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Raising the Bar, Part One

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Adam Killian , Brent Everett , Conner Habib , Jason Longh , , Jock Hudson , Landon Mycles , Mitchell Rock , Steven Daigle
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Raising the Bar, Part One

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Channel 1/Rascal Video is currently all about those secret sex tapes which are popping up more and more, all thanks to more clever technology, Moore's Law and the human desire for instantanious fame. Last year, the studio scored reality TV celebrity Steven Daigle to helm the very good Steven Daigle XXXposed. Now, they are raising the bar. Literally.

In Raising the Bar Part One, now-retired porn blogger Jason Sechrest and director Chi Chi LaRue team up to show all the fun it is to play and win ever-escalating sex dares with your bar buddies. These episodes originally ran over on the studio's mebership site -, as an original series on their network.

The results are impressive. Sechrest's nifty story propels the sexual action starring a powerhouse set of fine porn stars: Steven Daigle, Mitchell Rock, Adam Killian, Conner Habbib and Jimmy Durano. After daring each other to film one of their sexual conquests, they return to watch the goods.

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Adam Killian films Landon Mycles

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First up, Daigle presents his trophy: A video of him fucking the "unattainable" barkeep Jock Hudson. Hudson is a brawny man with a beard and blond hair that covers his chest running down to his pubes. His cock is huge.

Daigle shows off his deep throating skills by totally pigging out on his meat. After this Daigle turns his attention to Hudson's tight ass, prying it open with moistened fingers. The unattainable bartender leans over his own bar and sticks his ass out, Daigle guiding his cock inside.

They enjoy a lengthy, energetic fuck punctuated by Hudson's clenched teeth and Daigle's lusty, banging thrusts. Daigle shoots on Hudson's furry face.

I Tricked with Brent Everett!

After this it's Rock's turn to prove his video conquest. Who did he happen to meet at the sex shop in West Hollywood? Noneother than Brent Everett, who seems to be randy and out on the prowl. Rock's motto: Strike while the iron's hot, which he does.

The stoked boys adjourn to a convenient backroom where they put on a fine show. Rock films Everett sucking his dick using his HD video camera. By the time the guys start testing out some of the buttplug inventory, they realize the store's clerk is watching them on a mounted surveillance camera, jacking off.

Who would be stupid enough to intervene and stop Brent Everett from having sex on your premises?

Everett puts on a condom and slides his sizeable shaft into Rock's capacious backside, swallowing its entire length. Balanced on some boxes, Everett fucks him in several positions - Rock endures this sexual cyclone around him until they both climax in a rush of juice.

Banging Landon Mycles

Arguably the hottest scene is when Adam Killian bags the "So Blond It Hurts" kid Landon Mycles. (aka Marcus Mojo) What gets Mr. Mycles to give it up? Lots and lots of cocaine.

A sizable amount of powder gets Mycles sufficiently lubricated to turn one of the hottest bottom scenes of the year. And Killian appears to be on fire here fucking his moaning body to Kingdom Come. The bottom stays hard throughout, inspiring lots of very hot underside camera close ups.

Not to be outdone, Mycles flips Killian down onto the ground and starts fucking his open asshole. This vigorous flip-flop fuck will be the highlight of the entire film for many viewers. To finish, Mycles cums while Killian licks out his ass.

Conner Habib's Surprise

"This ISN'T getting on the Internet!"
The movie finishes on a spectacular note, in which Habib and Durano have an all-out romantic duet together in their living room. The goteed Durano has arguably the hottest looking cock of the entire cast - it's long with a noted bent curve that turns slightly. Habib takes his time relishing it.

First he sucks on it slowly, another long scene of determined, fine oral activity. After giving it lots of attention with his mouth, kissing it, Habib swallows it up his butt.

The sex is a different note from the previous frenzied scenes. Their top-bottom interchange is hotly erotic, taking the movie to a surprisingly steamy climax. (Ever the crafty bottom, Habib stuns everyone at the very end of the show with a surprise announcement.)

Raising the Bar Part One features not only lots of down and dirty sex punctuated by luck, successfull cruising, and the exchange of money and drugs, but there is also a memorable sexual tale between two hot boyfriends. We look forward to additional stories like this from the producers in the Raising the Bar series.

Raising the Bar, Part One Photos:

Steven Daigle and Jock HudsonWatch Now
Steven Daigle sucks Jock Hudson
Brent Everett and Mitchell RockWatch Now
Brent Everett behind Mitchell Rock
Conner Habib and Jimmy DuranoWatch Now
Sucking Jimmy Durano
Jimmy Durano and Conner HabibWatch Now
Conner Habib looks at the camera

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