys parade through his office seeking bits of advice and some tender medical prodding. It starts with Novy taking in hottie Alex Clifford, who experienced a spontaneous sexual tryst with his roommate (Ralf Simeon). Obviously Dr. Novy can provide some kind of medical explanation!

Clifford walks in on a relaxed Simeon strumming his guitar. Without any words, he sits next to him, undresses and they begin kissing. They use their mouths to work their uncut cocks to full erections. Clifford turns out to be quite the big dicked bottom, with Simeon lathering his fat pole at length before taking the opportunity to feel his roomie's bootie from the inside.

They enjoy a hot sixty-nine.

Clifford lays on his stomach, butt raised up high when he takes his roommate's cock inside him. But their hottest position has Clifford on his back, holds one leg way back, using his free hand to jack his own cock. Simeon pulls out and shoots his seed, followed by his licking up the bottom's own money shot.

Dr. Nowy's reaction to his patient's story? Cut to Nowy, dressed his white shirt, medical pants and stethoscope drilling Clifford's ass from behind. Novy performs a fine conclusion by screwing him to the point to pulling out and spraying big gobs of white jizz out of his engorged hard-on.

Tom NowyWatch Now
Dr. Tom Nowy
Ralf SimeonWatch Now
Ralf Simeon
Next, it's to the barracks as soldierboy Chris Rossi sees the doctor for a checkup. Rossi must deal with two fellow recruits who boss him around endlessly. As what frequently happens in the armed services, this bossing turns into light sexplay, with the three guys engaging in a hot multi-positioned threeway.

Brunet Santo Ribili (Raw Rescue) returns as a powerbottom for his lucky co-stars. Despite being the vocal critic, he sits down on Rossi's cock for a great ride. The third soldier is well-built blond Daniel Nicolaus, who chooses to fully test Rossi's bottomboy skills. Nicolaus wields a big cock as well, perfect for Army drills such as this.

Ribisi and Nicolaus take positions to create a Chris Rossi sandwich, culminating in Ribisi getting a oral taste of Rossi's cumload. After finishing, the film cuts to Dr. Novy receiving a juicy blowjob from soldierboy Rossi, who as before cannot find time to remove his stethoscope.

Rossi blows him wearing his fatigues, and sucks the doctor's cum drooling cock.

The next episode shows another youthful patient seeking medical advice for real oddball problems. Skinny Paolo Totti is convinced his seamen is too thin. This transitions to Totti enjoying a flip flop sex session with his boyfriend Damon Amber.

The lanky boys ride each other's big cock until they blow their loads. Amber blows a big money shot on his stomach, which Totti tongues up.

Back to the doctor's, Nowy blows patient Totti until he shoots his seamen into a condom. Examining the contents, Nowy's issues him a clean bill of health.

Denis Reed's got a raw fix

Next up are a pair of blond in a rousing duet. Johnny Demarco, a tall guy with a long, slender penis, gets to screw the hell out of buddy Denis Reed. In an inspiration of scene design, Demarco pounds his friend really hard as the bottom grips a stepladder. The excellent angles and hot sequences of Reed's ass swallowing Demarco's long sword make this the most memorable sex on stepladder movie sequence since the 1997 Brazilian sizzler Breakin' Em In.

Arguably one of the movie's high point's, it culminates it splashy cumshots.

The movie ends with a final fourway. Patients Dion Phillips and Tomas Piers have trouble providing a urine sample. Dr. Novy scoops them back into his office so they can simultaneously run both of their tongues around the humongous area of his cock. Fellow physician Nicolas Corby walks in, so he undresses and takes the full length of Dr. Novy's cock bareback up his ass.

Phillips, a regular model in all the Czech movies, performs his usual exclusive top skills on Corby. The memorable moments show the very cute Piers raising and lowering himself on Nowy's massive meat. Piers has a beautiful ass as well, let's hope it surfaces in many more future films. (It sure did later in Bare Adventure)

As with other films from the studio, the producers have seen fit to include snappy, original music from Felix Tau which augments the enjoyment of the opening and closing credits. For some, looks of the models may all run together. But that crowd may be small considering the insatiable appetite of twink bareback movies nowadays.

Viewers of Raw Fix will walk away with images of blondes having sex everywhere. The stethascope wielding Tom Nowy puts in an impressive show. This is the most blond-heavy film we've seen in awhile. Perhaps it is true that blonds do it better.

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