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Wim Hof
All Worlds Video  
Adam Novatny , Andel , El Greco , Jan Dvorak , Jirka Kalvoda , Korsakov , Martin Pravada , Pavel , Pavel Dubcek , Pepa , Tabor Schindler
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Andel is a rapturous bottom

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you have ever wished for a gay porn film to include more romance, then buy this movie.

Director Wim Hof (William Higgins) brings us a beautifully photographed, fully hardcore 2-tape movie starring sexy Czech finds Pavel Dubcek and El Grecco.

The 2-part film contains a total of five scenes, three on the part I and 2 on part II. Although I first thought the few number of scenes could be boring, I was completely wrong. Not only are the actors great to watch, but their sex together is completely engaging. Director Hof (William Higgins) scores the scenes to classical opera. Each of the five scenes are titled by the name of the Aria.

The film story, loosely based on the novel Death In Venice, concerns Pavel Dubcek and his search for true love.

In the first scene, he brings home blonde hottie Pepa. After feeding him grapes and then wine, the two engage in some serious lovemaking. Pavel Dubecek has a very European-style long-haired, toned body. Hes a great top, and thouroughly looks the part of an incurable romantic and insatible lover.

However, the relationship ends, and soon Dubecek hits the road again for true love. He first spys Tibor Schindler. However, Schindler is not interested in Dubcek, and instead heads for a sex club. There Schindler hooks up with Martin Pravda, who tops him with delicious abandon.

Watching a group of sailors, Dubcek sees another blonde, El Grecco, who is enjoying time with his comrades. El Grecco has popped up in other Higgins Czech films like Andels Story 2, and All Worlds Mantasy Island.

Soldiers fuck Andel

Tape 2 begins with Dubcek following El Grecco and three other soldiers down a narrow cobblestone road. The three soldiers move into a remote area to drink beer and relax. Andel, Pravda and Janak proceed to have a very hot 3-way.

Andel (Andel's Story 2: The Running of the Bulls), with his shaved head gets fucked by Pravda and Janek. Pravda also tops Janek, and then proceeds to continue fucking Andel later. (Andel's fans will also want to see him when he visits Californis to Take One for the Team)

The last scene is a gorgeously photographed scene of our two stars meeting sexual bliss in bed with Dubcek on top and El Grecco on bottom. Dubcek is passionate and proceeds to fuck El Grecco in several positions. El Grecco seems completely in rapture making love to Dubcek.

To accentuate my point about romance, the movie ends with our two stars exchanging vows in a church.

Throughout the film, the actors often look directly at the camera while getting fucked or fucking. Wim Hofs actors are hot, hard and engaged.

Dont miss this near masterpiece.

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