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Raw Ass Fuckers 2

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Alex , Antonio Vela , Chris Neal , Cody , Danny Cuevas , Devon Auston , Dominik Rider , Jason Tyler , Jeramiah Maxx , Jonny Long , Ruben Rodriguez
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Raw Ass Fuckers 2

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Antonio Vela's bareback daisy chain

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

SX Video has become a formidable rival for Hot Desert Knights and Treasure Island Media when it comes to pure barebacking debauchery. There's an incestuous studio to studio atmosphere when it comes to the stars, and each of these raunchy raw kingpins knows exactly what the viewer wants to see.

Case in point for SX Video - Raw Ass Fuckers 2.

"Daisy Chain" drops us right into the epicenter of the action with the always sexy Chris Neal (Sleaze) draped on a bed with three other naked guys. There's cute smooth latino Antonio Vela (Plantin' Seed), who bears quite a resemblance to a young John Leguizamo, lovingly sucking on Neal's huge cock as Neal leans back on a cheeky grinning Dominik Rider (Hung House Husbands) and strokes sultry Jason Tyler's (Dungeon) hardening manhood.

Alex and Ruben RodriguezWatch on
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Alex and Ruben Rodriguez
None of these guys are strangers to porn, to put it mildly, so its no surprised that this bed is soon turned into a heaving mass of cock, tongue and ass. After some oral pleasuring, Vela's ass can't resist Neal's inked inches any longer and he impales himself on it, riding Neal with raw intensity.

Dirty boy Vela slides off and immediately turns around, looking submissively at his top as he replaces his ass with his eager mouth and slurps away. Behind them Tyler takes Rider up the ass with his uncovered meat and sets to pounding his hole, with Neal and Vela following suit on the opposite side of the bed.

The guys change positions a few times, and Rider gets on top of the versatile Tyler, giving him what for with his own raw prick. The men are all well loosened up, and have been fucked deeply and wide open and they're ready for their next party trick.

In an astonishing feat of celluloid smut the guys lay in a row on the bed and get a true daisy chain going. Neal fucks Vela who fucks Rider who Fucks Tyler, all simultaneously, and we see it all in intense detail. It is an amazing visual.

The fuckery continues on, with healthy wads of cum shot on and up various holes in a number of permutations, but it's the image of these 4 guys connected by cock that burns itself on the memory.

Following a scene that can't really be bettered is "Three Way", a conventional threesome matching shaved tattooed blond Jonny Long with goateed hunk Devon Auston (Bareback Ass Attack) and handsome Hispanic Danny Cuevas.

Again all three start out naked with some hot cocksucking. Long initiates the cock and mouth fun, but Auston and Cuevas prove they have ample oral skills as well. The all natural suck soundtrack is especially arousing here, especially when Auston goes to town on Cuevas stiff dark rod.

Auston gets his mouth filled with both the guys pricks but Cuevas is first to give up his ass - bouncing up and down on Auston's bare cock while Long looks on, jerking.

Long is next, getting his extra smooth, extra pale ass penetrated by Cuevas brown meat as Auston sucks him from the front. Cuevas uses Long in various positions, taking full advantage of his willing butt, and spunking up inside him for an even slicker nosier fuck.

After working up Moe's cock to gigantic levels, Slater offers up his hot, hairless butt. Moe certainly seems to enjoy drilling a hot ass. He shoots again all over his chest for Auston to lick up. Long gets some cream spattered onto his abomen and the guys relax, fully satisfied.

Raw Ass Fuckers: Alex and Ruben Rodriguez

Whoever paired Alex (Barebacking With Carlos Morales) with the submissive wet dream that is Ruben Rodriguez in "Asi' Me Gusta, Papi" ("That's how I like it, daddy") deserves a medal. Their chemistry is completely undeniable from the moment we see the shaved head of Rodriguez bobbing up and down on the huge black cock of the dominant imposing Alex.

Alex bends the boy over and splits him open with his cock, stuffing it deep inside his skinny frame and giving him a rawfuck to remember.

He gets him on his back, with his legs up on the couch and quite literally fucks the cum out of Rodriguez, who squirts a powerful load all over himself. Alex jerks himself off, getting Rodriguez to put his mouth over it so he can catch the spooge. Rodriguez hungrily complies, and gets a thick white coating on his tongue and all around his mouth.

The movie climaxes with "Boyfriends", a decidedly twinkish affair starring cute boys Jeremiah Maxx (Game Room) and the singularly named Cody (College Studs & Bareback Buds). Interestingly this is the only scene where the models undress rather than appearing already naked, and it feels a little more conventional in style as well.

Maxx is soon chowing down on Cody's nice brown twink cock which pokes out from under an Abercrombie t-shirt. Maxx reveals a hot blue and white jockstrap which ably frames his smooth boybutt, and which begs for Cody to rim and finger it.

A tonguing and a few slaps later Cody is hard as a rock and has Maxx slide down on his raw lubed cock. The two go at it like athletes.

He takes Maxx doggie (which is how Maxx's ass was meant to be seen - and fucked - pointing out pleading for cock to fill it), on his back and from above before returning his bottom to all fours. Cody shoots a jet of cum right onto that pale crack and immediately rams it back inside his blond boyish partner.

Finally, Maxx brings himself to a climax sitting faced forward on the couch with his friend still stuffed deep inside him.

Raw Ass Fuckers 2 is a solid bareback flick, with hot sex, a variety of guys, from twink to hunk, and its well worth a look. The only thing baffling me is why the order of scenes wasn't inverted - starting off with two guys and building up to that incredible daisy chaining quartet would have made much more sense, but this is in no way a detriment to this spicy bareback movie.

There's some exclusive stills on the DVD, over 15 minutes of trailers, and most uniquely a feature called "Meet the cast" where each model can be selected, bringing up previews of their other movies as well as the scene they star in. Hot stuff.

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Raw Ass Fuckers 2 Photos:

The bareback daisy chainWatch on or Watch VOD
Chris Neal, Antonio Vela, Dominik Rider, Jason Tyler
Antonio Vela and Chris NealWatch on or Watch VOD
Antonio Vela sucks Chris Neal, Dominik Rider & Jason Tyler
Jeremiah Maxx and CodyWatch on or Watch VOD
Jeremiah Maxx sucks Cody
Cody barebacks Jeremiah MaxxWatch on or Watch VOD
Cody tops Jeremiah Maxx

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