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Raising The Bar Part Two: Cock Tales

Chi Chi LaRue
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Billy Byron , , Brenn Wyson , Cameron Marshall , Conner Habib , , Dominic Pacifico , , Johnny Hazzard , Logan Scott , Steven Daigle
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Raising The Bar Part Two: Cock Tales

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Jimmy Durano Blows Us Away

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A cursory glance at the snapshots from Raising the Bar 2: Cock Tales give a misleading impression that it might be just another obligatory entry in an episodic porn series. Closer inspection of the DVD reveals that this video is full of pleasant surprises.

First of all, it turns out that Raising The Bar is a Jimmy Durano tour de force. Durano has been filming hot stuff for Chi Chi LaRue for over a year, but his episodes here have been so far the best display of his talents. He's in two of the episodes Part 2. And don't forget his hot sex session with Conner Habib in part 1.

And there is a lot more than Mr. Durano in this movie. Habib works very hard to outdo himself, and everyone else, with his sexual antics. There's DJ Dominic Pacifico's beautiful dick. A gang bang orgy. And we'd forgotten how hot Steven Daigle looks in a jockstrap.

Introducing Top Man Conner Habib

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The film picks up at the end of Raising the Bar, Part One when boyfriends Durano and Habib first hint that underneath their relationship lies a tangle of double-cross mischief. The confessions start with the filmed office seduction of Billy Byron by Habib, who has the well-dressed kid blind folded in his office. Habib mugs to the camera as he takes control, gently guiding Byron down to suck on his exposed cock hanging through the open zipper in his blue jeans.

What's remarkable he is that we are treated to seeing a whole new side of Habib, who typically plays a significantly more passive role. (This is not the total bottom we saw getting fucked by two sailors during Fleet Week.)

Byron appears totally into his new boss, worships his body, nibbling on his hairy chest, licking his armpits. Habib pulls down Byron's underwear to reveal a big erection, sucking on it. Habib struts his top man stuff, fucking Byron on the desk. After this comes an extremely hot visual of the kid furiously fucking himself on Habib's erection taking their lust to a sweaty climax.

Speaking of climax, Habib's money shot erupts like a water sprinkler got set off. Just watch and see.

After this comes Durano's chance to up the ante on his unfaithful boyfriend, who walks in to DJ porn star Dominic Pacifico receiving a blowjob from Cameron Marshall. You know, it's great that Pacifico is still doing porn. He looks just as fantastic when he was cast in Raging Stallion epic pornos as a grunt back in 2007.

We find Durano quietly standing, slowly pulling his throbbing meat out of his pants intently watching the porn star DJ and evil blond Marshall getting it on. It's a fine moment of tense seduction. Then all eyes open wide watching Pacifico hop into Marshall's lap bucking himself up and down in a long sequence of enthusiastic fucking. Exposed, hard cocks flop everywhere.

Only when Pacifico turns Marshall around and starts fucking him does Durano succumb, walking up and guiding his dick into the blond's mouth. They hose the blond down with hot seed followed by a five star volcanic money shot from the still breathless Marshall.

What If Your First Porn Shoot Was with Dean Monroe?

I've tried hard not to shock you. It's hard not to with the things I could say. The story goes that Durano gets into filming professional porn, convinced by the porn star DJ himself. Who is Durano's very first scene co-star? None other than one of the world's best cock hounds, Dean Monroe! They have a lengthy one-on-one in a brightly lit stairwell.

Is Dean Monroe Italian? Director Chi Chi LaRue makes it a point to highlight their similarities, right down to wearing identical pairs of underwear, which stays on them for a long time in one way or another - a nice hat tip to underwear fetishists.

Monroe goes down on Durano to give him a fantastic blowjob. His dick sure is beautiful and appetizingly fat! Monroe follows this with hungrily eating out Durano's ass as he slowly crawls up and down the stairs. Of course, that's as far as things go into Durano's backside. Then the guys finish with Monroe bent over and getting fucked. Durano coats Monroe's face and chest with his hot cum.

Steven Daigle Helps Raising The Bar

How does Raising the Bar 2 finish? Turns out that Steven Daigle has filmed a gang bang orgy at a sex club which includes such sweaty participants as Johnny Hazzard, Logan Scott and Bobby Clark. The center of gravity quickly starts revolving around a masked individual wearing a black jockstrap.

Everyone gets a piece of him. Who does this turn out to be? We'll let you watch and find out, although it's not too difficult to figure out.

Is this the last we're going to see of Hazzard? If so, this means that he both entered and exited his career working for Channel 1 in the exact same setting. In the first scene of What Men Do we meet Johnny Hazzard in a sex club.

All in all, Raising the Bar is a fun confab penned by the always bubbly and interesting Jason Curious. There's a tide of sex, fun and fuckovers filling both movies. The Raising the Bar porn series lifts all boats.

Raising The Bar Part Two: Cock Tales Photos:

Conner Habib seduces Billy ByronWatch Now
Conner Habib seduces Billy Byron
Conner Habib tops Billy ByronWatch Now
Conner Habib tops Billy Byron
Steven Daigle films sex club orgyWatch Now
Steven Daigle is filming you at the sex club orgy
Jimmy Durano slides into porn star three wayWatch Now
Jimmy Durano slides into porn star three way

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